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Monday, May 7, 2018

Consciousness and Spring Cleaning and Clearing

Spring is everywhere on display here in Portland, Oregon, USA. It is one of the great delights to drive around and see all the color of the flowers, bushes and trees ripening open. My own yard has much to offer so I don't need to go far to enjoy nature unfolding it's bounty.

We also associate Spring as a time of cleaning and clearing with new growth. Which in these current times is right on target as we redefine ourselves and as community members on a global scale. Activism is being engaged which is exciting for all of us as change as growth will come as a much needed result. The weather will also teach us appreciation for the now. As tomorrow it may rain and the beautiful blossoms will be on the ground downtrodden.

Things are different for me in my life this year, this Spring. I have never been this way before. The  cleaning and clearing taking place in my home is different. My clearing is also taking into consideration that my husband will be retiring from having to work daily starting June 1. 

With his retirement will come changes in identity, his daily routine, my daily routine and our overall living situation.  I am fortunate to have been in a position to have things. Whether a supplement bottle or book or business card they can have meaning worth keeping or discarding, my choice.

My husband takes up a much smaller footprint than I do. I have been thinning through things and moving things to create new states of comfort for him and me. His sense of space is different than mine. Our ideas of the value of things is different. His focus will come home and his time will orient around it in new ways. I want him to enjoy his new orientations of himself, me and us.

We are looking in all the corners with fresh eyes and as opportunities to let go. It has been fun and exciting. It can be challenging.

It brings you present. I notice that what was important in the past may have shifted. Some things have become just stuff. They had moved into a clutter state because my value has not shifted as timely as it might have. Some things are standing out as more important as I sort through it all and update my outside terrain to reflect my new inside clarity.

There can be many reasons to keep what was once important. Memories and attachments are active. Some people may not have much as their lives are lived on a basic level. Some may not have much as they have never put down ties to a place or space. Or for some there can be a fear of having or of having too much. Some have much and maybe for some, a sense of too much is present. We nurture ourselves in different ways and levels of comfort.

I found it challenging in the past to let go of something that still has good life in it or  you don't use all the supplements in the bottle. You might need them later. Think about all those things you have put away to do for later. Later is now.

You know how you can move somewhere new and never open the box to unpack? The box contents are valued as important enough to be kept but not dealt with. You thought you might be moving in a few years and it has been several. How about when you place some thing somewhere and it comes into your awareness that you have not moved it in the last seventeen years. Not because it serves you where it is but because you did not have the sense of flow at hand and you have never realized how it could better serve.

As I engage in Spring Cleaning in my exterior environment it is coming as a result of my internal environment shift. Thoughts and feelings that date back somewhere in the past and were stuck are free to go now.

I have given up control of others in many ways. I am letting go of my illusions of people and my hopes about them. Not from a sense of hopelessness but from a sense that they are also Consciousness in Action and self directed. And that Life is really about all of us playing off of one another. Creating new ways to make it all work to be on this planet together.

Sometimes it is easier to deal with things instead of people. So here is something fun to do. Pick a room and sit in it and access Heart Centered Awareness. Free of story and limits let yourself be free to notice what you notice in the room. You may feel the Feng Sui approach. You can also notice what is still serving and what is no longer you. In your state remove the articles and see what you notice then.

Notice the laughter and bemusement in Heart Centered Awareness. There is no judge present about who you were when you thought that stuff important. Be grateful.

And while you are at it let yourself be open to looking at the someone who is present in your life in new ways and always, appreciate your own evolution in being.

Just allow for flow to be present.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment