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Monday, July 10, 2017

Consciousness and Caring Without Worry

Care: My definition of this word is that we provide succor. We choose to help. We hold others worthy of support. We feel concern. And when we demonstrate that for others we want to be sure we also experience Self Care just as important.

But according to the dictionary, care, also means worry. And that is the sticking part I think for many. Humans worry.

Consciousness does not. Consciousness holds for all as the spectrum, without judgment. So when we engage our lives as Consciousness we demonstrate care from a different space. Without attachment to the results and there is no worry, only warmth, support and non judgement. How hard or easy is that to offer ourselves and others?

Humans often want to see the results in their efforts. Unfortunately we may use this as our yardstick when we deal with our limited view of what God is rumored to be. We want to know we make a difference. We are encouraged to repeat our actions when we feel good about what we are doing. So often if there is no good feeling associated with the actions the actions will stop, or resentment will start and burnout will occur.

In group we explored the thought that we are truly okay at any moment, that we are cared for no matter the seeming circumstances. That this is the reality state we choose to ascribe to these days.
Can we be that with all the uproar around us?

The world is just a place, an incredible place in the scheme of things. We decide if it is benevolent or otherwise. All of this bumps up into the realm of belief. And there is a difference in belief and being. Belief is an act of mind. Being is felt. It is your essence, your root.

At core then, do you feel safe and cared for? What is your mindset about you being in the world alive?

How is it that humans can pass from this life in a state of Grace and peace no matter the circumstances or length of life? If there is no time or space as Consciousness then Life is never ending only transcending back and forth, embodied and disembodied.

There were many levels of awareness present to the group. That mindset is powerful as it will determine the coloring in a life. For some disaster lurks everywhere. For some they can feel good about things sometimes, a lot or always, or maybe only on Tuesday 7-9pm or Thursday 1-3pm for two hours while we hold group. Conditions are set by how cared for we feel. And we judge none of it. We only appreciate the many ways we be.

Consciousness is not attached to outcomes. It holds for all. It takes your personal worries and concerns and says "Yes, and what else is possible?" For in potential we go back to noticing what else is available when we are not tied to the outcome of our worry.

In our current political arenas I see a lack of care for one another by businessmen and politicians and businessmen acting as politicians towards each other and towards the public. And they are reflecting a part of society that says care for only some, those like themselves. Garrison Keillor, in a recent op thought that there was a lack of kindness being demonstrated by politicians towards themselves. I agree. There is a lot of worry present.

Access heart centered awareness for a bit. Notice your world view and if you hold for more, what shows up? Who do you care for?

Janet Barrett
Life from Beyond/ Journeys Into Enlightenment