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Monday, July 30, 2018

Consciousness and Those Pesky Wonderful Primal Drives

I am not a sociologist, anthropologist, zoologist, or a scientist with years of learning that has a descriptive label with a gist in it. What I am is a woman with an ability to notice information as stuff and energies here and there. I have a developed sense of myself as both Consciousness and Self. Perhaps like you I hold a lot of awareness of my biases as Self and the difference in those two states of orientation. 

What I have become familiar with over the years in my experience in being and living among others is an appreciation of our relations with fauna, flora, earth, sun, planets, matter/anti-matter and bits and pieces of science here and there and so forth and so forth.  

I can speak only with certainty from my particular life-schooled position. I hold a very high degree in it as it comes from years of training in being a human. And the gist of what I am aware of is how we right now are coming to terms with the primal drives in all of us. Reality awareness is ripe in this unfolding, exploding, imploding dynamics that abound in and around us. It can be unnerving or surprising in what seems to be unleashed at times. 

It is not time to panic but to appreciate what drives us all in our being human. We are so much more than what one might define as just human and for some that can be enough to avoid or back away from. It can leave one without a true sense of self and subject to how others define them.    

It is important to know ourselves and our history. Too often we can try to hide from our primal natures. Some may feel that as spiritual creatures we need to combat or deny or beat ourselves up for these natures. This is silly. We are alive and in the human form of life. 

We judge them, our drives. Mankind in the past seems to consider man above other mammals and animals. We don't like to think that we are like animals but we are. Embryos of mammals and man form pretty much alike. Other mammals demonstrate caring and love and hierarchy and power and killing all the time. All animals and mammals share a drive to mate though they might not think about it in the ways we do. The biggest can be the tenderest in it's behavior and also do what it needs to do to protect what he feels is his. 

Are we so different? They are perhaps better behaved when you think about it. They are rarely witnessed to kill or harm indiscriminately unlike us. Unless they are in a survival position where all bets can be off. . 

What is under all of this is our primal energy, life, be it bird, elephant, man. Our vital life force that we all share in if we are living. In the contrast of being in form and alive it can switch into the ability to taking another's life. Humans are able to kill, harm, maim another as wanted and often by whim. 

What we do with those natures, along with our thinking and feeling and our subsequent choices of behavior make us sort of different from animals. Our ability to reason and shape our environments to the degree that we are capable is what makes us unique. And, in the global natural forces at play that we are witnessing it would seem that we need nature more than nature needs us. 

For those of us who use consciousness technologies and meet in group here we serve as reminders for others, in this shared field of Unified Consciousness, that it is okay to feel what we feel at our core. We will all be in different relation to what is there and judgment has no place. Because we know where we find ourselves to be is our starting point not necessarily our ending point of being.

Every moment is a choice. It can be the same choice or it can be a different choice. It most often is not to be noticed in our subsequent moments of action. 

When we move into appreciation and out of denial, into acceptance of our drives we have a better chance to transcend and evolve when we want to. We can then become appreciative masters of our fate. We don't have to be subject to whims and internal and outside influences. Only aware of how we choose in this moment. 

It is also no guarantee of a quality of life or length of life. For those are judgments and limits we often put on ourselves and others. And the truth is that we are each masters of our fate no matter what it may seem like. Quality is the question. 

As Consciousness as our reality state our subsequent feelings, thinking, actions are not held in a state of confusion. The majority of us exist in reality states of confusion about being human. From this perspective as Consciousness what challenges us then doesn't create confusion, just clarity not yet reached or held in awareness. And it doesn't throw us out of any alignment. 

From this reality we can let go of our attachments to the states of blames and wounded victim/abuser, definitions which are limiting. Like people with cancer for instance often come to find out. How the awareness of the dynamics in experiencing cancer is life enhancing/changing to awakening shifts in being and behaviors often. This lessening of our life force internally can often clear away our cluttered thinking and feeling and reduce us down to what is really important, no matter the outcome.  

We might need to offer reparation or pardon to clear feelings and the emotions connected to our actions.  Re-encoding or re-framing in this state of reality, our stuff is free without any bias or emotion and is free to be different and perhaps more life enhancing.  

Make some time to access your sense of Heart Centered Awareness and look and listen. Look and listen to what you are noticing inside looking for your awareness so it can shift and transcend. Not so much into something else but just freeing it up. When freedom is important inside then one knows how to be limited. When we shift from doing into being direction and what will be has a different value and not the goal. A being that is BEING, in harmony and accord. What follows will be primal life at its' best. 

It is time for new choices. 

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment