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Monday, July 31, 2017

Consciousness and Our Own Super Power

Consciousness as Superpower

It is interesting what will trigger a new awareness and subsequent shift. From one moment to the next everything is the same and then something heard or seen, a question asked or a statement made will stimulate and open up a new avenue of awareness. When we are in Heart Centered Awareness, the Field of Unified Consciousness which is full of potential, that awareness can blossom into a shift in the pattern or change of status.

We each have the power to affect change in our lives. It is our superpower. You don't have to be bitten by a bug, beat up and left for dead, be born into a family of gods, etc, etc. etc. All you have to do is allow your sense of Self, which holds and defines your limits, to let go and access yourself as Consciousness.

Our popular media is filled with stories of superheros currently acting out. Which one speaks to you? I have watched movies filled with hero and heroines and villains and infamy battling out good and evil. The very interesting ones would seem to be those whose humanity still holds for both within the same body. They provide great psychology into human archetypes.

In any good story there can be great darkness, a wound at the core of our hero/heroine. There is great emotional angst, often incredible destruction on themselves that they walk out of, their surrounding environments and New York City a great deal of the time. Unfortunately, too often action will predominate and characters get lost in all of it. It becomes more of a movie about destruction that anything else. It becomes a mindset.

We are no different than those we read about or observe on the big or little screens. We forget that our authors are often writing about how real people in society are feeling in their lives. We can dress it up,disguise it as an god or ant or wealthy businessman but at heart is the human experience in story form. We can also be left feeling afterwards that this is fantasy and has nothing to do with our lives except as entertainment or as a game.

Sometimes we, the human self can feel lost or small in how we are living our lives. We might not feel powerful in useful ways. We fail to recognize that showing up every day, providing for oneself and/or family is an act of grace and value.

But under our shirts, across our chests, we have our superpower, Consciousness as Potential. It is in each of us to be accessed and enjoyed. It is the creator of our life game and our way to become much more. It facilitates our love and compassion for ourselves and each other.

Don't like what is happening in your life? Then learn about how to be different in your thinking. Learn how to utilize this unknown and underused power that is you. Trust that you can help yourself or find others than can help you to develop your trust.

Access Heart Centered Awareness. And play.

Enjoy your superpower!

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment