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Monday, March 20, 2017

Consciousness and the Body and Boat Approaches to Life

So much of what we might do daily has become a habituated response and maybe forgotten is that it can be a moment of enlightenment. If you are holding awareness of the power of your everyday experiences as opportunities, our reality can be changing without us really having to pay a lot attention. Which is a good way to be. Effortlessly in the flow of an expanding and enriching way of life.

We all have had the epiphany moments where we knew life would be different. They tend to stop us in our tracks and choices have to be made. What if it was also in our small movements and moments? And only took a checking in.

Because a life lived from within the framework of our authentic voice as Consciousness acknowledged and listened to will do that. Ease is about flow and when it becomes present, then the issues, (rapids) in our flow become ways we are free to check in and reevaluate how our lives are going, flowing.

How do we move on the flow? Like a boat on water small course corrections may be needed from time to time in response to where we want to go and to the flows of the surrounding waters and their ripples.

 You can use your body as paddle power. Or, there are two ways to power a boat, motor and sail. Both are an extension of hand power. Motor boats will power through the water. The engine is doing all the work, forcing the boat along its path. A sailboat cuts through the surface and in alignment with the wind on your face. It channels through your hands onto the sails. All means connect to our hearts as extensions of our hands and arms and body.

Both our body and boats have their uses and suit their dynamics to different parts of our personalities. Just calling up the memories of being on the water puts me back into that reality of delight. I can feel the light spray of moisture on my face in this moment. The sun, light, wind and company. This is what I want in Life. To glide effortlessly, in tandem with my surroundings, enjoying the sun on my face and the emotional rewards of meeting the challenge of Being.

Accessing Heart Centered Awareness and being in the reality that Life is always presenting opportunities to be an empowered opportunity is fun. If I let go of my need to have Life be difficult, much more is possible.

Right now, in this moment check in how that statement hit you. Access Heart Centered Awareness and ask if your life needs to be difficult. What do you get out of difficult? No judgment here. Just allow for your connection to bring information to an aware level. It can be as a voice, picture, or just a knowing, etc.. And, if you feel that difficult is intrinsic to your makeup just notice that. And, let the next layer of knowing show up.

Then let register that your awareness can make the difference and empower a sense of before and now. Because if you are in Heart Centered Awareness then you are in the Infinite Sea of Potential and transformational energy is happening. Notice what you become aware of now.

Both body and boats will get us where we want to go. They require different resources and will feel differently to the body and psyche. You may prefer one over the other. None is right or wrong, just different. What they share is their giving us a sense of relating to our environment and the waters that make up Life.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, March 13, 2017

Consciousness and Kissing our OWIES Better

OWIE kissed
Our week was filled with strife. It would seem from all sides we are being assaulted with challenges as to where to put our attention here at home and abroad. Getting lost in all the upheaval that is present is not helpful. The better we can stay focused on what is being revealed to play with inside is our invitation.

Consciousness is inviting us to challenge our status quo on how we show up in our lives. Our moments are ripe to embrace the hidden, the confused, the outward influences showing up as issues that keep us trapped into thinking too small.To keep us from feeling powerful and recognizing we each are the Sacred.

Can we keep accessing states of hiding, denying, compromising on a continuous basis to keep ourselves seemingly safe? Yes and many live this way. Is it helpful? Only if you allow being scared more important than knowing. I have witnessed time and again people choosing what they think they know, right or wrong, instead of allowing for the truth to be present. It is safer to hurt because that is what we we are willing to settle for than to risk not hurting in the same way. Kind of silly.

Issues that concern us all are in our faces. Our biases about what people look, sound and believe in. Our willingness to take care of the elderly, the poor and the sick. A long held assertion that women are less valuable than men. Everyone is affected by these questions. Across the border north and south, east and west. People are being moved as they have never been before to take action.

We have not been truthful with ourselves but most of us don't have systems in place to be okay to explore and undo or even think that we can tackle our issues in quick easy, useful ways. We might not feel resourceful.

The growing field of Consciousness Technologies will offer new ways to engage life.

Accessing Heart Centered Awareness is key and the answer. What we find when we recognize ourselves as Consciousness gives us the perspective to re calibrate, reorganize our thinking, our beliefs, our limits. We open to what is possible within and beyond your current thinking framework of Being and Potential provides the means. Being present. The power of being free enough of one's story of issue to let in for something new.

To recognize how powerful our pasts dictate our futures you only have to listen. The stories are filled with energy and propellent, emotion. We have to stop the story to stop the runaway train of thought. Only then can one be brought into the moment and check in. Is your past true in this moment? If so, is it different? We can register the shifts right then and there. Only by recreating the past stories can it show up again. And if it does, as it can, it can not be the same. For you have had awareness and potential interact.

This is why a lot of us fear change. Because we know, on the level of where we hold ourselves as ourselves that if we change some little things the sense of self, our control, recognizes itself as the house of cards that it is.

Which is to be celebrated. To be encouraged right now. Bringing our hidden, denied and confused parts into the light of awareness allows us to be whole. Again, as we are as Consciousness. We are each filled with abhorrent thoughts, unkind thoughts, hurt, violent considerations to some degree.We are each filled with love, respect, appreciation, compassion to some degree.  We need to allow ourselves to make peace and reconcile what does not seem reconcilable. With our pasts, our presents, our neighbors, those who need help, those who take, those who enjoy creating dissention and disaster.

We do this be inviting Consciousness to be present, acknowledging what we did or did not do, what and where it hurts and to kiss it better. We are all still children appreciating and looking for that someone to kiss our owies and make it better.

That someone is us.

Listen in to our great show " Conscious Conversations with Joan and Janet "weekly at Wednesday 11am Pacific on the CTR network to feel support and awareness and new ways to deal with life.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into the Beyond

Monday, March 6, 2017

Consciousness and Differences

One of the many delights of being open, present and in the moment is that I never really know what people are going to bring with them to play with into group.

Last week brought a lovely mix of reality adventurers! One individual came from Detroit, Michigan who was here for an event in our area. And she fit right in with us. Sometimes one might feel alone or out of sync in our home environments but she has looked forward to coming as she was here last year and things changed in her world. She receives this weekly writing and follows along but being here in person and feeling the dynamics jump started her sense of being in a different way.

Knowing that Heart Centered Awareness has no boundaries is different than understanding that Heart Centered Awareness has no boundaries. Knowing is right brain, understanding is left brain. She remindrf me why it is always fun to have someone be able to attend group more than once. It is about building states references. What do I mean by that?

We have all been to an some kind of event and had a shared experience. Sometimes it feels individual and then there are those experiences that transcend differences and unites all as one and you feel it. Music concerts for instance. No matter the kind of music, if it is music you resonate to, sound registers a different place within. Bypasses the thinking as we register the frequencies and changes or alters our state.

It is easier to feel something different when you are in an atmosphere that is reality based in things being different. For ten years or so I was fortunate to help facilitate at 55 Matrix Energetics seminars. Staff would have the opportunity to host luncheon forums for the new students. I tended to be asked to lead a group about using Matrix Energetics in daily life. We expected that some might have transition issues with taking what they learned and experienced in three days and keeping it alive and real when home. What if you have no one to share your new awareness with?

We wind up making this about the difference in Believing and Being. Two different states. Believing is about your thinking and then how you feel as a result. Being is about feeling, embodying and then your thoughts that come out of that state.

So when we get home it can be a great place to collapse the state awareness of Being back to Believing. Most of us are not trained to hold that Potential, which is what is activated, is real. Call your experience what you want and we have the power to talk ourselves out of what happened. I witnessed this all the time with students. I can still do it on myself. We act out our boxes of limitations of how the world works, how our bodies work and triggers can be everywhere. And then many of us know of those who experience was transcendent and their references changed. Life changed for them.

Most of us go home and we can feel like something is lost. The truth is our hearts register the same. Our minds though might say it must be different. And really the only difference is that in seminar there will be more people reflecting back potential and building the state of awareness for it.

One reason I created weekly playgroups years ago was because I realized that once a month was not going to build within me a state of reference and that included others who could reflect back to me in this game of Life. Too many naysayers in my world. Not so many now and they don't bother me.

That is why I always encourage people to come to group weekly. As I said above, sometimes it feels individual and then there are those experiences that transcend differences and unites all as one and you feel it. This is what we find in Heart Centered Awareness, our sense of the Collective. Whether I am in a group setting or on my own I can feel it. It is real.

That is why I use Consciousness tools daily. I value myself. I get to check in and play with how I set myself up to Be and explore, quest, repair, and enjoy what being alive is all about.

I don't believe I live.

I am alive.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, February 27, 2017

Being Conscious of the Sacred

Sacred: holy, devoted to a religious ceremony, or simply worthy of awe and respect

How do you relate to the Sacred when you are in Heart Centered Awareness? We access this state when we are gathered in group and you experience it as real. We feel it. We all notice it in some manner. What has come to my attention is how people are relating to Sacred. Many of us may not be used to or have a sense of the intangible as tangible. We are transforming our awareness of the concept of the Sacred into the state that is Consciousness.

Depending upon your religious trainings you may have conflict with the whole idea. Sacred can often be presented as something out there, not inside of us. God, Universe, whatever your term might be can be held separate from us. and it is not. It is Consciousness. Whether you are of the scientific bent and the label Zero Point Field, or God in religious disciplines or Universe in Metaphysical practices it is all the same. Consciousness, the field of Unified Consciousness, Heart Centered Awareness. Use the term you like. Just realize that you are accessing all that word is associated with and those reality mindsets, which you may or may not agree with. Which may cause chaffing.

I prefer Heart Centered Awareness as it is free of bias and morphic field dynamics that the other words encompass now. Consciousness Technologies give us a more neutral reference for that which can not be named. We do like to name things don't we? Unfortunately the names may define and then they limit and keep stuck what is possible. We buy into the patterns of the morphic field references and then what is possible is narrowed down. To name something some thing, be it God or Universe or squirrel is to keep old paradigms in place.

Many can be in reaction to certain words so new words show up in reaction. Atheist is a reaction word for instance.

I and others like Consciousness or The All. It clears the state of old references. And it allows the Sacred to be present without a middleman of clergy or empowered objects.

Which goes back to those holding themselves separate. This is what is important in reframing our past stories. We are all One, individuals sharing in the collective as Consciousness. We sit and feel and resonate in the quiet of the Sacred drowning out the chaotic clammering sounds of vibrational forces that are in each of us. Not out there, in us. If you can sense the Sacred in some way then it is in you as there is no separateness.

A lot of dogmas employ others to reveal, rightly and wrongly what we are to follow to be good people. That is what a follower is, someone who comes behind another. In Heart Centered Awareness the only thing to follow is where your attention is going.

It might be time to check in and see how you are with being sacred and if you are scared, or scarred by the Sacred. Access HCA right now and see what you notice about relating to Sacred. Is there comfort present? Or is there an interface, a veil or person between or upsetting your sense of Sacred? Allow for the information to be present and what shows up in response. Allow. Relate. Transform. Release. Breathe.

In the Infinite Sea of Potential that is Heart Centered Awareness, there is a buoyancy, a lightness to be found. A state of quiet, calm, peace, expansiveness, nothingness, and a sense that all is well.

It is a deep, deep, well. This is Sacred.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment 

Friday, February 24, 2017

Consciousness and the Rising Dignity

Dignity is the state or quality of being worthy of honor or respect, a sense of pride in oneself; self-respect. Indignity is an injury to a person's dignity; slighting or contemptuous treatment; humiliating affront, insult, or injury.

Something really showing up in group is indignity. Out all the muck we are feeling and hearing about it is present in a myriad of different ways . We see it in gender bias, like Sen. McConnell's reference to Sen. Elizabeth Warren. This is something men have been doing for a very long time. Her reaction and women elsewhere demonstrating is what is different perhaps. We see and feel it in the immigration conversations and the rising of hate groups. 

We may not have recognized it in ourselves. We can all be sincere in our blindness. How we allow the critical voice to put down and keep small our sense of Self trapped in old patterns of youth. We can be our own worst enemies in how we think we think. 

This bias, that we are less in some way, is prevalent in many layers. Bias can appear in cultural, clan, family, business, science and medical fields, gender.  And, all that is inside of each of us. In the unfolding of our Consciousness raising times it is something very powerful to observe in shift. 

Too often in the past we have found ourselves holding in our generational indignities. For those in those times, there was no way to express it without harm or death following probably but think about how in your life all the times someone "dished" you and you felt it and didn't act. Now people are being moved to action instead of stuffing it.Our senses of compassion, kindness, respect are being tested. 

The first thing a torturer does is take away a prisoner's sense of personal dignity. The overriding belief many hold about others is that you have no worth other that the one who is in the power position gives you. Men and women we admire are those whose circumstances have compromised their personal dignity and they still retain their self respect. But if you were a child in such a household you may have matured into an adult who feels less than. 

Now is the right time to have this conversation with yourself. Access Heart Centered Awareness and the field of Unified Consciousness. Feel the expansiveness and the sacred. See what happens. Allow yourself to notice what might be buried from issues and feelings you are currently holding. Call it indignity and see how it feels. In HCA remember that there is no judgment so it is easier to not be attached to what is present. If you feel a need to forgive someone or yourself then allow yourself to do so. Allow for Grace to be present, as it is. 

You clearing up your stuff helps others to clear their stuff. Consciousness has created such an expansive state for us to look at what is within. Transformation is about changing and transcendence is about change that raises us up to a new level of being. As our levels of indignity unfold and are revealed, we recognize these patterns that have held us hostage for maybe lifetimes. Our new sense of self will follow behind raising us up. We shift in Consciousness. 

It is an exciting time to be alive and find one's true self as Consciousness. 

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, February 6, 2017

Consciousness and Being Sad

There has been a lot of sadness up in out fields. Personally and collectively. Sometimes it is hard to notice which is which as it is felt instantaneously for we are all One. No emotion has a boundary. It is just how much we allow ourselves to notice it, to what degree.

Many of us have the developed ability to be very aware of the emotional soup we all live in. and it is one of those things that a little goes a long way. We can be tuned to certain resonances of emotions over others. Such as the one who feels everyones elses pain and their own. Some are set to feel love easily, or joy or be happy. Some do other things like the family member or neighbor who never has anything nice to say so they embody the feeling of discontent.

Sadness is the basic feeling of unhappiness.

Being able to deal with sadness may be an art as much as being happy is. Both represent the duality of feeling. If you expand into the polarity of it, the degrees from one another then both can exist.

Neither is more important that the other. Both have a place. Learning how to deal with each together and separately is wholeness and healthy. Life is a gradation of how the two work together in each of us. As we express either or both, the Collective responds. What might make each of us individually happy or sad is at one unique to each of us and also part of the whole. Our emotions ripples out, felt by others and an interaction happens and comes back the same or open to interpretation and new sensation.

I offer all this as at this time we need to be clear when we are sad and acknowledge it. We don't always make time to acknowledge sadness or know how to deal with it. It can become buried or devalued. But with the forces at play globally it is helpful to be clear in what we feel and the recumbent actions it will foster. Sadness and the grief, sorrow and depression that can follow affect us all. We have deep wounds in our country's history and population that are unfolding and revealing themselves. As in every country no matter the physical boundary. Society can be built around collectively held sadness, grief and sorrow.

We each need to value and create time to look inward and acknowledge what is there. How to be happy now is about being willing to look at what makes us sad and our attachments and choosing to understand that if we do this simple thing what shows up in our outer world will change.  If the collective is demonstrating our hurt, our anger, our frustration, our pain that is us it is reflecting.

 It can take courage to face ourselves and each other. It does not have to be violent in expression. It just has to come from the authentic voice and the understanding of knowing self as Consciousness.

Before you respond and take action take those beginning moments to access Heart Centered Awareness in however you do that and feel the connection between Consciousness, you and mind and what you hold as other. They are not other. We are One, individuals sharing in a collective state as Consciousness. It can feel like herding cats at times. It can feel like a herd of wild horses running free across the plains. It can feel like love and the excitement of being alive.

Janet Barrett

Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, January 30, 2017

Consciousness and The Importance of Feeling Important

"Numbers don't matter if you can't count. "  Janet Barrett

Something that has come to our attention in group is the importance of feeling important. Not more so than another which would be entitlement but you as Self. In the energies present globally it is time for all to be counted. And that means you have value. This is a huge wound and burden in many. It is suppressed energy and playing out big time now.

The United States is churning because of it. When systems forget to recognize the individuals who make up the whole or feel overwhelmed, those not served or served poorly will at some point protest. Which is a good thing for it highlights the failure of the system. Then we can correct the imbalances. Our challenges are to do this well. All sides have a side, a viewpoint. When agendas get promoted that are not coming from Heart Centered Awareness more problems will ensue.

How do we value ourselves as individuals and as the collective, historically and currently? The importance of One, the importance of Being, the importance of putting oneself first in order to share with grace and compassion, not as a brute or bully to others but from integrity. Not as an act of selfishness but as Self. We can no longer hold ourselves separate. We are part of the world. We share this incredible planet.

Many might question at certain times if they make a difference. The classic "It's a Wonderful Life" movie with James Stewart comes to mind. Sometimes we need others to remind us. But it will start in the beginning of life. How the quality of the mothering and fathering were experienced. Were we valued as the unique individual that we each are or something off a cookie cutter, to follow in others footsteps and not our own? Was Love conditionalized as a control mechanism and not joyously shared? Something to be earned.

We each matter and it is important to value self. Or otherwise our sense of self comes from others around us and that can get wearing for both. Roles get assigned and not allowed to grow and mature.
Relationships are full of value whether it is in the family or the village. Each of us offers something to the whole. Sometimes we get labeled in ways that keep us small in our own minds and as less to others. We have to be careful to appreciate and guide and pay attention. It takes work, it can take time, it takes a willingness. It takes us listening to the elders who have time to notice.

An act of sex may make a child but it has nothing to do with parenting. Many are piss poor at it. and yet if other family steps in, other neighbors, teachers, community step in we can make a difference in helping ourselves and those we are sharing ourselves with, to realize how important they are.

Everyone matters. Every one. Did you learn to feel less than? Ask anyone with an agenda how they feel good about themselves.

Got to Heart Centered Awareness and appreciate yourself and the wonder that you are and that we all are.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment