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Monday, September 26, 2016

Consciousness and the Book of Joy

My 62nd birthday was yesterday. On Friday I walked into our favorite bookstore and the first one I registered visually was The Book of Joy by the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu. I opened it up and read a few lines and tears started running down my cheeks standing there. I read that in honor of his 80th birthday,the Dalai and Rev. Tutu wanted to share with the world how to take the years of suffering both these great men know personally and be joyful. Because they can. It was their birthday gift to us. It certainly was their birthday gift to me.

I had an angiogram a couple of weeks ago and it was a remarkable experience. I appreciate angel energy when it shows up which it often does in these situations for me. I am so glad I was present to notice it. My wellspring of humor was overflowing and I was cracking up the crew and myself. (Don't get me started on Groin Prep and Management). All from Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah 7 minute song playing over the loudspeaker in the surgical room to the sense of my heart being held in an uplifted hand under a spotlight as the pressures were being measured going into my heart.They did find congenital small arteries and a narrowing from plaque in the main artery into my heart. The nursing staff invited me to come back every morning, not as a patient, but to set the tone in the room for them every day. That was a lovely compliment.

Since then I have had moments of emotional releases and I have found myself to be in Joy. Joy that I wasn't able to label as such as I have not known it often in a physical sense. Joan, my radio partner was able to articulate for me that it would seem that I was in the transcendent state that heart attack survivors can comment on. Something is different. And without the heart attack!!!!!

I will look to avoid the 5 drug combo the docs can only suggest and the stent.  They are always an option but nothing i want to invest in. I am told that plaque never goes away. Really? Well, we will see. I will continue to play as Consciousness and see what is possible.

This embodiment of Life for me and many others is all about transcending Suffering into Joy.  How do we take what we have called the Wounded Healer in each of us and allow for it to transcend? Why do we suffer, why do we hurt others, why do we hurt ourselves? Because we can. It is as simple as that. It is not about right or wrong. It is about what we do with the suffering from within a neutral, non attached place. What greatness we each have inside of us that comes from within that awareness?

Get the book. It is a testament to all of us on our path or journey of Enlightenment. The combination of wisdom and grace and humor these men offer enriches all. So do the techniques they offer.

 And the best technique will always be going to Heart Centered Awareness, the field of Unified Consciousness and allowing for the wonder you hold inside to express.

Janet Barrett    

Journeys Into Enlightenment