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Monday, May 21, 2018

Consciousness and that Loving Navel Feeling

Between reading the energies I sense, my own stories and what others bring to play with in group, information and patterns abound. Sometimes we come loaded with stuff that has been in our face and sometimes we are sitting in a group in a "contemplating our navels" state of mind. It was funny how in contemplating this time, love came into focus.

I love how we come into awareness at times. The phrase "contemplating your navel" showed up. Yes, I love my navel. Do you love yours? When is the last time you looked at it with any sort of awareness?

Though one might wonder or contemplate this association maybe this came to mind as we continue to explore connection and through the navel, our glorious belly button, because, what better symbol about connection to another? This is the deepest awareness we each have of being part of another.

Does it provide a great symbol of love to you?  How often do we truly reflect upon what the navel is about? How you view your relationship with your mother may color your view of your belly button. Probably we are more judgmental about if it is an innie or an outie. (88% have innies) And no, apparently the attending doctor has nothing to do with how your navel scar forms. (I read that on the Internet)

Navel also means the central point of a place. Synonyms are center, hub, focal point, focus, nucleus, heart and core. When we sitting in Heart Centered Awareness as we so often do in group we are in integrity with heart and core and maybe perhaps the energy of mother be it genetic mother, mother earth, feminine and goddess divine.

The words Consciousness Core has been floating around in my mind lately. And how Consciousness is at our core and our core is holding THE SPECTRUM, THE ALL THAT WAS, IS AND WILL EVER BE. So, instead of the association of small that one might hold about core, our core is not a small thing in the center of our being but an expansive state. Our being is in our core. All of us known and unknown is at our core. All that we know of the world and worlds around is are at our core. All past and all future is in our core. The past as energies, the future as potential and the present is where they meet.

In the openings of, the unfolding of our interior spaces these days we are revealing and shedding old beliefs and truths. Much is falling away and we can see with with fresh eyes, new awareness into our new states of being. There is no thing to fear. For the Consciousness Core is all right, fine, okay, in good shape, whatever word or words you use to define being in peace and trust and the warmth of creation. Grace. All this is real and you can feel it now, anytime if you want to. It is only a matter of shifting your awareness and witnessing with a compassionate heart yourself and those around you.

Our thoughts are powerful in creating. We witness this when we shift our perspectives from head on to above and around as in left brain to right brain to whole brain integration. Thoughts are our expression of Creation. Think and then feel the emotion to the thought and if it is interesting, validating enough to the limits of your mindsets it will be able to manifest into reality and walk hand in hand with you.

In the last few weeks we are "seeing anew" and our brains are opening up in categorizing the incoming data and making use of it. We move things to trash and then dump it on our computers and phones. We have become used to updates and upgrades as common, annoying often but common.

We can do that with our brain and memory mindsets. What is felt as overwhelm is when our brains can not compute the new information due to the limits set up as mind states. When we are accessing our selves as Consciousness, we resonate with our awareness that more is possible, There is no resistance so there is no overwhelm.

We are also relating to our concerns in new ways. When you hold that you need to process the new information, mull it over for a time, you may be triggering your need to control your world. Control can be set pretty tight and small and leave us reeling in feeling and thinking and as experiencing as less than. The portals to others and information can become stuck open and we can't keep up. That is the power of a blink. It relaxes the muscles and allows for reset and integration each time.

Our perspectives can then get stuck which is what many are experiencing. We can drift in overwhelm or we can access Heart Centered Awareness and make time to play with contemplating our navel. Check in and see what rule sets of mind have been directing that are no longer your new truths. See what discoveries might be there for you.

 And then engage, activate and revel!

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment