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Monday, August 28, 2017

Consciousness and reports from the Pool of Permission

A couple of weeks ago the Pool of Permission showed up. Since then I am hearing from others that life is easing since they dipped into the Pool. Give it a try for yourself.

Access Heart Centered Awareness by shifting your focus from outside to inside and lower, into the center of your being. Enjoy feeling the beat of your heart, release your hold on your emotional terrain and just register the core essence of All that we are each part of. Notice the quiet, the stillness, the clarity of the Sacred that is right there. It is in each of us, whether we use it or not.

So in this state of Grace, no fault, no blame, no burden, are present. Only warmth, support, non judgement as we access The Infinite Sea of Potential. We slip from allowing into being. We give up control of outcome and we are free to play in the collective of the All.

There is much present in this expansiveness, in this openness. Whatever you have questions about in your day to day life, the information will comes and go here. It may be encoded in clear symbols or in ways you in the moment might not appreciate. But, and this is big, it doesn't matter. What matters is how you will choose to use the information. Empower it to be helpful and it will be. Encode it with doubt and it will be.

Notice the Pool of Permission. Allow it to come into view. It may appear as a puddle and small, a hole in the ice, or may be as big as an ocean shore. Doesn't matter. Just notice it in some way.

We have no blame, no fault or label to define and limit us here. There is only permission to be.

What do you notice, what do you become aware of?

You can feel a difference and it may feel just so wonderful or even uncomfortable as we are very comfortable in our labeled world. They serve as anchors,  those labels as our certains that guide our lives along its predictable course. The outcome of we live, we die, we can count on taxes and death, all kinds of encoded thinking serve as ways to tie us down, to hold us down.

But now, what is possible?  

Notice how you relate to the pool. Willingly, grudgingly, or easily? Step into the Pool of Permission. It may soak in or coat or? Give it a couple of moments and ask. What do I give myself permission to be?

In asking that question information will reveal itself in some way. All you have to do is register it as a feeling and what you become aware of, where your attention takes you. It is our right brain function. Our left brain function is about thinking which is about interpreting and fitting into our biases and none of that is important here.

For one, she unexpectedly found herself giving herself permission to be loved. And in the next few days her life of 50 some years of heartache changed in regards to her mother and father and family. For another, her permission to feel blessed matched up with another's wanting to be a fairy godmother. Our seekers of enjoying life found their resistance lowered.

See what shows up for you. Keep me posted.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment