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Sunday, April 7, 2019

Episode 7 Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet Podcast/ Consciousness and Thinking from Heart not Monkey Mind

Episode 7 Podcast Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet with friend Anne Gordon

Consciousness and Thinking From Heart Not Monkey Mind

Monkey Mind is a Buddhist term meaning "unsettled; restless; capricious; whimsical; fanciful; inconstant; confused; indecisive; uncontrollable". Sounds like emotions fluxing and shifting. Can be exciting and dramatic and filled with highs and lows in personality and being.  And for some these days stuck in this kind of patterning, we can have clinical terms to describe such conditions.

It is a challenging way of thinking. It can create excitement, but it can also lead us into behaviors we don’t like so much.

Thinking is a given. We are all just wired differently, and we have our practices that can center us or we can be led around by the quality of the Monkey Mind.

What if we were present without judgement, without story, without emotions in dramatic sway? What would it be like to just be present? To just feel the depth of the collective consciousness that is present always below the surface of mindsets? 

What is it like to do our thinking from within the openness of Heart, of connection as Essence and Consciousness? That is an entirely different sort of thing.

This is what we can learn and enjoy from swimming with dolphins and Being with whales. They are mammals like us and a highly distinctive and specialized order of mammals. They were once land animals that migrated to the water and adapted. Considering we think most life came from the sea and developed, these guys went back to the sea. Interesting.

They are equipped with emotions, sonar as sensory and emotion locators and live in family pods and traveling communities which can reach into the thousands. They are 30 million years old and life is very different for them.  Look one in the eye and they recognize you in your deeper awareness. The you that has no story, the you free of your mindsets. They connect to your Being.

Heart Centered Awareness is common to all of us. Just notice your conditions to getting close to another, to being intimate without shrouds and protection. To be naked and easily read from your interior out. Our brothers and sisters in the seas do this.

Humans might have boundaries in place and this kind of closeness can scare you perhaps. To be in that state of honesty with nothing to hide.

There is no Monkey Mind present. Just heart and the responding thinking that comes from being present.

I have never swum with dolphins. I have been in the heart of a blue whale. When I enter Heart Centered Awareness this is where we meet, the whale and me. I can feel the absolute presence of no thing, no doing, only Being in that heart the size of a Volkswagen Beetle automobile. There is only the beat of life.

When you join in Heart Centered Awareness with the whales and dolphins you can feel the awe and absolute peace of being in a flow of life without Monkey Mind.

This is the depth of enrichment that the field of Unified Consciousness is at its expansive core.

This is Monkey Mind quiet. 

Janet Barrett
Podcast host
Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet