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Monday, October 23, 2017

Consciousness and Lotus Rising Out of the Muck

We like to think we don't but we all have muck inside. Suffering and all that encompasses is a fact of life. In this shift in Consciousness what is happening in all of the vibrant uproars around us is the opening of stored, compartmentalized, unresolved, unnoticed negative emotions and energies. (I only use the word negative here as that is how we label emotional energies that don't feel good.)  As Consciousness there is no judgment.

It is food for the Lotus blossom rising up out of our muck. Events and people give us a way to voice what most often we have held in secret, even to ourselves. It has been putting into new contexts the old underlying stuff. We may be surprising ourselves.

For those not paying attention or not living in awareness it is still registering. You can see it everywhere.  It can be the tension in the neck, the extra drink, the road rage, the anger at a cell phone not turned off in a movie theatre. Mob mentality is present in the most unexpected places.

Maybe you are in tears or in depression that seems to have no origin or reason. Centuries old in many cases as the past is in each of us. Emotions leave powerful markers in our genetics in energetic terms.

Unprocessed shame and associated feelings are everywhere. So many components and in group we were able to articulate some profound feelings and why it might be present. For instance, I am ashamed of my government and how it is responding and not responding to its own citizens in need in Puerto Rico. A debate of worthiness that has been created triggering many of us.

Consider  the recent Ken Burn's Vietnam War series and how it showed us how a war was created and handled and felt by all those directly and indirectly involved in that war. On all sides. My own feelings and memories and my parents feelings and the country's feelings. The regrets and slaps and righteousness that have been held, the excuses for actions taken.  On all sides.

This is nothing new. How old is Mankind? It has been going on that long. Every generation has had it stuff. Without resolution but often with shock and denial and stored away. How do we resolve all the sides that we can encompass about anything?

Also strong was the wanting to help and not being able to help and to feel effective and bring meaning and care and life support supplies to those who are in need. To effectively stop mayhem and craziness. Those asking for help and others sitting around waiting for weeks to be allowed to help. Being allowed to help. How sad is that?

It is in the loss of civility we are exposed to. It would seem permissible to attack another from a distance, or from a hiding place or over Twitter. Our abilities with technologies is far outstripping our emotional, mental adaptations because we accept process as the norm. Things take time we are told. But with our energetic awareness we know that process is about time and control. In this work we feel the shifts immediately when we are not attached to outcomes.

Our muck is rich material. It is not about having it. That's a given. It is how you use it. As shit or fertilizer.

What is rising up out of your muck?  What you may find may only be informations from other times and places and spaces and not current to you. Or even yours.

Whatever it is, make time to look at it within Heart Centered Awareness. Notice in some way what you are aware of. If it feels done but just sitting there taking up energy you could use elsewhere, bless it and see about just moving it out of alignment with yourself and then do so. See it separate farther and farther away and more useful elsewhere free to come apart and back to particles. Feel the difference and know it done.

If it feels right to address it and own it and eat it then do so.

 Or see it as fertilizer free of story and label now and just as pure energy for your Lotus.

We each are a Lotus flower growing. The Lotus blossoms out of the deep dank muck. The deeper the muck the more beautiful the blossom. It floats above connected and nourished by the muck and transformed into wisdom and beauty. The flower opens in the light and closes with darkness. Each day is a new life, a new rebirth for the flower.

Treat others as you would have them treat you and all there is, as far as you can see, is a field of Lotus blossoms. Feel them in the sunshine, glistening in the dew. We are all rising out of our muck.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/ Journeys Into Enlightenment