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Monday, February 12, 2018

Consciousness, Logics and a Commercial

It has been quite the week. Been a lot of wonky and out of that, good stuff. That is the thing about wonky. It allows for new ways of noticing life and our perceptions of it. And the word is more fun than chaos so the state is more fun.

One area standing out in my mind is about my own clear communications with my body's physical, emotional and mental arenas. I am also right brain dominant and that doesnt always line up well with other operating systems.

I was noticing all this in my quest for simple interactions with using Zoom, a video conferencing software. I am going to start offering Fuzzy Photons Consciousness Playground groups starting in a few weeks. If you are interested, at the bottom of this writing I will explain more.

Anyway, back to Zoom. Sounds simple enough. You get an invite, you download Zoom and you then join in. Or you collect contacts, people sign up, you schedule a meeting, and send out the invite and you wait. Depends on your orientation of participant or moderator, device capabilities, amount of patience and where all this intersects. It intersects through logics and logistics.

Logic is reasoning that fits the strict principles of validity that we have set up. Huh? Our frame of references, those perceptions and biases directing our reality and how we maintain it creates logic. Our left brains makes into reality our right brain thoughts. That is what it is designed to do. This is our mind's operating system.

In clear communications logic will be directing in useful ways. There is congruence.We each think differently utilizing our different capacities with the same electro-magnetics at play. Our stories hold and shape our life. Our logic supports it so it all makes sense. To us and not necessarily to others. For instance, think family dynamics of husband, wife, father, mother, siblings. Your friends probably reflect how you think. Same values and our logic is happy. We reason things in our unique ways sharing much but ultimately our own. We each have our own unique inner logic.

You may not appreciate another's logic. We judge it, checking to see if it is harmful from our standpoint and what maybe we feel is best for them. Lots of that is going on right now out there in the world. A group or individual's logic makes no sense and we react without maybe stopping to question and extend curiosity about their logic. We denigrate, we excuse, we deny, we fear, we fail, we attack, we suffer and settle into separateness. We forget that Life is about spectrum because we are focused on duality viewed as opposition and only that.

We defy logic and gravity. Which seem related to me in our associations. Gravity is logical for many. We watch the sleight of hand of the magician and are amazed for it defies our logic, our frame of reference for how things are. Even if we know that it must make sense on some level. We just don't know how they did it.

If something does not fit our idea of what is possible it is illogical. Like what Spock used to say in response to Kirk's and Bones' human emotions overriding mechanical logic. For instance, exploring can be logical. Why we explore maybe has nothing to do with logic. Consider love. It does not have to be logical though many would like it to be. 

Fuzzy Logic. Probably more what I operate out of. Supports for polarity of 0 TO I not 0 AND 1. There are a lot of degrees, distinctions in between if you allow for it in your reality. In a reality that support 0 and 1 as absolutes and only, it doesn't always value as important .01, .010, .002 and so forth. In this expansive state of logic more variables are present.

Every pattern of energy has a logic to it. It is what holds it together. Using consciousness technologies we deal in potential which is free of the dictates of the logic and this is what allows for change to happen instantaneously. We are changing the logic inherent and the pattern is free to transform, evolve, disappear, whatever is noticed in that moment. Logic dictates our acceptance. Either it makes sense or it doesn't. And often it is making sense to our triggered emotional dictates which in turns reflects how you have organized your level of truths.

Going back to my relation to Zoom. I realized that I have a logic, Zoom has a design logic, my computer has a logic, my husband has his logic  and he uses the computer mostly and it has absorbed this information. Remember our devices come to know us and shape information accordingly. My participants each have a logic. and I am very sure there are more logics influencing my communications and successful results.

So how can all of this work together in a more harmonious state? Is it possible?

Getting out of my own way was a start. I have history with computers and failures in the past of being able to easily and effectively use them and like devices. I have energy that interacts and reorients the logics. Probably that right brain dominant thing. You may too. It was suggested to check and see if I liked technology and did it like me?

I also noticed that for some, using Zoom was no issue. In their logic it was simple. So I decided to access, since they are in my world, their ease. Not their logic but their ease.

All of that was pushing as if the past was more important than NOW. Now is open and is full of potential, no thing yet determined, fuzzy photons in motion. So I stopped, accessed Heart Centered Awareness to check in with flows of energies and found where it was not communicating as well as I would like. I cleared patterns of logic to logic  and to logistical relations in many levels.

When we used Zoom this weekend for a test group it was easier. I was more relaxed. Not all the bugs are worked out for totally smooth relations but it feels better. Participants had better results for those who had been having challenges with Zoom. It made for easier to enjoy the great group dynamics when we can laugh about our connections.

For logics to be able to work together there has to be an opening for them to be different. Adding appreciation, kindness, respect, compassion are excellent tools to loosening up their tight grip.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment 

Most often what I write about weekly is driven by what I am noticing in group here each week. I hear from other students that they wish they could be here as part of our groups.

Many wonderful people I have met in seminar situations have had no group close or resources to help develop and hold the state of Heart Centered Awareness as a playground for immediate change.

I am extending help to those of you who are physically remote from me and/or isolated perhaps with other practitioners using different Consciousness Technologies. One reason seminars states are so memorable is the group dynamics. Then at home it feels different and maybe we don't feel the level of support, the non judgment, that incredible sense of heart and the field of Unified Consciousness. One power of group dynamics it that in the state of oneness and potential the others help bring out what is lurking hidden or unexplored in ways different from working on our own. One reason we have much change in our lives for those of us who do this regularly is that potential is real. And we know it. It is our reality set.

If you would like to be more a part of the wonderful playgroups I have offered for many years you can now do so. Using Zoom software.

You can get the details if you email me at  Mid February I will be starting with a group Thursday morning 10am  Pacific and Thursday evenings at 6pm Pacific. 2 hours long weekly with a 4 week commitment to start with option of becoming a recurring group. $10.00 a group.

Zoom is able to offer a live interactive format. This is not a webinar where you sit and listen in.  Your input will provide our play. In real time, providing a video gallery of all participants with their names and ability to break off into groups of two or more for one on one play if wanted at some point.  I am intending groups will have be 6-10 participants so lots of dynamics to indulge in.

Want to polish up your skill sets, feel that seminar state or create a place for you to recharge? All you need it a willingness to enjoy coming to know yourself in new ways, your authentic voice, free of the dictates of emotions and story. Familiarity with Consciousness  and consciousness technologies is helpful.

Consciousness is something each of us embody. Whether you are a professional healer or just interested in experiencing Wholeness in a new way, join us. Perhaps as a professional healer you could use support for your own inner work. And enjoy self focus and self care. AND FUN.

 We have chosen to experience life and we can choose now how to refine that state.

Among the other things that we will bring, our first couple of groups will focus on what might be getting in our ways of aligning with ease of using and being in such a group and with ourselves. How many times have your participated and check out or failed to use skills when you got home? Something is in the way. Simple terminology can go a long way to creating discontent.

You will feel the state of Heart Centered Awareness and experience shift in the moment.

I look forward to hearing from you.

In some time and space,