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Monday, January 22, 2018

Consciousness and When to Hold, When to Unfold

Life can seem like a card game at times. As the new year begins we allow ourselves time to review, like the cards we have been dealt in the game of life and make the attempt at making change or something positive out of what cards we are holding.

This energy is about judgment. We can often feel that something is wrong, we are bad in some way, not good enough with discipline etc. After a few weeks we often will come away with the feeling of hopelessness as a result. And it is a pattern we collectively engage in the beginning of every new year.

Part of our challenge is our seeming need to judge ourselves as less. We don't need to do this. But we can be trained into thinking and believing that we do. Do it before someone else does kind of thing. Those voices we heard years ago have maybe long disappeared and have reappeared as habituated thinking, believing behaviors in patterns.Or you may have current voices clamoring about your inabilities to make them happy.

All of which serves as clutter and a way to feel bad about ourselves. We hold, as container, for our stories of  belief and disbelief. Once a year we make a new resolution and find that with a bit of time our intentions collapse in ruin. Because our expectations in our  hidden mindsets are being met.

One way to shift, in the moment, (it is often that simple) is to access Heart Centered Awareness that is within each of us and into that sacred place of stillness. It has a sense of stillness or calm as there is no doing there. Here we allow how we hold our questions, perceptions, stories of identity to unfold. Unfold into new freedoms of thinking and believing, reconnecting with what is present in each of us, wonder.

Consciousness is at each and everyone's core. A soul, the individual in the collective, decides on journeys of adventure and embodies into form, the holder, container as body and sets out on it's exploration of being. Human this time, rock the next maybe or something else.

Our distinctions of thinking God, Self, human, body, brain, spirit are just degrees of Consciousness coming into form. From within this state of expansion comes into eventual form, a thing, whether gas or rock or some life form or our labels. And, Consciousness unfolds into expression and reflects back. There is no separateness, just states of information. Most of our cultures include separateness in their design.

In the Consciousness mindset there is no judge. No doing wrong, no being a problem. There are only experiences crafted by sensations and feelings. There are choices. There is curiosity and questions and actions and reactions. There are experiments in doing. Being is always being expressed.

The only agenda on this level of being is to express. The form and thinking that we each encompass is one particular expression of Consciousness and is connected to all other expressions of Consciousness as it is Consciousness that surrounds us internally and externally. There is no difference between here and there. Just degrees of position and what comes in that particular perspective of placement.

Lets try a new approach to your new year resolutions. Stop with the fault. Appreciate how you are creating and that will clue you into what you are really expressing. It is your right of being. Your emotional terrain most often will be involved. Allow yourself, in your Heart Centered Awareness, to just let the information present to be present. If we each took the often negative more than positive judgments out of our quirks of individuality what would be possible? In this state potential is present. Patterns are holders too and what we come to find is that there are times when the holders could do with some dissolving or using the energies present to transcend themselves into something new.

We can fold, which has an inward collapsing feeling or we can unfold which has an opening energy to it. What will happen will happen in the moment. Just don't judge or direct as that is our silly sense of self in charge.  That is not heart centered awareness at play. That is the degree of Consciousness at play that we have labeled ego and its job is to protect whatever you have set as status quo.

So hold for a bit. Let things stop, appreciate and then fold or unfold. Maybe take in another card to play another hand. 

And then truly enjoy the new year.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment