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Monday, May 14, 2018

Consciousness and Seeing Clearly

Blindness is present in most of us in some way. It can be present in not only our physical eyes but mentally, emotionally, psychologically, psychically and spiritually. These encompass how we as humans interact in our lifeforms.

Our brains are "seeing" much more than just with our physical eyes. We all do with our non physical eyes. Data is incoming on all levels. Our eyes are subject to not only physical design and function but how they relay the outward world as information and data to our brains and on to our minds. Eyes each have function and then they function together and that information connects to our brains which are busy with coordinating all of the input into the whole system of vision and our other physical and non physical systems.

Much has been active about how we, the people, see the world around us and how we are in that world. Metaphorically and energetically we have been caught up in the flows. Groups here have been reflecting how we are shifting in our illusions of what being a person and an American is about. And those deep deep biases that may be present in racial. gender, sexual in issues of self and community. And I think that no matter the country that you are connected to in some way you too are feeling and seeing and sensing things differently about yourself, your neighbors and community.

What is important is how are brains and minds engage the new information, the new visuals that are appearing as we deal with each other. How we treat each other comes from within how we treat ourselves. There can be a disconnect. Mindsets don't change when there is no connection to what is happening around us. We can be frozen or numb or disengaged internally and externally. Overwhelmed is a different state of connection.

 It fascinates me how people can hang on to what was when they have new information that would challenge the old. What makes us hang on? Why doesn't it change how we support a belief, a cause? Why do we resist? To me that is what health is, the ability to adapt and change and process as a given, instinctively. Seeing differently can be held as a threat to the inner held health of some thought. Lots of people have fear of death or engage in states of denial of the experience of life. Perhaps this is influencing our ability to change in our deeper levels.

Our emotions serve as powerful tools to forming how and what we see. Our perceptual biases, our illusions reinforce how and what we see. Our brains are busy relaying to our mind which is busy interpreting and holding steady at times. This is not the time to hold steady. My mind sets are much more fluid these days and that can put tension into the interactions of all my abilities to "see".

I am going back to my Yuen Method training and playing with how my mind interacts with brain and brain to eyes, eyes to themselves and eyes to each other including my third eye. Lots of areas of energetic stuff that can be compromising and enjoying my new inner awareness and sight. Becoming congruent in different levels of data incoming is bringing new focus. It may mean cutting down some of incoming stimulation of all the data through the eyes of awareness. As I have less need to justify, compromise, rationalize, and reason my mindsets and just allow them to shift, life gets easier and clearer.

It is about reorienting to this new unfolding me. I want to see clearly on my physical, mental, emotional, psychological, psychical and spiritual levels. That means I may need to update their interaction with one another and all that means for me. So that I can see clearly, appreciate what I see and be grateful for the ability to enjoy my new connections to self and others.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment