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Monday, February 19, 2018

Consciousness and Reaching Our Tipping Point

Have we had enough yet? Are we at our tipping point? The one that says that we are done with what we have allowed our society to say is okay? Can we still tell the difference in reality television, reality video games and reality? Or have they become the same? Our eyes with mind will not register the difference.

We are okay with the killing of children. The killing of innocence. The killing for sport. OR WE WOULD NOT MAKE IT EASY TO DO with inappropriate behaviors and weapons.

For those reading this i would guess that these statements are not true for us. Yet we are complicit to the killing by our non focus, denial, unsureness to act, questioning of authority, or thinking it is 'okay in some way because it has always been that way' sort of thinking. There can be many reasons for why we allow for the taking of life. We may not have challenged ourselves to be better in order to do better. In order for change we have to own up to that.

This is about what we each think is allowable and to be expected, what we excuse and pardon. Maybe not wanted but that we are powerless to prevent it.  Or we would.

 Armaments and sport killing are about egos and profits. There is no level playing field here with a gun against a child or animal or man no matter the size.This is about the want to take without giving back.

Some societies live in the jungle. But many live this way in our cities. Just look at the kind of movies and video games we are immersed in we call entertainment and our real daily headlines.

It all comes down to priorities. If we valued our children we would make it more important with funding and skilled manpower for organizations and systems to protect them when the need arises. Sometimes it is protection even from ourselves. Maybe we would appropriate profits from our munitions businesses to support those needing protection from them.

We like to assign blame and fault others. It is easy to do. Just watch our elected representatives in Congress. Do they really represent you or powerful agendas and party lines?

Misdirection is a powerful tool that is present in our society today. In the US, especially in conversations about gun control for instance. The NRA lobby is a distraction and excuse. They have become powerful because we allow them to be powerful.

They are supported by individuals in Congress and others who think weapons have a place in society, a powerful life deciding place in society. Weapons do what they are designed to do with the power to harm life. Why are they out in general society? Who allows for money, gain and power as valid reasons to excuse outcomes and misdirect the conversation? We do.  

In American society our 2nd amendment in the Bill of Rights guarantees our right to bear arms to support a public militia. We now have governmental bodies with budgets to fund militias and police now to protect us. It said nothing about protecting a right to murder.

It is always a question of who has them and how they are being used. Considering outcomes to date, this seems sensible but then I am not too much into conspiracy theories and fear of being controlled by others. I don't see it as a loss of freedom to track something that can take my freedom to life away. I am part of this then. Ask any dead victim of gunfire.

I have no problem with those who use a gun to feed their families. Don't let this distract.

We can be held in collective states of sensations and stresses. Like shock. Like shame. Like fear, like love, like compassion. Because energies don't die. They inhabit in patterns of constructs as our myths and stories of identity. They express as the forces in the Cosmos. They form and then can transform into something else or into nothing else.

It is never to late to Wake Up! To shake off the curse, the numbness, the disbelief and the beliefs of being small means powerless. Large does not mean strong or powerful. Both are only references to size.

Is it up to our children to show us the way, to protect themselves? Children are free of some of the burden we can hold as adults. Our so called matured beliefs of being and our place in society. Children will challenge us and the status quo and that is one reason we value them. This is in part due to their innocence, that ability to question all the smallest details around them, report and comment freely on what they see around them without the blinders of some set appropriateness. They don't have the limits that we as adults are invested in.

In doing so they make us stop and think fresh thoughts about ourselves. Free to repeat what they have heard their elders saying lets us hear ourselves. Or they stand free of agenda and belief and just say out loud what the rest of us are too intimidated to say out loud.

Our children in Florida and elsewhere are right now gathering themselves together to challenge us, our norms, our pardons and allowables, to wake us up to our failures. They bring fresh energies and approaches. They challenge insincere platitudes from Congress and admonish even a president who is more childish than them. They are a reflection of their parents who love and support them into believing, into knowing that they make more of a difference in being alive than dead.

When we, the individuals, focus as the collective on what we want as a society only then will change happen.

Have you reached your tipping point yet?

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment