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Monday, April 30, 2018

Consciousness, Angels and Backup

The last week or so has brought up the energies of angels and being backup for others. If you think about they are probably the same thing.

Do you believe in angels? You don't have to. I like the concept and what they represent, angelic energies. They can provide a layer of comfort, protection or company. They are a powerful metaphor and reference and/or energy form.

I don't believe in angels. I know there are angels. Which is entirely different. I know from personal experience and vision. They can show up in many forms such as those that perhaps purr or drool. Or they can come with very, very large wing spans. I find them on people around me all the time.

At a Ram Dass talk years ago I saw my first angel. Ram Dass was speaking about his relation to Elijah the angel. And there all of a sudden whatever energies were representing Elijah were present to me. Like 19 ft tall, up on stage, as clear to me as Ram Dass who was standing beneath him. Was a WOW moment for me for sure. My husband who senses energy different from me was also aware of something present. As probably was the rest of the room.

You perhaps have your own experience with this dynamic. Energies of all forms show up in group. The Unseen show up a lot. Sort of a given for many.

Some spend a lot of time involved in the reality of angels, helping humans through life. My interaction is more with myself being an angel for others who need a hand. Often someone has called for an angel and I seemed to show up next. Sometimes people don't know that they needed an angel or that they deserved an angel. Probably happens all the time if you are paying attention. And, there are also the times when I have shown up and people are resistant as what they apparently had in mind was different. Which is okay.

I have several fellow consciousness explorers that are friends. If one was to ask for help they would do their best to be supportive in the way that they could. They are single without a partner to share the daily burdens of their life's. All falls on to their own shoulders. And while it may be build independence and self reliance it can also create problems at times.

Things don't get done. Overworked, overwhelmed contemplating how to do what needs to be done and to be skilled at all of it at the same time. When it might not be in one's skill set, inclination, orientation or muscle group. We do ask a lot of ourselves don't we? We can tend to use this to judge ourselves as less than and then live in that state of consequences.

We can all have the mind set that to need help implies that we are not complete in some way. We may think that we should be able to figure it out. Yet we might be the first to offer help when asked and not think less of who is asking. There are times when we don't know who to ask for help or how to ask for help. We also all know of the times we have asked for help in the past and it was not worth the effort in asking.

All these are mindsets and setups in how we are in the world. That means that they are subject to change. And all have to do with having backup. Someone or some state that allows for us to experience having something or someone to run an errand or intercede, watching our back or from a more elevated view watching out for us.

Sometimes our partners don't really provide backup. Or those that we may call friend can't be counted on to serve as backup. To act as backup, to catch when we might fall through the cracks or really keep things from falling apart in some way.

Consciousness is my backup as it is yours. It is not only our backup but it is the state of everything is in relation to. And in truth, though I may think of myself as front and center it is Self that is backup to Consciousness. Self is how I express Consciousness.

In this energy present of new self awareness and identity it is becoming apparent how much we look after one another and what happens when we don't. The truth of our roles is being exposed with new eyes.

There is an ever increasing strengthening awareness on the level of ourselves as Consciousness that all is well, that all is right. That as we are ripping open old wounds and patterns of convenience and beliefs that all is well, all is right. For what is present is new ways of being, of defining, the clearing of confusion and no longer needed perceptions.

We are our own backup. We are angels in form, We are. We are here for one another if we only allow Self to appreciate what is possible, not what we think we find it to be. Potential provides states of solutions if you want them.

Access Heart Centered Awareness and see what you notice about the dynamics of angels and backup for yourself, and notice just how deep the awareness is that All is well, All is all right.

We are at a very unique time in mankind. Use it well and we will all be better off.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/ Journeys Into Enlightenment