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Monday, October 30, 2017

Consciousness and Opening up the Traps

It was noticed when one of us was stuck home without a car available to get out on a rainy day. Another was feeling that there were no solutions to  a pressing issue. It was in our tracking of a friend's brother who was now in ICU and wanting to leave this time on earth and feeling the pull of his family.  It is the thinking that keeps you up at night or wakes you up early playing over and over in your head.  

It is our sense of being trapped. You might fall into one, you might not realize that you are in one or that you are one. You might not recognize that you have created one. You might find one to be like a maze forgetting that it is still a maze to get lost in. You might be waiting for rescue. 

Trapped is really about energy, some thought, that came into a space, and is now contained as there is no way out. Energy is present but is not flowing out, only around. 

It may be a collection of energies that never were expressed. Could be generational, genetic or maybe only matching resonances, coming from many different directions, times and spaces. The power in a label is that it can provide a particular focus. When we applied 'trapped' in this case much diversity and richness of feeling and experience was present. A lot of stored up energies we were busy denying were present or compartmentalized or or or....

It came to mind that we can have traps in thinking. Biases can become traps and can act as solitary confinement. The treadmill of the thinking mind, relentless and resistant to outside input and new information. The thinking that nothing ever changes for instance.  Really? Are you sure?

What about our trapped feelings? 

Right now these moments are ripe with allowing awareness to be present to all we may hold inside that is creating havoc or discomfort. 

What to do? Access Heart Centered Awareness, the field of Unified Consciousness. Stop and consider. In Grace we look at our stuff, appreciate it for the creative energies that are present, without judgment and for those before us that are in our resonances.What might be willing to have a new approach? Call if forth and see what shows up.

Some may find that forgiveness, the sense that one has been wronged, is present. That is about judgment. What is important is the forgetting that needs to be the following movement. Many of us may do forgiveness but we don't forget so the energy is still trapped. We are attached to our story elements. Only as we invite potential into our patterns as Consciousness will it be different. Grace provided the forget as it does not judge. That releases the energies. 

Look and see if you have trap doors or drains present. If you don't have any maybe create one or however many or whatever you are led to do. What would it be like to open them up? What would it be like to see the sludge start to move out? What would it be like to witness the container itself dissolving down the drain? 

Freedom is not so much about living life as a free for all as it is about having choices. It may be expressed in the way of being able to share in a hashtag. A simple action but not necessarily an easy action. It can create a huge wave in response and become part of something much bigger than the individual. It becomes part of the whole, the collective and will affect us all in some way. 

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/ Journeys Into Enlightenment