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Monday, February 26, 2018

Consciousness & Fuzzy Photons Playground Groups starting Thursday

How are you doing these days? You are on my mind when I write weekly about what we explore in our Portland based Consciousness groups. I think of you as I send out each and every Consciousness message to those who want to feel connected to something not definable and at basis to all that is.  

 For the last 13 years I have facilitated groups for consciousness exploring. Students of different consciousness technologies, meditation practices, metaphysical disciplines all have gathered here in community. We explore what happens when we hold potential as real and active as it truly is within each of us. We access this as a reality state where change is possible and can be engaged and felt in the moment and we are different, the pattern changed, the issue transformed, our story embodies a new direction. We change our future by being present and allowing our pasts to be only that, the past, not our present, not our future. 

I have written about what happens in those groups. It has also been my absolute joy. The writing has been my offering of support to you. It is my way to help others maintain a connection, to keep fresh this expansive experiencial state. To help go beyond our tired boundaries and labels that religion and spiritual trainings have provided. To release our habituated behaviors of thinking and creating. To take this back to its essence, potential. To help you keep the state real when maybe you have felt remote, or isolated by physical distance to us here and/or mindsets around you. 

Whatever your current relationship to your training or participation, maintaining the state of Potential, Heart Centered Awareness, Field of Unified Consciousness, Zero Point Field, Source or the other words you may call Consciousness, it is Real.  Within the group we revel and deeply, deeply appreciate ourselves as Consciousness expressing. The stillness of not doing, of only noticing, is present. We are always going beyond our perceived limitations or beliefs. In our shared experience we recognize that we truly are One, individuals sharing.

Fuzzy Photons are what we each are made up of deep within our base elements of life. We are clouds of photons of light that dance as a cloud of possibilities. They are fuzzy as their motion. When we focus on one it becomes the only and the pattern is formed, reality is set as perception and bias making up our stories of being. All of which are subject to change when you engage this awareness state as active and use deliberate intent.   

Starting this Thursday March 1: 
Fuzzy Photons Playground Groups
Live, 2hour, interactive meetings
Via Zoom Video Conferencing
Thursday mornings 10am-noon Pacific
Thursday evenings 6pm-8pm Pacific
Group size is 6-10 members committed to a weekly meeting
Price: You decide $10.00, $15.00 or $20.00 per meeting, paid beginning of month

Pre requisite: Familiar with experiencing Heart Centered Awareness, or a one hour preparatory session with Janet.  Price: $200.00/ Sliding Scale if needed.

Utilizing Zoom Video Conferencing, our live, 2 hour interactive group meeting responds to your input and challenges each week.  Zoom’s tools allow for video streaming images of each participant – including a name listing, public and private chat rooms, and breakout rooms which allow for one-on-one play. These interactive tools connect us in a way a webinar, phone call or even Skype does not.

We will start with clearing the patterns and language that keeps us from continuously enjoying and embodying potential. We will focus on accessing new reality states with the patterns challenging us. Consistent play develops awareness and self-confidence, so we meet weekly. The group’s dynamics will keep you enjoying Fuzzy Photon reality again.

What is possible for you and each of us in the field of Potential? What would it be like to feel the warmth, support, non-judgement and appreciation that is Grace? I extend this to you with the Fuzzy Photons Playground Groups.

Consciousness is opportunity oriented and opportunities abound right now collectively for quantum leaps in awareness and delight. Come join us as we leap beyond our own illusions of self.

Email me at to sign up, indicating which playground group time is preferred, and to receive your Playgroup questionnaire, release and payment directions. Also, email me if you have any questions or thoughts to share and please pass this if you know someone who would enjoy our play.

Looking forward to our adventure together,

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment