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Monday, May 23, 2016

Consciousness Out of TimeSpace/ Anchors Aweigh


For those of us who gather in group here, we have been busy the last month or so. We have welcomed new explorers and their willingness to join in brings much up for all of us. Many of us have been giving up degrees of self definition and the limits of collective thinking for many years now.

Those joining us serve to remind us of how far we have come. We too, were like them once. We had a sense of the world and self that was unsatisfying. We now relate to our stories as reference material.

We tend to think in terms of placement and measurement, distance, time and space when we contemplate where we are in life. Where we are is important to each of us. We tend to think of how far from our first sense of home we have come. How far in terms of latitude and longitude and in accomplishment. How much we are different from the family, or similar. The family is familiar, as is the neighborhood. Sometimes we never live far away, still in the same community. We gain comfort in the familiar even if it might pain us emotionally or physically.

We will always have that first sense of home within to orient us. It is going to serve as a point of reference as we go through life. It can remain, acting as anchor and keeping us in one place of origin and we can also allow it to not serve as an anchor. We can now center within. We can hear our own truths, separated out from the maddening crowd of voice that have homogenized into a whining sound.

It doesn't take any courage to listen to ourselves, just a willingness. If you make it about courage then you make your reality filled with the stuff that goes with it: Fight, lost causes, no way to win, warrior etc., etc., etc..the good die young. This morphic field is full of stuff you will have to tangle with.

There is nothing wrong with doing life this way. As there is no wrong. It does work the justification button well. Which is about keeping track and the total outcome. Forgiveness and forgetting come into play. Much will happen as a result that brings both a sense of good and also the duality of it, the bad and all that go with that.

If you make your Life reality set about Consciousness at Play, always, then Being just got a whole lot easier. Warmth, support, non judgment, acceptance, and appreciation just stepped in. Life may end and you can still be at peace. If you separate out the drone in your head that comes with keeping you small and maybe safe you might show up different. You might have a sense of fearlessness that transforms itself into just being expressive without boundary.

What would it be like for YOU to realign and to step in and play? In what terms would you measure your experience?

We have put so much emphasis on Be Happy, not BEING HAPPY in our culture which is really about how unhappy we are inside, individually and then collectively. You can feel the difference. Nobody wants to be told to be anything.

Making the time to indulge in accessing Heart Centered Awareness, filled with Potential, and listening to the quiet sacred within share, is not an act of indulgence. It is an act of Life vitality looking to explore to it's fullest. There is so much to explore and share within.


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