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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Consciousness Holding/ What kind of wall are you?

Hello All,

Some rock is smooth and slick. Some is not.This lava rock wall is an important boundary for the hill behind it. It defines and holds both the energy in front and behind. It is useful. The wall is man made. The rock is not.

The mosses, fungi and plants that have sprouted and multiplied add a quality and softening and texture and ultimately, an interest that would not be there without them. I like them. The porous nature of the stone allows for life to flourish on something that would not attract my eye otherwise. The rock provides a home and together with the vegetation, an appreciated living wall.

Sometimes the vegetation can take over the mortar between the rocks and eat away at it and weaken the wall. Mortar is not as strong as the rock. It has a different nature. So we apply more. The wall continues, life flourishes.

We are like this. We have our foundation of being and the life influences we pick up along the way make us interesting. We all have rough edges and soft spots. We have a solid presence. Together both invite us, the viewer, to stop and explore. If we make the time. If we allow ourselves to get up close and really look.

Some of us are going to look from afar and not accept the invitation to get closer. What will they miss? The vegetation serves as an enticing invite to come closer. I don't know if the wall has a sense of itself. I wonder if the vegetation has a sense of itself, the wall and the combination. Is the airborne nature awareness of the life itself when it is in the air or when it is not? I like all the different colors and how they merge and share the space and work together overall to create the observed beauty. What is the consciousness present? It is there.

Perhaps some walls are in an environment that protects it and keeps it sterile of visible growth. Maybe it gets cleaned off now and then and the whole process of only stone, life landing on it, rooting and growing and being washed away. A process that happens again and again. Maybe they are made of stone that don't invite life to partner with them.

What kind of wall are you? Consciousness is asking.



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