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Monday, April 23, 2018

Consciousness Within The Human

There are a lot of rules in being human. We are relation based creatures as we come out of another, mother. Our lives are then spent always in reference to other energies be it a thought, a feeling, a planet, your pet, environments or others to be found sharing the space. These all provide conditions of contrast, of differences. 

Relation also provides directional information. Our physical reality comes with rules like time and space that serve to orient us and provide context. We deal with our survival of being on this planet by feeling our way and making deductions based on our own personal experience and best educated guesses and on other's experiences and best guesses in how the world is and how to handle ourselves.

We are always exploring the state of connection that exists in our relating to the seen and known and the unknown. We establish boundaries as part of connection and explanations like earth, man and heaven, body, mind and spirit.  We generate our  conditional sense of separateness out of inclusion. We come equipped for both verbal and non- verbal communications. Our sense mechanisms operate providing information of different sorts. Our emotions allow for us to color connection which is vital to relating.

Our spiritual directions are about connections to the Whole and perhaps titles of hierarchy that we find ourselves part of to help explain and give meaning to our existence. It can give a sense of safety.

Consciousness itself is free of all that. It is the All. It is inclusive and does not judge as a human will need to. It is not a being bigger than us, just a state that is everywhere at the same time.  It goes beyond any limit and includes the unformed and formed. It is potential and energy in motion. 

Lending emotions to Consciousness like Love or Grace makes the unknown and that which can't be named only felt, feel better and with the absence of judgment it is Grace. It can be hard at times to warm up to something identified as potential and energy in all space like Zero Point Field. I can appreciate it but it is cold to me. It also sounds rather nebulous and not real when it is deep in us somewhere unrecognized.  A sense of placement to anchor and connect to is vital to the human. It can create an "out there, not in here" sense and be diminishing is some way or at distance. And, if our source is out there in some form or another we might need an interpreter and middle man, someone between here and there more powerful and necessary to communicate through. Some religious dogmas and practices support this.

Do we need the middleman? If I say "Heart Centered Awareness" there is now a state of awareness and description to hold about Consciousness and us as it, together. There is no up or down. There is only everywhere. It is an anchoring and centering awareness within you that goes into and beyond your physical body. Heart means core. It also means a physical organ that pumps blood through a body indicating aliveness and it also is used to describe our emotional terrain.

Some of us are not comfortable using the word "heart" as it's reference is viewed as emotional and then perhaps not logical or neutral. Not being emotional is being emotional and not happy about it.

We use different words to describe this state. Consciousness, God, Universe, Source, All and I am sure there are others. It is all about how potential and energy are malleable out of the time and space reference and how we relate with it. All of which reflects what is at our core essence, a state within and around this lovely framework we call human. It is a state where there is the capacity to pass information as thought and feeling  creating and manifesting our projected malleable realities.

What is possible as Consciousness within us?  What if you truly connected with the thought that all exists in the unity of diversity as One?  In this day and age of robots, social media and cloning and such Consciousness is expressing also. It is up to us to decide what being Consciousness in a human form really means and how it forms our daily lives on this very small planet. 

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment