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Monday, January 30, 2017

Consciousness and The Importance of Feeling Important

"Numbers don't matter if you can't count. "  Janet Barrett

Something that has come to our attention in group is the importance of feeling important. Not more so than another which would be entitlement but you as Self. In the energies present globally it is time for all to be counted. And that means you have value. This is a huge wound and burden in many. It is suppressed energy and playing out big time now.

The United States is churning because of it. When systems forget to recognize the individuals who make up the whole or feel overwhelmed, those not served or served poorly will at some point protest. Which is a good thing for it highlights the failure of the system. Then we can correct the imbalances. Our challenges are to do this well. All sides have a side, a viewpoint. When agendas get promoted that are not coming from Heart Centered Awareness more problems will ensue.

How do we value ourselves as individuals and as the collective, historically and currently? The importance of One, the importance of Being, the importance of putting oneself first in order to share with grace and compassion, not as a brute or bully to others but from integrity. Not as an act of selfishness but as Self. We can no longer hold ourselves separate. We are part of the world. We share this incredible planet.

Many might question at certain times if they make a difference. The classic "It's a Wonderful Life" movie with James Stewart comes to mind. Sometimes we need others to remind us. But it will start in the beginning of life. How the quality of the mothering and fathering were experienced. Were we valued as the unique individual that we each are or something off a cookie cutter, to follow in others footsteps and not our own? Was Love conditionalized as a control mechanism and not joyously shared? Something to be earned.

We each matter and it is important to value self. Or otherwise our sense of self comes from others around us and that can get wearing for both. Roles get assigned and not allowed to grow and mature.
Relationships are full of value whether it is in the family or the village. Each of us offers something to the whole. Sometimes we get labeled in ways that keep us small in our own minds and as less to others. We have to be careful to appreciate and guide and pay attention. It takes work, it can take time, it takes a willingness. It takes us listening to the elders who have time to notice.

An act of sex may make a child but it has nothing to do with parenting. Many are piss poor at it. and yet if other family steps in, other neighbors, teachers, community step in we can make a difference in helping ourselves and those we are sharing ourselves with, to realize how important they are.

Everyone matters. Every one. Did you learn to feel less than? Ask anyone with an agenda how they feel good about themselves.

Got to Heart Centered Awareness and appreciate yourself and the wonder that you are and that we all are.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment