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Monday, May 2, 2016

Consciousness Steps Lively

Hello Out There!

Let"s agree to meet this Tuesday evening 7-9 pm and/or Thursday afternoon 1-3 pm for Heart Centered Awareness at play. Please RSVP to come play.

Stuff is happening and to be able to keep up with it we need every advantage. Being able to access clarity and the right choice for you each time is the best way to go. Sometimes we can be inundated with information and a sense of a lack of time. Going to where the sacred silence is waiting and the rising up of your truth is possible always enriches us. Enables us. Embraces us in the wisdom of our challenges.

Come join us in the fun and the letting go of what ails you. You will not be alone. It is possible and real.

Resistance is easy. Some times it feels like it might take courage to examine ourselves. Denial flourishes. But done within the framework of warmth, support and non judgment, what keeps us stuck can start to melt away. Come give it a try a couple of times. It will happen quickly and that can be surprising and startling.

What do you have to lose?