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Monday, July 17, 2017

Consciousness and the Gifts of the Healer

As Consciousness, we are whole and health is one viewing lense. Health is a human reference to the status of how the body system and other systems are doing. We speak to the health of a body, mind, spirit and also of a situation, or a company for instance.

We, as humans who forget ourselves as Consciousness, tend to then forget that we are the ones creating dis-ease in our humanity patterns. And we need not judge that. It is the way we explore being.

The wounded healer is a mindset, a way to reference our being present. This is a term we use for the healer in each of us who has his own stuff to deal with and not just physical. Any system can have disquiet in the patterns that make up the system. The Human state is a multi-dimensional collection of systems.

We use the term healing when we are describing our body systems but it really is the energy of creating, reconciling, repairing, and maintaining any pattern of organization or system of thoughts that manifest some thing and that might only be a thought. We are not only creator but system managers as doctor, therapist, janitor, plumber or electrician etc. They can correct flows in the system that are not bringing the maximum results wanted, addressing the out of alignment energies present.

Many don't like the idea of being sick and needing healing. They don't want to feel dependant or less than even when it is obvious a system is out of alignment. That is something to be aware of if we use this language.

Many think in terms of physical only when we are referencing the word health when we are really addressing much more. Using the label puts a certain context into play that can limit. If we are not talking about in terms of health we can free ourselves to just look at the energy and dynamics present in our houses, companies, governments, our minds. All systems can get out of wack in many different ways.

Whenever we work with others who help us to heal we are activating our own awareness to be different from how we find ourselves.  But for many this sense is not operating as it can. We have conditionalized how well we allow our own ease of new information to flow. So we see someone who can help and they do. Or maybe don't.  Depends on how we have it set up. But they become our agent for new states of flow whether consultant troubleshooter or medical personnel.

It can seem we, as the help, did something and we did but it was in agreement with them on some level for change, positive or otherwise. No matter what actions we take as healer it is their choice what to do with that information, that procedure, that diagnosis. Physical interaction is needed sometimes. Faith, wishing or resignation in thinking are not always the only action to limit ourselves to.

I have worked with clients who have said they wanted healing but it wasn't that they wanted longer life, they just wanted to heal the past so they could go with a clear heart. Their illness gave them a focus. They just were not sure of this themselves. Then I have others who had choices to make about where they found themselves and what to do to unfold it and it does.

 It can also recreate itself if what is truly at issue or the mindset wants to continue on. In terms of the body we see it all the time when someone has a procedure and it works and then fails. Or maybe a disease clears and then the person dies in a collision or gains another disease.

It is up to the individual and how they have organized themselves as being, not us on the outside. We each choose on this level what our life and our sense of wholeness will appear as. There are no victims, just creative dynamics at play.

Often in medical fields we witness the unexplainable or the expected or spontaneous shift in a body system that were outside the boundaries of our limits of what was possible for you. This limited thinking has the ability to marginalize us in our innate talents and states of being.

We all know people who use illness for attention or a reason for self care. It is a tool as anything can be for development of experience. It is our journey of enlightenment. We don't need to offer apology for whom we are or how we show up. Judgment does not serve us here.

We help each other in different ways and modalities to remind ourselves of our innate abilities. Sometimes it is nice to allow others to help us handle our systems. How appealing that is when one is confused, tired, troubled. Or in pain of any sort.

Help is good. Perhaps one doesn't hold enough information to engage change on their own. Others will often provide a needed kickstart or realignment or new memories.  It is perhaps more entertaining at some level to be healed by someone else. We don't personally have to have or know any answers. As Consciousness that help and information are available in the form of others. I can then focus on what I want to or have a partner on my journey.

Healing is really about self awareness.. Love, Grace and Heart Centered Awareness filled with potential. They are no guarantee about the length of life as that is not important though we may equate that with a good life and it is not. It is the quality of the life, in the day to day moments where we excel. These two states and the Field of the Heart hold for much about the direction and flow of being in the individual.

In offering Grace and Love we hold each other. Warmth, support, non judgement, wonder and potential. These are the gifts of the Healer. Start with Self.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, July 10, 2017

Consciousness and Caring Without Worry

Care: My definition of this word is that we provide succor. We choose to help. We hold others worthy of support. We feel concern. And when we demonstrate that for others we want to be sure we also experience Self Care just as important.

But according to the dictionary, care, also means worry. And that is the sticking part I think for many. Humans worry.

Consciousness does not. Consciousness holds for all as the spectrum, without judgment. So when we engage our lives as Consciousness we demonstrate care from a different space. Without attachment to the results and there is no worry, only warmth, support and non judgement. How hard or easy is that to offer ourselves and others?

Humans often want to see the results in their efforts. Unfortunately we may use this as our yardstick when we deal with our limited view of what God is rumored to be. We want to know we make a difference. We are encouraged to repeat our actions when we feel good about what we are doing. So often if there is no good feeling associated with the actions the actions will stop, or resentment will start and burnout will occur.

In group we explored the thought that we are truly okay at any moment, that we are cared for no matter the seeming circumstances. That this is the reality state we choose to ascribe to these days.
Can we be that with all the uproar around us?

The world is just a place, an incredible place in the scheme of things. We decide if it is benevolent or otherwise. All of this bumps up into the realm of belief. And there is a difference in belief and being. Belief is an act of mind. Being is felt. It is your essence, your root.

At core then, do you feel safe and cared for? What is your mindset about you being in the world alive?

How is it that humans can pass from this life in a state of Grace and peace no matter the circumstances or length of life? If there is no time or space as Consciousness then Life is never ending only transcending back and forth, embodied and disembodied.

There were many levels of awareness present to the group. That mindset is powerful as it will determine the coloring in a life. For some disaster lurks everywhere. For some they can feel good about things sometimes, a lot or always, or maybe only on Tuesday 7-9pm or Thursday 1-3pm for two hours while we hold group. Conditions are set by how cared for we feel. And we judge none of it. We only appreciate the many ways we be.

Consciousness is not attached to outcomes. It holds for all. It takes your personal worries and concerns and says "Yes, and what else is possible?" For in potential we go back to noticing what else is available when we are not tied to the outcome of our worry.

In our current political arenas I see a lack of care for one another by businessmen and politicians and businessmen acting as politicians towards each other and towards the public. And they are reflecting a part of society that says care for only some, those like themselves. Garrison Keillor, in a recent op thought that there was a lack of kindness being demonstrated by politicians towards themselves. I agree. There is a lot of worry present.

Access heart centered awareness for a bit. Notice your world view and if you hold for more, what shows up? Who do you care for?

Janet Barrett
Life from Beyond/ Journeys Into Enlightenment

Monday, July 3, 2017

Consciousness and Self Evident Truths

The 4th of July in the United States of America is a remarkable day that many use to celebrate many things, like the beginning of barbeque season. But at heart it is about being present to the wonder this country is, the microcosm we are for the world.

 From the Declaration of Independence:
"We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness:

(And, yes, Thomas Jefferson, who wrote this was a slaveholder. As were many white supposedly educated men at the time.) 

This statement is the foundation of the United States of America. In time this country would be the ideal for the world societies and a new way to engage its inhabitants. and you have to appreciate the energies present in its creation. 

In 1776, for those who were predominantly coming to these shores, power meant white european men, not women and no others, native or foreign born outside of Europe. They came looking to conquer resources. Or, now as then, they and their families were fleeing persecution. Most settlers here were unwanted where they were from and being hounded. The choices were to stay and die or go into the unknown and hope for the best. Famine and plague were also reason to come. Escape and sanctuary are part of our national identity.  

The American Constitution and its documents are not a manifesto of control and supremacy over others. Which was a reversal about how people had been ruled pretty much, with a few exceptions, for the span of man. It was about creating a new way of ruling, a government of democracy. It was and still is about a partnership between people, no matter their status and those they choose to represent them as a whole and how that will be done. And, like anything sometimes this works better than other times.

In its time and place it was and still is a remarkable set of documents. No matter the limits of the founding fathers we have gone beyond that time. Over time amendments have updated the documents to our present. We value free speech, a free press, the right to question, our citizens of all sexes, place of origin. and religion have protection. Rights that some today would still question or limit.

In its design, it has become an invitation to respect and value all who choose to be here as part of this country. It does not matter where you are from. or who you are, only that you are willing to become part of something new, something united not divided. The much lauded American dream was you could succeed no matter your beginnings. That is what we want it to mean.

Those of us here for generations may have forgotten that. It is an invitation that in the past many have risked life to reach our shores. And it is ours to protect and foster and hold sacred.

 In many ways this country is very threatening to others as a way of life and its' ideals. I can appreciate people's concerns about the allowing of criminals into this country from foreign shores and those who mean to harm others. There needs to be safeguards in place. But across the board denials I question. To paint a people as evil because of some is prejudice and speaks to our fears not our compassion. 

We also need to remember that terrorists come in all shapes and sizes, internal and external. They can wear many faces, businessman, politician, beloved icon. Those who think in terms of terrorism probably are familiar with the dynamic from all its sides as in being one in behavior and being victimized by one. Inside every terrorist is a child looking out in reaction.

We seem to find ourselves to be stuck in the middle of this shouting match in our political and media arenas. Our hidden feelings and insecurities are front and center these days which is good. Not pretty but it is important as we evolve.

Humanity is evolving. Across the globe dictators are in stress, men and women are redefining their relationship. No matter the race or culture we are awakening to value women and children and helpers as equal, not chattel. The Collective is awakening. Quantum leaps are happening.

No matter how we got here, we are here now, in this time and space we call America. We all came from someplace else to settle here even the native population. We are much enriched by the diversities of culture that the United States has become. 

Every being, no matter their point of origin upon this earth deserves life, liberty and to know what makes them happy. We are One, we are Consciousness and as we start living this truth we will all be better off. 

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment