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Monday, September 18, 2017

Consciousness and the Y in the Road

Sometimes it feels like Life presents no middle ground. It can as clear as a hurricane coming and our choice to leave or stay and deal with what comes afterwards, the consequences. Or perhaps in a marriage.

We can feel it coming, that Y in the road. We can flash on how we have set it up. We can regret and feel pain for what will come and follow. We can observe ourselves in our actions from within like deer caught in the headlights against the rising tide.

We can also know and feel that it is the right action.

We have all been in the place of hitting the Y in the road. We have seen it off in the distance and we can want to hide from it but still it comes. Only two choices. Because we know that everything will change. and we have feelings about that.

Being true to ourselves or what seems truthful in the moment may upset the applecart. That applecart is our idea of who we think we are in our life and where we are going in that life.

Life is filled with the adventure of being alive. That includes messiness, unwillingness, whining, and also order, and a willingness to ride it out and enjoy, love and care for one another. We are shortsighted when we think whatever is going on now is forever. There is no forever, only expansiveness.

In the current accelerating energetic rhythms we find ourselves in right now change will happen and is happening. We wake up one morning and things are different from when we went to bed. It rains and it doesn't stop, the land floods. And sometimes, it can be fast and furious in that 24 hours. Things never contemplated, imagined, feared or wanted have happened. Maybe also something remarkable, wanted, not expected can happen.

We are always co creating in our relationships to our environment and people. With people we assign roles and those roles will come with rules of how we will be. Most of us don't hold the awareness that our role may shift in time and so must the rules defining that role. Until we come to the Y.

We may be in awareness of one another's sense of truth or not. We may be in a state of unknowing or unclarity for ourselves that becomes clear in time. We only know we were in a state of connection and now we may find ourselves in a different state of connection.

Pain is often felt as regret. Pain can be felt taking responsibility for someone else's feelings. Pain is choosing loss of self in order to protect others. Eventually something will have to give when we are feeling compromised.

Our decision made before, seemed or felt like the right thing to do. Depended on how emotional one was feeling, what illusion was running. Or maybe how one was feeling directed from our inside voice or those pesky outside voices. Sometimes our awareness of a disposable world means that something may catch our interest and then we can let it go easily or with little investment. We lack appreciation in the pursuit and stimulation of something new. Doesn't matter whether it is a car on lease or a relationship of love.

We each were who we were. Yet it is hard to be truthful with another when we don't know our own truth and only our fears. Also our truths can change. What was is no longer. This is tricky when one notices shift and the other is still in the old mindset of roles and rules.

Consciousness holds for all. As humans we take that all and narrow it down to fit who we show up as. And sometimes that does not mean for easy or pretty or pain free in going forth and living.

But it is always in how we each have set our rules up about our lives and being.

One constant in life is that nothing ever stays the same though it may seem things never change. At some point what is will become what was.

The Y creates a seemingly different direction as part of the journey. But perhaps just two different ways around the mountain that will meet together again on the other side.

As Consciousness, life is an enriching, deepening state of continuance that may include at some point, a coming apart to form into something new.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment