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Monday, July 24, 2017

Consciousness and Beyond That Which Can Be Defined

Humans love labels. Our mindsets love a label as it frees thought to go on to the next thought. It would seem at times quite indiscriminate about the label but we do seem to like ones that keep us small. Small and safe are probably related.

As Consciousness, we have the ability to reframe those labels and thoughts, to expand. We loosen the definitions and limits of the Self and step into the loosened state of Potential.

When we do this we are stepping out of the holographic framing that we have all established as reality. We are also better able to notice the limits in our language. We go beyond how the Self identifies the parts of our self and how it relates to it's experiences and overall life framing. We step out of the emotions and judgments that Self is and reframe that Self.

Consciousness holds for all kinds of experience in it's expression as us. In group we have been noticing the wounded healer dynamic and also this last week, the wounded child.These are terms that humans use to explain, validate certain states of being. Unfortunately if we are not neutral to this label, you can feel the limits that these labels encode and encompass.

The word is really just a perspective and experience of a sort. Wounded is a human reference, a judgment and it feels negative. Nobody celebrates wounded. Yet when we are in the mindset of the warrior about life it can be a powerful dynamic and condition to deal with.

What is really there? The label comes with baggage of thoughts and encoding and emotional resonances. These can work for us or against us as we evolve in being. They certainly are perceptual biases and direction modulators in thinking. They anchor us as they are identity labels and not always useful. Sort of like being labeled a druggie or alcoholic. Once one, always on guard. as you are always one and that is the reality that is set. We can spend a lifetime running, hiding, in battle from what is only a label and so much more in an energy direction. I am not judging. I am just looking at how behaviors get set in stone which come from thinking that gets set in stone. How depression gets set in stone. When we are trying to help ourselves and others these labels become their own thing and can be traps at times.

We are looking at what keeps us trapped in patterns and their ensuing behaviors. Our language is very important in this. The sounds of the words play and ripple out back and forth creating the limits of Self. They are powerful connectors to morphic fields of thinking and most often old thinking that we can become unwittingly attached to. Most often unknowingly.

Each of us in group could call ourselves a wounded child or a wounded healer and we could feel the pull and weight. And, how is that helpful? There is the place where I can use it to hold compassion for others, not wanting them to feel as I have felt. Take it out of the state of me having to be hurt to help others and we are both better off. I am not saying that these words are not helpful in some context but only how they can keep us looking from inside a certain framework. By maintaining the limits in the language the reality is set.

What if I labeled "wound" as "creative" instead? Or "playful"? Is that possible? I like both myself. Because both terms come as Consciousness. You may feel Self in reaction to what is really more neutral positioning. Our emotions are such powerful directors. Thoughts followed by energetic actions with outcomes. Changed thoughts lead to changed actions with changed outcomes.

If I don't have to maintain an identity/position label maybe something different is possible. I do this by movement in the reality this information is held or I find a new reality state. We do it with whatever we witness showing up and play from there.

Too often when we meditate or allow ourselves to take moments to relax we can bump up against our labels and they hold us hostage unknowingly. And everything is viewed through that lense. We feel different from our sense of source or in distance when it is only a shift in perception. Using consciousness technologies can free up this dynamic with different results.

Make some time to access Heart Centered Awareness. In that state information will present itself free of  the limits of your definitions/labels of being and reveal the truths of who you are.

Any of us are much much more than any one label. After all, we are that which can not be defined. If I am going to have any label let me go with Consciousness in Action.

And, so are you!

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment