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Monday, May 16, 2016

Consciousness Adventuring/ Using the Light the Path is Clear

Hello All, 

Sometimes the path is clearly lit. We might know we have to step with awareness for there are rocks along the path. And, what we see ahead isn't always the warmest looking destination. It can look like more storm ahead. And yet there we go, through the opening that is in front of us. Because we know where we have been and the light on our path and through the opening leads us onward.

Often our work is like this. Living is like this. "Been there, done that. Don'want to do that again." we might be inclined to say. So with awareness and knowing that we are on an adventure we continue on our way. 

We are adventurers. To be human is to explore. Some of us choose to explore in the minutia of life and some take big steps outward. Consciousness is without boundaries, allowing for all. Humans set up the limits and definitions. In Consciousness there is no right, no wrong, no anything. No judgments. And you can perhaps feel how some part of yourself may challenge that or feel uncomfortable. Which is exciting. 

It is exciting because you have just become aware. Because before you react, which can be a hair trigger moment, there was this moment of "OH", that feels good or that does not feel so good. Which is the human gaining awareness. And, in the right state of being, of Heart Centered Awareness you can pause and let yourself notice what is happening. What is getting triggered and what do you choose to do about it. The automatic response is on notice now. Control now has a chance to shift just a bit into more of a flow moment and allow for something new if wanted. It can be subtle or send the rocks in motion. When they settle you can notice that the path is now clear. 

Let go of the judgments today and see what happens. If that seems challenging let go of them for the next hour. Operate with no assumptions. Access Heart Centered Awareness and allow for your awareness of the light there to light your way and operate out of it for the next hour as you interact in your world. Notice the "Oh" moments and then your thoughts and actions. This is the Sea of Potential we are accessing here. Where every thing is not a thing yet, just bits and pieces, flotsam and jetsam, waiting to become some thing else. A new pattern, a new behavior. Where what was can be no longer and can become some thing else. 

The path is clear no matter what might seem to be in the way. 

Love, janet 

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