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Monday, June 12, 2017

Consciousness and the Modern Day Mystic

Continuing, for the last couple of weeks, there has been lots to play with as we deal with the chaoticness we are experiencing. People are feeling assaulted on so many levels, about so many issues. It can be hard to keep track, just like we see on the political fronts. Slap, slap. Slap, Slap.

One issue is how we relate to finding a way to redefine ourselves. We can often be holding on tightly to who we think we are based on our past. And when your upset is coming from the conflict of your new present self with your past self something has to give. Our old sense of self is coming under what it perceives and feels as an attack if we are not set for control as flow.

We are becoming. Being aware that we are moving into a time of who we are and want to be and not who we think we are. There is no thinking now, only feeling. Our formerly routine ways of thinking were keeping us stuck and in many instances no longer serve. We can notice the difference. We have to learn more useful ways to feel human.

When we define ourselves in terms of our thoughts, as an act of mind we might not always be authentic to who we are inside. This new age of Consciousness is the age of Being. We are moving out of the age of Doing. Doers often need to rationalize and reason most of their experiences and choices. We define ourselves by what we do. Which often is coming from a state of not having choices. Many do what they find they have to do when there is no perceived choice.

When we are operating from this space we are not in Heart Centered Awareness. It is here that we hold and access our authentic voice and express from our inspiration. Often we allow for outside motivation to inspire us in our actions. Motivations can push and shove us into position and move us. It is different when we allow outside motivation to only be information and our own inspiration moves us. That is our new position or truth. Not truth from our usual thinking but truth from thinking from our being, from Heart Centered Awareness.

We were sharing awareness about out language in this new age. And how to label who we are becoming more clearly for ourselves. Mind likes labels and they are really shortcuts that will serve us in dealing with self and others. Going to the dictionary always proves helpful when we are dealing with linguistics and definitions. So often a word represents opposites of the nature it is describing, the totality, and is ALWAYS, subject to interpretation. How I mean in using a word may mean something else to another.

What word would describe us in our lives, in this age of redefining our old systems and sense of Self as we unfold from within? This questioning we do and allow for and foster the unfolding that we each are. Is there an established definition that I can use to describe myself in all this internal fluxing?

All we are looking for is new branding you might say. What do we call those who explore life from a viewpoint of wonder and appreciation of our rites of passage in being? You may have never thought of yourself in those terms before. How do we reframe what we have been challenged by in our lives in new and useful ways? How do we enhance our sense of life?

We are coming out of the age of the spiritual seeker being only a few and the rest of us followers. We each are coming into a time of self leadership.

In group, we agreed on one word. It seems to be free of good/bad, right/wrong and all the silly deadly stuff certain words can embody like magician and wizard. Often those labels hold such ambivalence in their fields.

Words embody states. For us, out of all of them, Mystic rings true.

Mystic: a person who seeks by contemplation and self-surrender to obtain unity with or absorption into the Deity or the absolute, or who believes in the spiritual apprehension of truths that are beyond the intellect.

We so need to get beyond the intellect when it is couched in terms of agenda, hearsay and story. It is not always empty of bias and judgment and emotion.  What we allow to become dogma can create limits.

Make time to Access Heart Centered Awareness for yourself and see what new ways you can notice yourself. Allow a label to be present and invite and allow what that label can become. Feel it and let it be real.

To be a mystic these days means you engage in a state of Heart Centered Awareness and look at the notions your sense of self has embodied and allow for new awareness as Consciousness, the All. This states allows Self to explore and know beyond the limits of itself. To unfold and expand. 

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment