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Monday, May 9, 2016

Consciousness Around the Bend This Week

Hello Out There!

I love this picture. It is so helpful to demonstrate the following: Sometimes we can't tell if we are coming or going or making any progress on our path. With the above perspective you can see that we are often exploring the same terrain and yet it is different. The road covers the same area but is different. Coming from the opposite direction and you are continuing on the path. We tend to think that what shows up is the same old thing but as we do this work we have to appreciate new ways to look at our stuff. Hindsight is invaluable to wisdom being realized and acted upon.It is even better when the hindsight is available immediately.

Much has been rippling out in the cosmic levels of energy, earth energies, world human energies, and within ourselves. None of it is separate from one another. Only our level of awareness. What is your level of awareness? Can you see the connection between what you see outside of you to what is in you? How would it be useful? What if it started with you and was playing outward? Just how big is your ripple effect? What are you rippling out about?

Much is up for play in group as energies open up and accelerate. We have been exploring, sharing and supporting, with our collective unique ways of noticing information, one another. Each of us is a valuable individual in how we express Consciousness in Being. Collectively we are changing lives. Singularly we are transforming ourselves. You never have to doubt that we each make a difference in the world when you sit with others in Heart. Sometimes it is easier in group to hold this truth. Alone or with others it is a profound realization.

Most of the time we can not hear ourselves in a way that honors, enriches and supports the Divine in each of us. No matter our personal history we are the Infinite in action. Your story of events is just how you choose to express it and is subject to change.You are not done yet are you, playing out the same old, same old?  We are Consciousness enjoying being, evolving.

How do we hold our life precious when it might not be feeling that way? Know that you are on the path from someplace to someplace else. It is called Enlightenment. We leave our bodies usually different that when we entered them. Know that you can choose to visit the same part of the road going back and forth in some sort of loop or you can decide that much more is possible. Make the road dimensional and you can leap from level to level.

Go within, easily and effortlessly and quickly. When you have to make a choice in the moment you might not have time to meditate and wait for clarity. But you can get still, access Heart Centered Awareness with a shift in awareness and hear what you need to hear, an answer. You can tap into the Sea of Potential the answer is coming from. It is there. Always.

For one here last week, new to the dynamics, she enjoyed what she felt here, at home for a week. Then she had an experience that shifted her state and she was concerned that she wasn't feeling the same. It took only her understanding that she could go right back to it with a little help and she was there again. It is that way for all of us. That is the way of the path. It is all about the journey.