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Monday, August 14, 2017

Consciousness and A Good Book

Library Card Catalog File 
The following is a reprint with some updating from 2016 after the shooting in Orlando last summer. It has been quite the year.

Consciousness is a library. Inside each of these file drawers are the details of the books in the library. We are the books. 

The repercussions of a single act has the power to change us as an individual and as a collective.  It can be a man standing in front of an oncoming tank, two buildings collapsing, a bomb dropped and leveling everything, a woman attacked and left dead on the street, a shooter firing into a crowd or someone driving into a crowd looking for glory.

Media being what it is these days, can send the knowledge rippling out with the simple touch of a keypad stroke or the click of a camera device. And then the whole community of man is affected consciously.

Last week we all felt unsettled and out of our center and swimming in queasy feelings. Shootings, bombings car crashes and loss of life are happening all the time in different ways globally. Tragedy, on small and large scale, is common. Why does this one event throw us off when perhaps the others don't.

One reason for such a strong response to a singular event as the shooting in the nightclub is that communities of people and many underlying patterns were being affected and hit on so many levels and many of them deep core concerns. Each of us had much to resonate with and feel the ping and twinge. It was hard to know where to start to find center again. What can we do in response? 

We found in group that if we start in Heart Centered Awareness and allow for the patterns to be observed in some manner it can be approachable. We sat and allowed for our noticing to be clear and we had a place to start.

It started to sort apart and our equilibrium started to return by the time we were done. Whether it was the shooter, his issues, those who found themselves victim, families in stress, the weapon and its power and accessibility, those who wanted to blame others, PTSD of all kinds, there was shock plenty all around. Even being present to something one can not change in a moment was issue. All of it and much more was up for exam and resolve. 

We are waking up collectively. We feel it starts within the individual and at the same time it is the whole of Consciousness in shift. As you work through your patterns of connection within the All, the All responds. In group we know this. We can feel it. It is happening.

What is different in you this week? What is sorting itself out and making itself known? 
As you access Heart Centered Awareness for yourself see the whole in some way and then notice a piece of it and start there.  You might be surprised.

Be kind to yourself. Start there. Let go of the labels you are involved with. They have the power to separate and compartmentalize and destroy self respect and love.

Be kind to others. When someone around you is in distress how can you respond in a useful way? Not by saving or fixing but by paying attention and acknowledging with a compassionate heart.

Would that have made any difference anywhere along the path?

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, August 7, 2017

Consciousness and Being Enhanced

In group  a couple of us are dealing with cancer actively. I say it that way as we all carry cancer potential in us but not always in disease active mode.

One facet that came up was feeling bad about not being cured, immediately or otherwise. And the resulting awareness of how it might not be about being cured of a disease but about something different.

We cure meat. It is about preserving the meat with chemicals. But the meat is never fresh again. It is preserved in a different state.

The need to be cured of a disease is a heavy burden. It can push us. It can determine our degree of success, of understanding. It can take us beyond the body's limits. People get into medicine with a mindset about caring and curing. It is a powerful morphic field.

There are a lot of things we don't understand or know about life. Disease is seen as commentary on the system of the mechanics of the body. It is about the relation of body, mind, spirit, Self and Consciousness. All working together but not always in harmony. It is about our matrix and the dance of information in, the ability to deal with, process, utilize and release information in a cohesive manner. That is what we like to think of as healthy. What if it is more than that?

What if there is nothing wrong with illness? It is after all only a way to experience and express, then what happens?

Some disease or illness patterns will scare us as it represents loss of function. Some diseases have with them death as part of their component and expression. We monitor how close we are to death. We want to be cured so we can say death is no longer close. And then there are those who live with some sort of cancer or affliction and they live with it for a long time and finally die of something else.

Some people only really begin to live when they deal with illness. It has a way of cutting through our bullshit and false idols. It offers awareness. We meet ourselves in ways we might not otherwise. Our level of fear and other emotions will rise and fall in relation. It can be a way to be cared for. It can become our job. It is always an avenue to appreciation.

But being cured might not be the issue. Especially with disease/illness patterns. Those patterns can serve as ways to experience life that we would not do if not ill. Ill is not a bad thing. It is inconvenient, and takes attention, time and focus and may bring new considerations. It can be life changing. It is an opportunity.

Those on the outside will judge how we inside are doing and it can just offer clutter of thought. Handicaps create an always present reference to how we relate to ourselves and our world.

Lots of times all doctors can do is monitor and manage illness. Sometimes they can or can't cut out, repair or put in something new. They don't cure it. All our medicines and supplements support the body, mind, spirit dynamics sometimes as great cost, literally. Sometimes the "cure" is more painful than the pattern. Sometimes we can only feel like we are cleaning up.

 It goes away on its own if not needed. All disease/illness is a vehicle for agendas. So we don't judge. We love and appreciate our creativity. Only then can it be different, can it be done. 

What if there is no pressure or judgment that there is something wrong with how I am with this illness, or need to feel bad about the cure? What if there is only grace, what happens then? If I am dealing with function, long after the disease is gone, is that bad? It can be uncomfortable, and inconvenient and also hold a particular focus.

Acceptance of a different sort is possible. The trick is in balancing the inconvenience and then going beyond into realizing that as Consciousness it is not inconvenience but an opportunity.

Maybe we need another word to label having recovered from a disease/illness. Perhaps we are enhanced, or enriched. "I am enhanced" seems to allow me to feel better for having had the process.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment 

Monday, July 31, 2017

Consciousness and Our Own Super Power

Consciousness as Superpower

It is interesting what will trigger a new awareness and subsequent shift. From one moment to the next everything is the same and then something heard or seen, a question asked or a statement made will stimulate and open up a new avenue of awareness. When we are in Heart Centered Awareness, the Field of Unified Consciousness which is full of potential, that awareness can blossom into a shift in the pattern or change of status.

We each have the power to affect change in our lives. It is our superpower. You don't have to be bitten by a bug, beat up and left for dead, be born into a family of gods, etc, etc. etc. All you have to do is allow your sense of Self, which holds and defines your limits, to let go and access yourself as Consciousness.

Our popular media is filled with stories of superheros currently acting out. Which one speaks to you? I have watched movies filled with hero and heroines and villains and infamy battling out good and evil. The very interesting ones would seem to be those whose humanity still holds for both within the same body. They provide great psychology into human archetypes.

In any good story there can be great darkness, a wound at the core of our hero/heroine. There is great emotional angst, often incredible destruction on themselves that they walk out of, their surrounding environments and New York City a great deal of the time. Unfortunately, too often action will predominate and characters get lost in all of it. It becomes more of a movie about destruction that anything else. It becomes a mindset.

We are no different than those we read about or observe on the big or little screens. We forget that our authors are often writing about how real people in society are feeling in their lives. We can dress it up,disguise it as an god or ant or wealthy businessman but at heart is the human experience in story form. We can also be left feeling afterwards that this is fantasy and has nothing to do with our lives except as entertainment or as a game.

Sometimes we, the human self can feel lost or small in how we are living our lives. We might not feel powerful in useful ways. We fail to recognize that showing up every day, providing for oneself and/or family is an act of grace and value.

But under our shirts, across our chests, we have our superpower, Consciousness as Potential. It is in each of us to be accessed and enjoyed. It is the creator of our life game and our way to become much more. It facilitates our love and compassion for ourselves and each other.

Don't like what is happening in your life? Then learn about how to be different in your thinking. Learn how to utilize this unknown and underused power that is you. Trust that you can help yourself or find others than can help you to develop your trust.

Access Heart Centered Awareness. And play.

Enjoy your superpower!

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, July 24, 2017

Consciousness and Beyond That Which Can Be Defined

Humans love labels. Our mindsets love a label as it frees thought to go on to the next thought. It would seem at times quite indiscriminate about the label but we do seem to like ones that keep us small. Small and safe are probably related.

As Consciousness, we have the ability to reframe those labels and thoughts, to expand. We loosen the definitions and limits of the Self and step into the loosened state of Potential.

When we do this we are stepping out of the holographic framing that we have all established as reality. We are also better able to notice the limits in our language. We go beyond how the Self identifies the parts of our self and how it relates to it's experiences and overall life framing. We step out of the emotions and judgments that Self is and reframe that Self.

Consciousness holds for all kinds of experience in it's expression as us. In group we have been noticing the wounded healer dynamic and also this last week, the wounded child.These are terms that humans use to explain, validate certain states of being. Unfortunately if we are not neutral to this label, you can feel the limits that these labels encode and encompass.

The word is really just a perspective and experience of a sort. Wounded is a human reference, a judgment and it feels negative. Nobody celebrates wounded. Yet when we are in the mindset of the warrior about life it can be a powerful dynamic and condition to deal with.

What is really there? The label comes with baggage of thoughts and encoding and emotional resonances. These can work for us or against us as we evolve in being. They certainly are perceptual biases and direction modulators in thinking. They anchor us as they are identity labels and not always useful. Sort of like being labeled a druggie or alcoholic. Once one, always on guard. as you are always one and that is the reality that is set. We can spend a lifetime running, hiding, in battle from what is only a label and so much more in an energy direction. I am not judging. I am just looking at how behaviors get set in stone which come from thinking that gets set in stone. How depression gets set in stone. When we are trying to help ourselves and others these labels become their own thing and can be traps at times.

We are looking at what keeps us trapped in patterns and their ensuing behaviors. Our language is very important in this. The sounds of the words play and ripple out back and forth creating the limits of Self. They are powerful connectors to morphic fields of thinking and most often old thinking that we can become unwittingly attached to. Most often unknowingly.

Each of us in group could call ourselves a wounded child or a wounded healer and we could feel the pull and weight. And, how is that helpful? There is the place where I can use it to hold compassion for others, not wanting them to feel as I have felt. Take it out of the state of me having to be hurt to help others and we are both better off. I am not saying that these words are not helpful in some context but only how they can keep us looking from inside a certain framework. By maintaining the limits in the language the reality is set.

What if I labeled "wound" as "creative" instead? Or "playful"? Is that possible? I like both myself. Because both terms come as Consciousness. You may feel Self in reaction to what is really more neutral positioning. Our emotions are such powerful directors. Thoughts followed by energetic actions with outcomes. Changed thoughts lead to changed actions with changed outcomes.

If I don't have to maintain an identity/position label maybe something different is possible. I do this by movement in the reality this information is held or I find a new reality state. We do it with whatever we witness showing up and play from there.

Too often when we meditate or allow ourselves to take moments to relax we can bump up against our labels and they hold us hostage unknowingly. And everything is viewed through that lense. We feel different from our sense of source or in distance when it is only a shift in perception. Using consciousness technologies can free up this dynamic with different results.

Make some time to access Heart Centered Awareness. In that state information will present itself free of  the limits of your definitions/labels of being and reveal the truths of who you are.

Any of us are much much more than any one label. After all, we are that which can not be defined. If I am going to have any label let me go with Consciousness in Action.

And, so are you!

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment 

Monday, July 17, 2017

Consciousness and the Gifts of the Healer

As Consciousness, we are whole and health is one viewing lense. Health is a human reference to the status of how the body system and other systems are doing. We speak to the health of a body, mind, spirit and also of a situation, or a company for instance.

We, as humans who forget ourselves as Consciousness, tend to then forget that we are the ones creating dis-ease in our humanity patterns. And we need not judge that. It is the way we explore being.

The wounded healer is a mindset, a way to reference our being present. This is a term we use for the healer in each of us who has his own stuff to deal with and not just physical. Any system can have disquiet in the patterns that make up the system. The Human state is a multi-dimensional collection of systems.

We use the term healing when we are describing our body systems but it really is the energy of creating, reconciling, repairing, and maintaining any pattern of organization or system of thoughts that manifest some thing and that might only be a thought. We are not only creator but system managers as doctor, therapist, janitor, plumber or electrician etc. They can correct flows in the system that are not bringing the maximum results wanted, addressing the out of alignment energies present.

Many don't like the idea of being sick and needing healing. They don't want to feel dependant or less than even when it is obvious a system is out of alignment. That is something to be aware of if we use this language.

Many think in terms of physical only when we are referencing the word health when we are really addressing much more. Using the label puts a certain context into play that can limit. If we are not talking about in terms of health we can free ourselves to just look at the energy and dynamics present in our houses, companies, governments, our minds. All systems can get out of wack in many different ways.

Whenever we work with others who help us to heal we are activating our own awareness to be different from how we find ourselves.  But for many this sense is not operating as it can. We have conditionalized how well we allow our own ease of new information to flow. So we see someone who can help and they do. Or maybe don't.  Depends on how we have it set up. But they become our agent for new states of flow whether consultant troubleshooter or medical personnel.

It can seem we, as the help, did something and we did but it was in agreement with them on some level for change, positive or otherwise. No matter what actions we take as healer it is their choice what to do with that information, that procedure, that diagnosis. Physical interaction is needed sometimes. Faith, wishing or resignation in thinking are not always the only action to limit ourselves to.

I have worked with clients who have said they wanted healing but it wasn't that they wanted longer life, they just wanted to heal the past so they could go with a clear heart. Their illness gave them a focus. They just were not sure of this themselves. Then I have others who had choices to make about where they found themselves and what to do to unfold it and it does.

 It can also recreate itself if what is truly at issue or the mindset wants to continue on. In terms of the body we see it all the time when someone has a procedure and it works and then fails. Or maybe a disease clears and then the person dies in a collision or gains another disease.

It is up to the individual and how they have organized themselves as being, not us on the outside. We each choose on this level what our life and our sense of wholeness will appear as. There are no victims, just creative dynamics at play.

Often in medical fields we witness the unexplainable or the expected or spontaneous shift in a body system that were outside the boundaries of our limits of what was possible for you. This limited thinking has the ability to marginalize us in our innate talents and states of being.

We all know people who use illness for attention or a reason for self care. It is a tool as anything can be for development of experience. It is our journey of enlightenment. We don't need to offer apology for whom we are or how we show up. Judgment does not serve us here.

We help each other in different ways and modalities to remind ourselves of our innate abilities. Sometimes it is nice to allow others to help us handle our systems. How appealing that is when one is confused, tired, troubled. Or in pain of any sort.

Help is good. Perhaps one doesn't hold enough information to engage change on their own. Others will often provide a needed kickstart or realignment or new memories.  It is perhaps more entertaining at some level to be healed by someone else. We don't personally have to have or know any answers. As Consciousness that help and information are available in the form of others. I can then focus on what I want to or have a partner on my journey.

Healing is really about self awareness.. Love, Grace and Heart Centered Awareness filled with potential. They are no guarantee about the length of life as that is not important though we may equate that with a good life and it is not. It is the quality of the life, in the day to day moments where we excel. These two states and the Field of the Heart hold for much about the direction and flow of being in the individual.

In offering Grace and Love we hold each other. Warmth, support, non judgement, wonder and potential. These are the gifts of the Healer. Start with Self.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, July 10, 2017

Consciousness and Caring Without Worry

Care: My definition of this word is that we provide succor. We choose to help. We hold others worthy of support. We feel concern. And when we demonstrate that for others we want to be sure we also experience Self Care just as important.

But according to the dictionary, care, also means worry. And that is the sticking part I think for many. Humans worry.

Consciousness does not. Consciousness holds for all as the spectrum, without judgment. So when we engage our lives as Consciousness we demonstrate care from a different space. Without attachment to the results and there is no worry, only warmth, support and non judgement. How hard or easy is that to offer ourselves and others?

Humans often want to see the results in their efforts. Unfortunately we may use this as our yardstick when we deal with our limited view of what God is rumored to be. We want to know we make a difference. We are encouraged to repeat our actions when we feel good about what we are doing. So often if there is no good feeling associated with the actions the actions will stop, or resentment will start and burnout will occur.

In group we explored the thought that we are truly okay at any moment, that we are cared for no matter the seeming circumstances. That this is the reality state we choose to ascribe to these days.
Can we be that with all the uproar around us?

The world is just a place, an incredible place in the scheme of things. We decide if it is benevolent or otherwise. All of this bumps up into the realm of belief. And there is a difference in belief and being. Belief is an act of mind. Being is felt. It is your essence, your root.

At core then, do you feel safe and cared for? What is your mindset about you being in the world alive?

How is it that humans can pass from this life in a state of Grace and peace no matter the circumstances or length of life? If there is no time or space as Consciousness then Life is never ending only transcending back and forth, embodied and disembodied.

There were many levels of awareness present to the group. That mindset is powerful as it will determine the coloring in a life. For some disaster lurks everywhere. For some they can feel good about things sometimes, a lot or always, or maybe only on Tuesday 7-9pm or Thursday 1-3pm for two hours while we hold group. Conditions are set by how cared for we feel. And we judge none of it. We only appreciate the many ways we be.

Consciousness is not attached to outcomes. It holds for all. It takes your personal worries and concerns and says "Yes, and what else is possible?" For in potential we go back to noticing what else is available when we are not tied to the outcome of our worry.

In our current political arenas I see a lack of care for one another by businessmen and politicians and businessmen acting as politicians towards each other and towards the public. And they are reflecting a part of society that says care for only some, those like themselves. Garrison Keillor, in a recent op thought that there was a lack of kindness being demonstrated by politicians towards themselves. I agree. There is a lot of worry present.

Access heart centered awareness for a bit. Notice your world view and if you hold for more, what shows up? Who do you care for?

Janet Barrett
Life from Beyond/ Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, July 3, 2017

Consciousness and Self Evident Truths

The 4th of July in the United States of America is a remarkable day that many use to celebrate many things, like the beginning of barbeque season. But at heart it is about being present to the wonder this country is, the microcosm we are for the world.

 From the Declaration of Independence:
"We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness:

(And, yes, Thomas Jefferson, who wrote this was a slaveholder. As were many white supposedly educated men at the time.) 

This statement is the foundation of the United States of America. In time this country would be the ideal for the world societies and a new way to engage its inhabitants. and you have to appreciate the energies present in its creation. 

In 1776, for those who were predominantly coming to these shores, power meant white european men, not women and no others, native or foreign born outside of Europe. They came looking to conquer resources. Or, now as then, they and their families were fleeing persecution. Most settlers here were unwanted where they were from and being hounded. The choices were to stay and die or go into the unknown and hope for the best. Famine and plague were also reason to come. Escape and sanctuary are part of our national identity.  

The American Constitution and its documents are not a manifesto of control and supremacy over others. Which was a reversal about how people had been ruled pretty much, with a few exceptions, for the span of man. It was about creating a new way of ruling, a government of democracy. It was and still is about a partnership between people, no matter their status and those they choose to represent them as a whole and how that will be done. And, like anything sometimes this works better than other times.

In its time and place it was and still is a remarkable set of documents. No matter the limits of the founding fathers we have gone beyond that time. Over time amendments have updated the documents to our present. We value free speech, a free press, the right to question, our citizens of all sexes, place of origin. and religion have protection. Rights that some today would still question or limit.

In its design, it has become an invitation to respect and value all who choose to be here as part of this country. It does not matter where you are from. or who you are, only that you are willing to become part of something new, something united not divided. The much lauded American dream was you could succeed no matter your beginnings. That is what we want it to mean.

Those of us here for generations may have forgotten that. It is an invitation that in the past many have risked life to reach our shores. And it is ours to protect and foster and hold sacred.

 In many ways this country is very threatening to others as a way of life and its' ideals. I can appreciate people's concerns about the allowing of criminals into this country from foreign shores and those who mean to harm others. There needs to be safeguards in place. But across the board denials I question. To paint a people as evil because of some is prejudice and speaks to our fears not our compassion. 

We also need to remember that terrorists come in all shapes and sizes, internal and external. They can wear many faces, businessman, politician, beloved icon. Those who think in terms of terrorism probably are familiar with the dynamic from all its sides as in being one in behavior and being victimized by one. Inside every terrorist is a child looking out in reaction.

We seem to find ourselves to be stuck in the middle of this shouting match in our political and media arenas. Our hidden feelings and insecurities are front and center these days which is good. Not pretty but it is important as we evolve.

Humanity is evolving. Across the globe dictators are in stress, men and women are redefining their relationship. No matter the race or culture we are awakening to value women and children and helpers as equal, not chattel. The Collective is awakening. Quantum leaps are happening.

No matter how we got here, we are here now, in this time and space we call America. We all came from someplace else to settle here even the native population. We are much enriched by the diversities of culture that the United States has become. 

Every being, no matter their point of origin upon this earth deserves life, liberty and to know what makes them happy. We are One, we are Consciousness and as we start living this truth we will all be better off. 

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment 

Monday, June 26, 2017

Consciousness and the Notable Quotes from Zippity News

You can always find wisdom around you. We were waiting for our dinners the other night and the Zippity News paper was waiting for us on the table.

I love the following quotes as they reflect a wonderful assortment of wisdoms from very different people, in different times and places.

"I know that in the differences between us, there is strength. I know there is comfort, where we overlap." Ani DiFranco

"I see myself in all things and all people." Sanskrit phrase

"It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength. " Maya Angelou

"Have only love in your heart for others. The more you see the good in them, the more you will establish good in yourself." Paramahansa Yogananda

"Different roads sometimes lead to the same castle." George R.R. Martin 

"Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilization." Mahatma Gandhi 

Reflect for a moment. All offer us wisdom.

Gandhi tags the energy just right for what is still challenging us globally. Perhaps it always will. He speaks to the collective energy of being a civilization.  He speaks to the intersection of Consciousness and Man. Civilization means the stage of human social development and organization that is considered most advanced. What do we celebrate as most advanced in ourselves? How civil are we? Sometimes I do wonder when I observe those around me, in my community and nation. 

We are Consciousness and within that we hold many relationships in our being as human. We are individuals, each members of some genetic combination of family. We are also members living within boundaries of city, state, countries and beyond our borders, we are all Earthlings. 

Mankind is evolving to more to appreciate the expansiveness of Consciousness. It is the neutral of All, the spectrum of what is common to all of us and what we are under the skin. The final frontier is not outside of us but inside waiting to be discovered, to unfold and express. 

Make a moment to sit and allow yourself to access Heart Centered Awareness, the field of Unified Consciousness. Allow for any or all of the above quotes to be present in your field and notice what stands out. Who stands out. And continue to allow for whatever, whomever to be present and able to share from within this Infinite Sea of Potential their gift of awareness for you.  Our answers to our known and unknown questions are there. Those answers that our minds may question but ring true deep inside and may challenge us to listen and follow. Allow the answer to be so loud you have to follow it. Allow it to bring you peace.

Asking questions and our willingness to listen is precious. Being present in this state and asking our questions allows us to notice ourselves separate from our own emotions clearly. Asking why. Leaving out the filter of judgment. Our willingness to listen, to hear from within neutral territory of no agenda, to another. To really hear and feel what another is saying under the rhetoric. Every side is a facet of the collective.
Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, June 19, 2017

Consciousness and a Good Death

I was in the middle of  receiving some bodywork and I found myself contemplating how death is not something that we deal well with. How interesting. Something that apparently was locked up inside of me and started to come undone. Thinking about death is not something I do a lot of so I paid attention.

For me personally, I have experienced both what is called a near death experience and also blinding physical pain that lasted for a moment. And searing pain that has lasted for much more than a moment. It is never my first choice of feeling but I don't fear pain as many might.

Anyway, what I came away with, over the years, was a deep respect for the ability for a body to feel life and for my own precious experience of it. Life is precious. As precious as what life is that is not embodied.

I never thought in those painful moments about ending my life. Many do. My husband is a mental health therapist and has worked for years with many who dance that fine line of here or there. I have clients who have dealt with this.

The history of mankind is filled with death. Happens to all of us at some time and for many it was not what we would classify as a good death. Can a death be good? Yes. Spending one's final hours surrounded by loved ones, with a clear heart. Or one's final months clear about dealing with loose ends and elements. Being able to make peace with those important to the individual. Those scenarios make for death done well. I am sure there are others. No pain, just passing over in one's sleep sounds good.

How many in the past died in a state of distress or trauma, or unawareness? On the fields of battle, plague or violence? How much of that is lingering in our current DNA's? How much of that genetic history is underlying our unease about current life?

How many knew their time was coming? Whether it was from wisdom, age, diminishing skills. If one is in fields of endeavor where it is a daily question about going home safe and sound each night you have to deal with this knowledge in some way. Alcohol, drugs, sex, rock and roll can be some ways. Others find peace of spirit in other ways.

It is pointless to think you won't die at some point in your future. All our attempts with medicine and science are really just about delaying this outcome or the condition of our bodies and minds at such time. What would it be like to die in a state of Grace? If you knew your passing was in alignment with your sense of Consciousness?

Many have done this. So it is possible. For whatever the belief systems in place our transition from here to there does not have to be full of strife. It takes being present and noticing what is important to you, clear of the clutter that thinking can bring. When the length of life is in question and immediate, life gets very simple.

What is important to you?

Access Heart Centered Awareness and listen. Notice your chatter that runs and let it stop. If there was no chatter, if there was only you willing to hear your song what would you experience? Listen and allow the chatter it to all settle like muck in the bottom of the pool of water. Do you need the muck?
Notice the emotional feelings and content.

A challenge for those around those in this transition stage of being is that our own issues and emotions get in the way. Our unfinished business with them. Maybe the individual was not a nice person and still isn't. The nearly dead provide us with the opportunities to appreciate, release and love clearly. Some will value this and some won't. Just because we are wanting peace with them does not mean they are in a place to offer peace back.

So go back to heart Centered Awareness and notice again. If someone you know who has transitioned to a different state of being and you feel you have unfinished business with, allow for both of you to be present and have that conversation. Without expectation. Allow them to show up as they really are, still are and let go. Allow them to transcend if that is what is wanted by them.

Allow yourself to know peace regardless of their sense of being.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, June 12, 2017

Consciousness and the Modern Day Mystic

Continuing, for the last couple of weeks, there has been lots to play with as we deal with the chaoticness we are experiencing. People are feeling assaulted on so many levels, about so many issues. It can be hard to keep track, just like we see on the political fronts. Slap, slap. Slap, Slap.

One issue is how we relate to finding a way to redefine ourselves. We can often be holding on tightly to who we think we are based on our past. And when your upset is coming from the conflict of your new present self with your past self something has to give. Our old sense of self is coming under what it perceives and feels as an attack if we are not set for control as flow.

We are becoming. Being aware that we are moving into a time of who we are and want to be and not who we think we are. There is no thinking now, only feeling. Our formerly routine ways of thinking were keeping us stuck and in many instances no longer serve. We can notice the difference. We have to learn more useful ways to feel human.

When we define ourselves in terms of our thoughts, as an act of mind we might not always be authentic to who we are inside. This new age of Consciousness is the age of Being. We are moving out of the age of Doing. Doers often need to rationalize and reason most of their experiences and choices. We define ourselves by what we do. Which often is coming from a state of not having choices. Many do what they find they have to do when there is no perceived choice.

When we are operating from this space we are not in Heart Centered Awareness. It is here that we hold and access our authentic voice and express from our inspiration. Often we allow for outside motivation to inspire us in our actions. Motivations can push and shove us into position and move us. It is different when we allow outside motivation to only be information and our own inspiration moves us. That is our new position or truth. Not truth from our usual thinking but truth from thinking from our being, from Heart Centered Awareness.

We were sharing awareness about out language in this new age. And how to label who we are becoming more clearly for ourselves. Mind likes labels and they are really shortcuts that will serve us in dealing with self and others. Going to the dictionary always proves helpful when we are dealing with linguistics and definitions. So often a word represents opposites of the nature it is describing, the totality, and is ALWAYS, subject to interpretation. How I mean in using a word may mean something else to another.

What word would describe us in our lives, in this age of redefining our old systems and sense of Self as we unfold from within? This questioning we do and allow for and foster the unfolding that we each are. Is there an established definition that I can use to describe myself in all this internal fluxing?

All we are looking for is new branding you might say. What do we call those who explore life from a viewpoint of wonder and appreciation of our rites of passage in being? You may have never thought of yourself in those terms before. How do we reframe what we have been challenged by in our lives in new and useful ways? How do we enhance our sense of life?

We are coming out of the age of the spiritual seeker being only a few and the rest of us followers. We each are coming into a time of self leadership.

In group, we agreed on one word. It seems to be free of good/bad, right/wrong and all the silly deadly stuff certain words can embody like magician and wizard. Often those labels hold such ambivalence in their fields.

Words embody states. For us, out of all of them, Mystic rings true.

Mystic: a person who seeks by contemplation and self-surrender to obtain unity with or absorption into the Deity or the absolute, or who believes in the spiritual apprehension of truths that are beyond the intellect.

We so need to get beyond the intellect when it is couched in terms of agenda, hearsay and story. It is not always empty of bias and judgment and emotion.  What we allow to become dogma can create limits.

Make time to Access Heart Centered Awareness for yourself and see what new ways you can notice yourself. Allow a label to be present and invite and allow what that label can become. Feel it and let it be real.

To be a mystic these days means you engage in a state of Heart Centered Awareness and look at the notions your sense of self has embodied and allow for new awareness as Consciousness, the All. This states allows Self to explore and know beyond the limits of itself. To unfold and expand. 

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment 

Friday, June 9, 2017

Consciousness and the Quotes

"The masses will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one."
Adolf Hitler

In writing this column for all these years, the thought that I would start off with a quote from Adolf Hitler  surprises me but I can appreciate wisdom no matter the source, and in this case, especially the source in relation to the quote.

I had not heard this quote before but many in group had heard it long ago. It came across my desk the same week we were reeling from the current administration's antics that week. It seemed particularly appropriate in light of all the alternative facts being offered. And something to remember in the upcoming days of congressional meetings, debates, reveals and exposes.

There are those among us who have the ability to charm, seduce, rally and move people. They are able to tap into what people feel concerned about and manipulate. They can be quite successful at it without us aware that they are putting their own agenda first, always. They can grab ahold of you into their world, knocking you off balance, taking you by surprise and seduce you into accepting their reality as yours because the words enchant us. Their words can mean exactly what they say and people put their own meaning to it and think he means what they think he means. Or something can get lost in the translation.

Many questioned what kind of leader it takes to run a country such as ours, and if it was different than running a self created business and company that sets its own rules and answers to no one but its owner.  We expect both need stable personality traits and considerations and now we know how important that is. A good question might be how is our leader reflecting our own out of control 8 year old child inside each of us?


Right now the words and actions serve as a wakeup call to us about our own complacency and what we take for granted. We are also noticing how surface and reactive the anger is buried deep in our DNA about how we have been treated and devalued from others and our long held illusions of being victims. Male to Male, Male to Female, anger at being thought of as less than.

Last week on our radio show "Conscious Conversations with Joan and Janet "my guest was Danielle Egnew. She is a psychic, musician, and all around tuned in woman. She identified what she has been noticing and commenting on for over the last year. She calls it The Unbalanced Male and his collapse in societies and mankind as Consciousness evolves. It is playing out everywhere around this globe.

Our conversation followed something I had been watching the prior week. American Race with Charles Barkley as host has been a series of television shows about race in the United States. He was exploring principles of what being American means  and in one episode, with a leader of the Alt Right movement. This man is what anyone with a memory would call a Neo Nazi though he does not call himself that.

He was only concerned with the rights of white European based men who have been are at the top of the pecking order in the formation of this country. And what he perceives as the attacks and losses they are currently facing.

He doesn't recognize himself as discriminating of others as that would mean they have the same value as he and his group. His sentiments and statements seem to mean that White European men were always in charge and in control of all they could see upon arrival to these shores. Others were only brought in to serve so they are below notice as human beings of worth. The natives would offer no value, just something to be conquered. They do not have the same right and privileges as himself. 

What was even more stunning was his viewpoint of what being American stands for these days. How he and others can look at the American Constitution and Bill of Rights as a manifesto of control and supremacy over others.


1. the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex. 
"victims of racial discrimination" synonyms: prejudice, bias, bigotry, intolerance, narrow mindedness, unfairness, inequity, favoritism, one-sidedness, partisanship;

2. recognition and understanding of the difference between one thing and another.
"discrimination between right and wrong"
  1. It feels like religion needs to be added here. 

The unbalanced male is not only white or European in origin. He is in every race of people, on every continent of Earth. We see him everywhere, in every culture, in every time. We see him also in females. We each embody male/female within. The male in us is in different stages of vitality. Some will be in anger and rage. And then there is the unbalanced female who is out of sorts balancing all that unbalanced male she holds for.

All we have to do is get out of Self and allow for Consciousness to unfold. All this becomes clear when free of the distractions that Self will offer as proof.

And I will leave you with a different quote, from a man who saw clearly at the same time of history:

"The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is. "    Winston Churchill

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, May 29, 2017

Consciousness and The Feeling

Did you feel it? Would you notice what you are feeling if you did?

At the end of group as we gathered to close, we felt it. We had felt it individually as we were working. But when we ended in our circle together we felt it again.  We, as One, breathed in unison, and with it came the liberation, the release from the collective. Consciousness shifting collectively.Wow.

Group energy dynamics are so much fun. We each access so much about life and then we come together. Energies can be collective and singular and certainly filled with unrest. Our intention is to allow for what lies under the surface to rise and unfold into a useful state. We are building more awareness of how empowered we each are, to affect ourselves and each other, the world.

We had been noticing the forces at play this last year in our sensing of Consciousness evolving and we are getting through it. We are all dealing with our hidden and not so hidden viewpoints and agendas in being the human reference for Consciousness.


Our dirty laundry is being hung up to dry and for all to see. We are letting a sunlight dry wash ease out the dirt. Everywhere people are reporting in news stories how they are being moved to take actions that would have not be commented on before. We are not letting things slip unnoticed under the pile of clean laundry.

Some have been very shaken by what has shown up and it is so easy to get distracted by the labels and titles and tweets! They make me laugh and the laugh actually helps transform what is being felt. As I listen in and observe actions of others my own mechanisms shift and unfold. New awareness of how I have personally organized who I am are coming up front and center. Not too much anymore do I allow others to dictate how I feel about things. I may feel things empathically but I am clear that it is me choosing in some way to allow that. No victims here.


I also welcome feeling, shifting from the position of "I have to feel pain" to just feeling. Feeling all kinds of things so I don't mind feeling something different. I welcome it. Feeling physical sensations and emotions is the gift of the human interface. It is not though, when we are pain oriented as the anchoring mechanism in being in physical form.

What we focus on becomes our fixation. It becomes a centering point, an anchor in being. Neither good or bad it can sometimes create shortsightedness and a failure to see the big picture and truly how big or small something is in relation to other things. For instance, buy into the judgement of evil and you will see it all around you. Buy into evil as just as part of the whole and it loses its power to dominate and corrupt. Being able to stop, step back and regain context is invaluable. Now I can respond and not just react.

The reaction can be the distraction and intended. We have witnessed a whole lot of this lately. It is reflecting how we are distracted inside ourselves. We can make up stories and project feelings and make choices often from a point of distraction or confusion and not sincerity. Not from our authentic sense of center but from a bias of reaction.

Did you feel that? There is was again.

The next day in our men's group, once again we all felt the shift. We sat in the stillness and quiet and in our personal truths of awareness that all was well in the world. No matter the chaotic energies that many are reveling in or bouncing around in. Each of us sat united as Consciousness allowing for the bigger framework to be present. People can sense all kinds of things and take all kinds of positions about how the world is and people in it. Most are unaware of their own stuff in useful ways.


Let us acknowledge what systems could use some new input into the designs. Let us acknowledge and instigate change easily, not through terror or fear.

Let us leave alone what works already.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment 

Monday, May 22, 2017

Consciousness and Light Sensitivities

We have all heard in some context about "Being blinded by the Light".

It can be felt and interpreted in a couple of different ways. We tend to associate it with our physical perception through our eyes at the available light outside of us. We can feel the shock when what feels like too much light creates a reaction in our visual cortex. Or when we walk into a dark space. Our individual physical eyes will have different response times of adjustment.

Right now it feels like we are also being blinded by our inner light that is expanding and unfolding. What happens when the light photons that are part of who we are grow brighter? Where they are basking in a sea of Potential and reflecting upon one another in new ways.

Consciousness is at play. Potential is alive and real. Potential is present in the space between. It is the polishing mechanism. We are turning on and activating it. Self is responding.

I know/think we are feeling this. And that knowing/thinking comes from with Heart Centered Awareness, not my mind. We want our thinking to come from within Awareness and not the limits of mind which are about our perceptual biases.

Thinking from mind supports the biases, the stories, the patterns old and new. Only when we are thinking from our heart space, where we are present as Consciousness can we be free from our mindsets which are involved with rationalizing and reason, swayed by emotions, set to have us experience our own humanity and the collective humanity and such in certain patterns.

We are Light Beings, beings of Light. We say this, we hear this and what does that mean? As we allow for more light to be brighter it can perhaps be shocking. But since Consciousness does not hold time or space we can experience it easier than the human processing system is set for. And we can feel the difference.

What would it be like to be flooded with light from within? We each are unfolding into our enlightenment. Different ecstatic traditions reflect this. It can happen quickly, slowly, abruptly, or not at all unfortunately for some. It is an individual experience. What is important is the result. Our abilities to know, feel, sense, understand what we are discovering inside is enriching and effortless if allowed.

If you silence the chorus we each hold inside about who we are, what we are in relation to another and sit in the silence you feel that light. You feel it in the breath, the heartbeat, in the expansion of beyond the limits of our bodies and mind sets. We experience information that has no fixed position, only free to come and go to play with. It is Potential to be used if wanted. It is freedom from our limiting patterns and pasts.

Our inner lights are becoming clearer. Enlightenment is in us, not out there somewhere. It has always been there and on without us noticing it without the conditions Self indulges in. We have big morphic fields about the language around Light which can create believing states and not being states. There is a difference.

Consciousness with Self is at play within each of us to allow for more in being. It holds us warm, infusing from within and nourishing us. As we light up from within it will radiate out beyond our physical forms without our having to do anything. It will ripple out in patterns of delight, wonder, fun and pardon. You don't have to do anything, just allow. Allow yourself to fully and truly embody your Light.

Which is already turned on if you are physically alive.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, May 15, 2017

Consciousness and Beyond Numb and Dumb

Most of us think too limited about who we are. We have not been allowed, in our own creativeness, to unfold into our potential. Most of us have been walking around numb and dumb and this is not any longer going to serve us in our new relation with Consciousness.

This limit is our operating sense of Self. Our self perceptions can keep us feeling not effective and subject to outside influences and honor the victim/abuser principle. If we don't play Life from within that dynamic of duality, Self Awareness as Consciousness expands.

We are now asking how to be most effective in our responses to what is happening. Many are in reaction mode, wounded human. and not in the neutrality Heart Centered Awareness offers in response. Looking at life events as potential and energy at play and not from our emotional centers is important.

Somebody does something you don't like or somebody in some sort of power embodies all you dislike. Both are the human in reaction and your triggers to these stresses set up in established habituated reactions.

When you can observe the action or the person as just as valuable as you, this is neutral Consciousness at play. If you are not in that emotional reaction, clarity and potential are available. But engaging from within the same reality as the issue is not helpful. Just continues the scripted reaction.

From the neutral space of HCA what can we notice? Now we have changed the playing field, new game, new rules. new responses. We allow information and ourselves to be limitless and not stuck down tiny in the muck and mire life can hold in our individual stories of patterns of being.

We are encouraged and indoctrinated to believe in a sense of ego as egotist. There is going to be a sense of entitlement in egotism. Which is not the developing sense of unfolding into our potential.

In group we explored our relationship to the dramas unfolding in our political arenas lately, in areas of race, religion, health care, climate. and war. All deal with our want to control our circumstances by the State of Devalue that is running rampant and manifesting in so many ways

In order to enslave another we we must degrade their humanity as less than ours or not there at all. In order to not feel threatened by those who look different we must marginalize and exclude them. In order to suppress the right to health care as a basic policy we must not value all life. which is interesting is these often are the same people promoting no abortion. I wonder what happens in the thinking when the newborn is ill?

In order to deny the mechanism that we have in place, science, to monitor how we treat our earth we must discredit them as not as important as the money business that uses the earth's resources. We value business profits as more important that a quality of natural life when the business is supposed to create objects and fluids to make us more comfortable.

Our human nature of shortsightedness allows for a lot of clumsy. Errors get made and hidden until they are exposed at a compromising later date. People designing in short sighted ways. We also seem to revere the principle of built in obsolescence as a way to justify business needed now. To employ people. Ultimately, is any of this devaluing state enriching us and our planet or are we coming face to face now in how out of alignment and shortsighted we have been, in some many ways?

Many states of reality are running amok from the fear available. States like "We are running out of Time", "We can't save the world"," Every man for himself", "Others are not worthy or deserving of my respect". The fear has been what has been hidden deep, very deep for some and for a long time. The vibrations of fear, comparison, lack, etc are revealing themselves as these are what have kept us limited in the past. Race issues, religion, health care, climate and war concerns are nothing new. They are issues in our individual genetics and in the collectives genetics of societies.

Many of those societies have come and gone.

We believe in the game of life and death in not such friendly terms. I notice how much of what is playing outside of our inner spaces is about our inner spaces? The genetic materials of body, mind and spirit that we each are, is a conglomeration of lines of DNA, are not always collaborative and can energetically compete. They are not always in harmony or balance.

How do you hold bias about yourself in matters of race, religion, spirituality, competing basic rights and worthiness of quality of health care? Do you value your inner signals about your living environments and the feeding and maintaining your inner climate? Do you question and deny symptoms of compromised alignments. and how do you experience the dynamics of war, and limited resources as survival issues found within yourself?

It is the perfect time to stop your stories and listen. Access Heart Centered Awareness and allow your questions and issues to be free to explore, release, transcend.

Time to let go of numb and dumb. Time to step into what lies beyond.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment 

Monday, May 8, 2017

Consciousness, Life and the Suffering Survivor

Life. Not everyone is crazy about being alive. Not everyone finds Being in a human form a delight. They question why exist in such a hostile world. They find no comfort being here. They find only pain and suffering. They see only inhumane behavior. They are, the suffering survivor.

This is not everyone's framework about Life. Many don't question being here or have thoughts or experiences that bring into question humans navigating survival. There is something to be said for being like this.

I am however at the point in my life in awareness that I am my own creation and that I have embraced in the past, a way to insure that it would be easy to question Life. Life. The most precious gift we have. The one experience that we seem to value not only as gift but as liability. We can appreciate and love and then quantify and qualify what circumstances our life's future will be.

We forget or never learn that we are self directed, always. We can be victim to our own creation often. We can agree with our circumstances or challenge them. Those agreements and challenges will define and shape us into individuals who are part of the whole, the All.

What if we are shifting in our orientations to a new state of Being? At some point the human body will die. What if we were not using suffering as anchor to being alive? What if the events and behaviors around us only serve to remind us about what is important about Being Alive? Perhaps not the length of a life but the quality of that life? Maybe long life isn't what is important. What if surviving Life was not the cornerstone issue? What if suffering was only a way to notice and provide fodder for the grist that we each can use to create our lives?

The time is now for Being Light in Life. To question all your sacred cows. To surprise ourselves in what is possible when we access Potential in a state of Grace. Instead of playing into and continuing how you used to relate to events and thoughts and actions of others around you close and in far away places, Be different.

This is not about doing but about Being. Embracing Being in physical form. It is the time of collecting the parts of oneself we can sometimes send out to keep safe and call them home, here to you, inside you. You have always been connected but we sometimes forget that in such a way that we are lost and feel missing.

What if is could be as simple as Accessing Heart Centered Awareness and calling yourself home, however that might show up? You are not the same person who sent the parts away. You are here, now, declaring your want of self, want of form and the gifts inherent in being human.

This is the only place and form we know that embraces feelings both emotional and physical. If your spark of life feels faint or doesn't feel very present then allow it to be so. Know you are now safe. You are not that troubled threatened child. Let your clarion call of Self be Now.

Let suffering be no more important than enjoyment. Both are experiences in being. We don't have to chase after either even if we have set it up that way. There is nothing to chase in Consciousness. Everything is there. It is only our limited viewpoints that are small and narrow in focus.

Want to feel more joy in your Being? Then allow for more joy in your Being to have more worth that pain and suffering. Allow yourself to know what you are getting out of the suffering as your core experience. Check in and see if the values of then are still the values of now. If they are not then choose. Choose to allow for something different.

Expanding our awareness and finding new focuses helps. Life is a spectrum and I value who I used to show up as. I am choosing to let go of my regrets about what might have been and what was done. My life's events and perceptions have become just information that doesn't serve as important and vital to who I am now other than as reference of the different spaces I have occupied.

I have ever unfolding, expanding, wonderful senses and gifts, pearls of wisdom and awareness that help me navigate Being Light in Life.

I bet you do too.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment 

Monday, May 1, 2017

Consciousness and Allowing For More Light Into The Dark

I am 62 years old. Only in the last 15 or so years have I been able to view and experience life differently from the first 50 years. I was very metaphysical and intuitive and had all the clairs of seeing, knowing etc. going strong. I was an empath in tune with others and I was physically dying.

It was not about protection but about Being and how I defined that.

It was only when I got into, at the time, the emerging field of Consciousness Technologies did my story of pain and death pattern start to change. I became aware of the duality in my language dance of light/dark, good/evil, positive/negative that I was engaged in and what a trap in thinking it was creating. Only then did change happened.

I came to realize with the help of some leading edge thinkers that I had created this world I was living in and was quite successful in that creation. I was able to access myself as Consciousness and view the states of reality that I was participating in from the bigger perspective as Consciousness. Consciousness, a word free of our limiting definitions of God. 

If I had continued on my old path of thinking I would be dead now. So I had strong motivation to do something different, to be different in how I perceived my place in the world, and what I had created. I learned how to engage myself differently and change the dynamics at play into something else. Potential was engaged and shifts started to be noticed. My take on Life and what that means as Human as the interface of Consciousness is now an active ever unfolding state, a work of art.  

I bring this up as example and context. I am seeing more people in group and clients who are also very gifted in their intuitive gifts and they too bring them no joy. My awareness is that for many those gifts come out of our pain and trauma. So when we engage them they are coming out of that framework. It colors what is noticed and shared with a film that dilutes or can negate the gift keeping it as wound.

In this current wonderful time of upheaval that Consciousness finds itself in we can reframe our position into more neutral framework. We also can look again at this relationship we find ourselves to be holding as spirit as human in spirit.

Unfortunately our media and collective thinking has created being intuitive and powerful in mostly negative terms.  Doomsday looms on many fronts according to our pop culture and fears.  Look at all the superheros permeating our culture. They may use their gifts for good but at what cost? Destruction ensues. And we are supposed to feel okay about it? Validated and vindicated. Yikes!!

Look at all the fiction and nonfiction about being intuitive and how it is framed in evil, violence and bloodshed that we create and watch and witness as entertainment. Really? To know is as hell on the individual viewer as it is on the victim.

Whether it is romance, mystery or sci fi we embrace warrior mentality. Light hearted, feel good witches and magicians are few. The right and just against the wrong and unfairness in the world. Opposites keeping us fixed. We most often don't hear the negative framework our modern interpretations of our old stories of earth magic and shaman/alchemists are filled with about life and destruction and control and power. Which are really neutral forces at play open to interpretation. The Bible, for instance was not written agenda free. It is a control tool.

I don't embrace this anymore. My wounds have become the gifts that Consciousness imbues and infuses my humanness.  It powers my compassion and understanding that we are not points of opposition only many in the blend of All. That if I continued to play that game of suffering I have only so many choices available to me. I am either right or wrong. They are either right or wrong. We are both so it is time to get over it and embrace the irreconcilable as nothing more than one position to take.

Access Heart Centered Awareness and embrace the neutral sacred space that is filled with compassion and Grace. Gently let go of your stories of victims and abusers. Don't judge the darkness you find. Embrace it as only a different light value and allows for different experiences. Get over your attachments to it being only negative. Any good artist will appreciate the tonal qualities of available light.

Let your gifts shine, free of the muck and mire of the past. Enjoy.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, April 24, 2017

Consciousness and Leaders and Followers

I am heartened by what I see happening in this upheaval of Consciousness. Among all the negative energies present people are responding to what doesn't feel right, what they have taken for granted. People are getting active about choices in their lives and recognizing their own complacency and directing and expressing one's own inner course in new ways.

Consciousness embodies into each of us. Each, in our own unique way is expressing the spectrum of Consciousness. Each is important in the scheme of things and yet we may have no awareness of that. Whether we view others as enemy, cannon fodder or somewhat higher in the pecking order they are important to the whole, if not to other individuals. The same for ourselves.

This life is the playing field of Being. You can BE anything. You can change how you BE. You can unfold into your truths when you know them, when you know how not to be victim to one's own creation.

We, first and foremost, are always, always, leaders of self. We may not rule over others but we always rule ourselves. Coming to understand this is vital to a enriched experience of life.

Many of us do not. Much outside of us forms and will dictate how we view ourselves. Which is our setup. We may have been trained to be followers. Great mentoring allows for the young to learn and train and at some point become their own individual without loss to the mentor. Often leaders are not so much born and created as they are fostered into being.

Followers support the leader. And when you allow yourself to be swayed by another, as you are always the ultimate voice in your life, you are a follower.  We agree to let others rule us. You can be supportive or grudging in your following.

In our social media we have created a society and exposed ourselves to a world full of false idols representing unimportant qualities to follow that many might not recognize as such. We allow ourselves to be dazzled easily with the show. Mind and Heart Centered Awareness get farther apart. Emotions of all kinds, needs and wants sway us.

For many they find themselves enchanted by others who will say "I am the way." They can feel swept up and carried along and it seems okay. Life is easier and safer to not to have to question and figure life out sometimes. We can focus on other things.

A minority group of people who feel they have not been heard or valued created a leader out of a businessman who was saying what played to their insecurities, many that he mirrors and fosters. But there are different kind of businessmen and this one is not philanthropic in nature or being. and the business is himself. He is the king of branding of himself as better than other. Compassion and community are not his guidelines. Separation and acting out are.

Compassion and community are my guidelines. Are they yours? It is up to each of us to find our own leadership of what is valuable and how to welcome the minority in collaborating to new ways of ruling. You can not do this by viewing them as enemy, whatever side of a border they may be on.

Access Heart Centered Awareness and go beyond the illusion the Other presents and you will find the frightened, the corrupted, the misunderstood etc.  Allow for Grace and Potential and see what happens in the interaction. You might be very surprised. You will certainly feel different.

What's in your leader?

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/ Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, April 10, 2017

Consciousness AS Self: Life as a Collaboration

Continuing on our awareness that we are all One and Self is the human interface of Consciousness: What if Consciousness AS Self is really the relationship? Human is just the lense that Consciousness is using to know itself as the individual. My next thoughts lead to if there is no judgment so that would mean that there is nothing wrong with us? What if our sense of judgment that we need as humans to keep safe is allowed to soften and really are only guidelines for behavior?

What if Life was more about a state of collaboration between the two? It entails respect, value and equality. What is it like to live with guidelines as monitor of Self?

How do we help ourselves and others? Help is a tricky construct. full of obligations, corrections, duty, charity. Too often Help is filled with feeling and thoughts of less than, stupid and the critical voice. Which is not useful and not what is intended perhaps but can be felt this way if we stop to listen.

 What about Self Help then? How do we value it?

If I use new language to describe my sense of being out in the world, I have more room to navigate life and room for ease. I am finding that holding Consciousness as separate from Self is not so useful anymore. My new reality state is Consciousness as Self. Now the difference between the two is in a new paradigm. It is a collaboration not competition or opportunity for walls and limits. Just more awareness of the unfolding as Consciousness expresses and evolves in form. An appreciation for the spectrum possible. The Infinite Sea of Potential is the means for expression.

There are no victims or abusers as Consciousness. Those are human judgments and interpretations. How many of us feel we are victims to life, in life? Stuff happens and we can feel a certain way. It is how we choose to label our experiences and relate to them that is really what Life is about.

My stories that make up who I have been as my particular flavor of Consciousness are just a starting point. The patterns or bandwidths that I encompass are migratory and not stationary.

The unfolding of knowing myself as Consciousness has no words. I can feel the flow that this state has for me. Consciousness allows for all. In all the elements that are available fusion can happen and Life appears. If human we call this Self.

In that identity is the form or box of limitations that we each are. We can have many labels in the box. We may see the box as too confining. We may see the box as helpful. We may feel the box as the trap and jail. Something we can not be free of. Some thing to be content or rebel within. It is safe.

In Heart Centered Awareness I saw a box that I really liked. I had wanted it all my life as I may have had a form but it was not labeled well and understood. It was felt as mislabeled. In hindsight most of the time my box kept me boxed in yet safe and separate. It was also killing me. Literally. It felt very solid and real and it was my manifestation. Trust me when I write this: Mysterious is much nicer to read about in a book that as state to live in.

These days I can see the box is more like a jail with the metal rods. This is not a judgment just a description.Then when I look closer I see that they are just bands of density of energies and through the spaces in between and I am both on the inside and the outside of my box and information flowing in and out and interacting and affecting the bars. My perspective uses different words like Self and Consciousness to label the orientation. I am both.

Life is a collaboration.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment