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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Consciousness and Buried Truth, Buried Treasure

Each of us is a many layered energy creature acting in dynamic fashion, all at once, incorporating, integrating, releasing information through our perceptual biases of stories and experiences. That is what Life is. That is what we are.

Sometimes, most of the time, we don't notice ourselves as such. We keep focus on the stuff going on around us in this culture. Mental health, physical health, emotional health are not always valued for what they represent. People are busy in what ever state of being they find themselves unaware or closed off to the realization that they are what is driving their experience of Life and not other people. Much of our sense of self is coming from triggered reactions unnoticed and long buried. 

If you can notice that you are stressed, not feeling well,or not happy you are aware that you have a sense of Well Being that is feeling compromised. If you are unable to notice in some way that you are stressed, not feeling well, not happy. it may be because you can't tell that you are. From within the state of Well Being you can notice these ripples and still be okay and allow for what is disturbing the "force" to bring you into awareness and new alignment if wanted. And still be okay. Otherwise we can just feel stuff and not feel okay as our norm. 

Let me share what is Heart Centered Awareness and why is it important. It is the gift of awareness that we each can enjoy and transform our lives if we so choose. It is our ability to connect beyond our limited physical senses to information that is available to all of us. It is Potential. It is a field of reference whether it is called Unified Consciousness, Heart, Zero Point etc..  

The word heart has three meanings: physical organ, emotional terrain, and core essence of all. 

This is what we do in Heart Centered Awareness. We make the time and space in this reality to allow for our connection as Consciousness, which has no time or space, to be present. We are all working at deeper levels these days. The hidden and buried is our old sense of how we have organized our self as Self.  Only deeper from the sense that what usually feels hidden or buried is available now. It is present to play with and become dynamic in new ways.  

If there is no reason to avoid or deny our truths that are deeply buried then that information is easily accessible. Observing ourselves alone or in group is not the trial that it might have been in the past. There is not so much a sense of having to do something or fix ourselves as is observing with a neutral bent what is going on within and around and what the reward is. What are we each in agreement and alignment with? Our emotions pull us in directions and form attachments that may not serve as they once did. 

Just being present, sitting in the now, not obligated to fix, or judge but just sit in the quiet and subsequent conversation from within that will be felt or acknowledged is priceless and new. We love the show of navigating through our being. We all like knowledge. Yet there is present the bliss of just being. and seeing all of Life as a vehicle of flow filled with eddies of movement. No attachment to the uproar of the flow but in rhythm. 

Buried truths and buried treasures are easily found. Life is good, Life is rich, Life is.