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Monday, January 29, 2018

Consciousness and Valuing Ourselves Differently

Our society tends to value mind over emotions as if one is more important than the other when in truth they are always working together.

Some people live as if they are only a mind with a physical body. Emotions are not so important. Those pesky things thankfully can be overpowered by our reasoning which is often about rationalizing and validating our mindsets. Logic can be unique. And spirituality gets mixed up with religious practices and dogmas that are long ago arbitrarily set. 

Thinking like this makes us distant from our own inner wisdom, our emotions and why we are doing what we are doing. It affects our physical and mental health. We may think we have our minds and we have our gut feelings occasionally. We can train ourselves to not trust our gut feelings. This comes often from the conflict of what the outside environment is telling the inside environment.

When we are young the outside is in the form of parents, elders, state. They are bigger with a big imprint and dictate how we grow. But there may be a "Who are you going to believe, or who is right or?" question that develops after awhile.

It becomes the overriding thinking about the imprint, Them or me? In this state our sense of inner connectedness is developing distance and confusion.Their truths may not be our truths. Children can also sense and intuitively register the incongruity present in whomever is speaking. We often voice words and thoughts that are only there by rote or agenda and not by feeling or connection to our truth. In a child it is confusing and damaging to their ability to hear and then listen to their own authentic voice. We learn by example and this out of alignment can register as normal.

We start to think those around us are really separate beings that we only share space with. We may learn many defense mechanisms to survive and cope if those two environments are not in sync. We may confuse our sense of what intimacy can be and bring. We may have religious trainings that create "out there" influences such as church and God. and what we might find out there is not to be found
"in here". We then experience separateness everywhere, in every way.

My awareness is that we are one as Consciousness. It is at the heart or center of all of us.  We are different expressions in the spectrum that Consciousness is. Our thinking and behaviors are guided by how much awareness we hold this to be true. Don't feel connected? My sense is that you don't feel connected to yourself in its wonder and ability to define yourself free of those bigger influences when you want.

We know that DNA is not the only factor that influences genetics and disease. It is the RNA, our environments with their stresses and focuses which triggers the DNA. We know now that our memories can be colored and actually changed by our current state of emotions. We know that people have experiences that change the directions in their life overnight. We know that emotions are often troubling or elusive. Hurt doesnt feel good so you decide you are not going to experience it again. You  can dismiss using your form of logic to validate your world view.

If you reference to being alive is only being alive with some genetic material and your thinking defining you, with emotions to be avoided, you have limited resources for shift which might be healing. If you believe in punishment, fear, anxiety, pain as powerful things to engage with and to be avoided or accepted, denial may have value. You might take to reencoding your adventures into alternate facts, sweeping statements of thinking using words like always, should, not going there, ignore. Your ability to experience life as a series of opportunities is weakened.

When we are not connected to how we feel and then think as a result we are unaware of how this will determine what we experience in our lives. We are not in touch with the conflict we may hold between thinking and feeling about stuff, about ourselves. Feeling good emotionally is dependant on what you are thinking in connection to your feelings. Feel separate or conditional about how you relate to your interior world is going to direct how you feel physically and non physically. At least in our language we realize that they are the same. just informational sensations registering on different vibrations. 

When you access Heart Centered Awareness, the field of Unified Consciousness you appreciate what you are feeling and where your thinking has taken you. You can then begin to sense the bigger picture at play. You come into focus. You gain insight to your creations of thoughts and feelings and your responses. Physical events serve up wisdom and opportunities amidst all the uproar.

There is plenty of uproar these days. Time to be honest with ourselves and serve up some wisdom. Throw in some appreciations and kindness and feel your connections.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment