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Monday, February 12, 2018

Consciousness and Headlines

The other day one of the morning papers' banner headlines was "Battling the Winter Blahs". I felt a ping in awareness. I then took a few moments to skim other column leads that brought a similar feeling. This made me appreciate how we set ourselves up into reaction unknowingly. Most of the time we are not aware of the power in our words on a conscious level but it will register anyway in some way.

This column lead was all about engaging the warrior energy in our health. Warrior is only one of many states of reality we can embody. For many, this unfortunately is as if this is the only state of energy within and their main filter and set bias. 

Daily life has become a battleground of existence. Look at current headlines. We are at war, with other countries, our politicians, our food, our planet, each other. Yikes. With so many people dealing with PTSD these days and other people comfortable with killing people and animals and our planet in our other headlines it might be something to pay attention to. 

Battling is a trigger word and helps stir the body and mind into reaction and stress. Soldiers gear up and go on alert and, and, and. Which is fine but I don't like to be at war with myself, in myself and with my environment as this statement fosters. Do I need to be fighting winter, winter blahs, how I feel about having the blahs? I do not think or feel so. but I bet many do. 

In a state of wholeness, as Consciousness, it is in how we respond to stimuli and nourish, utilize, integrate, eliminate what is not wanted and what is without the judgement of threat to the whole.

For instance my immune system does not battle or fight. It works as designed. to engage and clear from the body physical stuff that will keep it from functioning easily. It doesn't compete. It reflects imbalances. We use the word invaded often with illness. Infection, taken over, defenses, which is about the body's resources being compromised or stressed faster than it can keep up. When one is feeling weak and our inner resources feel subdued and our outer support staff feels more in the know, it is easy find ourselves in this thinking. It becomes a mindset and we experience life as less than healthy.

We humans fight for life. It is our heart's beating. As long as the heart beats we know we are alive, even if we are on life support, supposed brain dead. This way of thinking and being is at our core of the body. Consciousness embraces the soul's experience more than the length of a life.

What if the body was just providing opportunity to stop, re-evaluate and realign physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, psychically and spiritually? The thought of fighting does not have to enter into it. Relaxing even when agitated is possible.

Because what choice do warriors have? Compete, which is the battle, and then win, or lose, the result. There can be detente but at what cost? So in many ways warrior is not a helpful mindset and it runs prevalent in our societies today. Soldiers and their families record their theatre engagements mentally and emotionally and scars physically and all of it gains meaning and references and power and dictates life choices.  

They can also be at peace but that setup is including that you have to be prepared for what might come. War and peace go hand in hand. We are into duality here. We are looking at how we hold information and reality in place. 

Nobody wants to be a loser. We can feel loser to others, family, society, our jobs, bosses, limited financial resources, education. There are all kinds of way to feel less than and the most important is how we can feel loser to ourselves, to our thoughts, to our emotions, to our bodies especially when we don't recognize it. We decide that, not others.

At some point loser feeling is going to create mental, emotional and physical health concerns. Which are prevalent in our Western society for sure. The classic lament of drugs, sex, rock and roll with the addition of social media are ways we embrace feeling different if only for as long as the dance, the act, the lingering effects, the text. We think it takes us out of our feeling less than but it doesn't. 

Everyone knows that winning feels better and very different than losing. At our core we know it. At the same time your thoughts and emotions are active and your body feels and does its' best tor ride this juggernaut. This cocktail mix can direct us many ways. We do our best to put it all into some context that feels better. We can experience it as our challenge to our self or as loser to environments and others.

We all enjoy men and women who have a sense of themselves physically like athletes. They often will use adversity to further propel themselves and take those dynamics into other arenas of life. We benefit from those who strive to protect and care for others. The best kind of alpha energy feels good and is demonstrated in many ways.

You don't have to be in a win/lose mindset and see others as something to defeat. You can engage others from within a compassionate, respectful, kind and appreciative state as part of the Alpha state. In wholeness people are not afraid to cry, to rejoice, to express in some way.

To editors of media materials, maybe rethink your headlines if you are not intending to inflame. Look at your minefields of mindfields. How many times have we heared the complaint that reading and seeing the headlines leads to not feeling good so we don't? It is not about being a Pollyanna.  It is about setting a tone and state of reality that stuff happens minus the language of unaware language.

Make time to notice for yourself your mindsets. Access Heart Centered Awareness. Check in and see what your language is as you describe your day and how defensive you might be.

We are all so weary from thinking life is about fighting and that peace is just the space between the battles.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment