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Monday, July 9, 2018

Consciousness and Being Tender

We are one as mankind. Each week in group, we play with the dynamics that we, as individuals and collectively as Consciousness, experience life to be. We are busy knowing ourselves as points of awareness in this collective. We make it easier for that collective to clear and deal with what life has become for each of us.

In our empathy, we notice qualities and states of reference in the collective. In this current time of upheaval and unfolding from within ourselves those qualities and states are rippling out at an alarming rate it seems. So much is punching our buttons. In group we hold and interact with these in a context of shifting energies and possibilities for growth, change, letting go and for all those around us. We are Man evolving and helping each other. We extend compassion to all.  

Each week is a new adventure--each group a new adventure in exploring who we are. The word tender showed up 
out of our stuff this time. (I use the word stuff often to indicate information in order to be free of any bias/limitation state that a title or label may hold). As Consciousness, our information is all just photons and some bio photons organizing into patterns. 

Tender. It is an interesting word. Runs the gamut from being sensitive to touch, an offer or proposal made, to offering an unconditional payment of money. It says "Legal Tender" on the USA's money. 

We were noticing tenderness in terms of being open to another, showing kindness or compassion. Feeling tender towards another, how it is received and our feeling about that and when it might not be acknowledged by others. When it has no value. What it felt like to be treated tenderly. 

Our exploration of tender led to treasure and tinder. (The difference one letter makes). I always trust the words that show up when in Heart Centered Awareness.  While they may not seem related in obvious ways, I can appreciated them for the breadth of the field we hold.  Life is filled with bits and pieces of associated and disassociated states of thoughts and feelings. Like my writings so often are. 

Maybe it was about how tenderness acts as tinder and lights us up inside. 
Tender led to treasureTreasure is valued. Men go on quests to find treasure, to steal treasure from another, to hide it, collect it, and act out to protect it. What about when treasure is a person worth their weight in gold to you? 

And what also came up was violence and the role it plays with tenderness. We will explore that next week. 

Have you felt you are treasure? What it is like to feel tender, and to be treasured? What is it like to offer this to another? 

In this time of awakening people are coming awake. it is not helpful to judge this process or experience. Let's do it in an atmosphere, a state of tenderness, of appreciation and offer it free of any of your lingering old conditions.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment