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Monday, February 27, 2017

Being Conscious of the Sacred

Sacred: holy, devoted to a religious ceremony, or simply worthy of awe and respect

How do you relate to the Sacred when you are in Heart Centered Awareness? We access this state when we are gathered in group and you experience it as real. We feel it. We all notice it in some manner. What has come to my attention is how people are relating to Sacred. Many of us may not be used to or have a sense of the intangible as tangible. We are transforming our awareness of the concept of the Sacred into the state that is Consciousness.

Depending upon your religious trainings you may have conflict with the whole idea. Sacred can often be presented as something out there, not inside of us. God, Universe, whatever your term might be can be held separate from us. and it is not. It is Consciousness. Whether you are of the scientific bent and the label Zero Point Field, or God in religious disciplines or Universe in Metaphysical practices it is all the same. Consciousness, the field of Unified Consciousness, Heart Centered Awareness. Use the term you like. Just realize that you are accessing all that word is associated with and those reality mindsets, which you may or may not agree with. Which may cause chaffing.

I prefer Heart Centered Awareness as it is free of bias and morphic field dynamics that the other words encompass now. Consciousness Technologies give us a more neutral reference for that which can not be named. We do like to name things don't we? Unfortunately the names may define and then they limit and keep stuck what is possible. We buy into the patterns of the morphic field references and then what is possible is narrowed down. To name something some thing, be it God or Universe or squirrel is to keep old paradigms in place.

Many can be in reaction to certain words so new words show up in reaction. Atheist is a reaction word for instance.

I and others like Consciousness or The All. It clears the state of old references. And it allows the Sacred to be present without a middleman of clergy or empowered objects.

Which goes back to those holding themselves separate. This is what is important in reframing our past stories. We are all One, individuals sharing in the collective as Consciousness. We sit and feel and resonate in the quiet of the Sacred drowning out the chaotic clammering sounds of vibrational forces that are in each of us. Not out there, in us. If you can sense the Sacred in some way then it is in you as there is no separateness.

A lot of dogmas employ others to reveal, rightly and wrongly what we are to follow to be good people. That is what a follower is, someone who comes behind another. In Heart Centered Awareness the only thing to follow is where your attention is going.

It might be time to check in and see how you are with being sacred and if you are scared, or scarred by the Sacred. Access HCA right now and see what you notice about relating to Sacred. Is there comfort present? Or is there an interface, a veil or person between or upsetting your sense of Sacred? Allow for the information to be present and what shows up in response. Allow. Relate. Transform. Release. Breathe.

In the Infinite Sea of Potential that is Heart Centered Awareness, there is a buoyancy, a lightness to be found. A state of quiet, calm, peace, expansiveness, nothingness, and a sense that all is well.

It is a deep, deep, well. This is Sacred.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment