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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Consciousness and The Shared Moment

Sharing a moment 
Consciousness is collective and individual in experience and being. When everything is reduced to particles and vibrations there is no me, you, separateness, no other embodied. For there is no thing when one is in the Infinite Sea of Potential.

How do we experience connection? We are relation based life forms in our physicality. Physically we each, so far, have been born put of a mother. We immediately become aware of mother and self in the womb when the embryo turns and faces mother inside when the umbilical cord develops. We know where we are internally and externally by others and things around us. Consciousness is about All and where we may each feel separate and unique it is always in the context of All.

Issues of Family, Friendship, Acquaintance, Comrade are being explored and redefined in our states of shift. Some of us are very aware that the family we were physically born into does not mean we are family emotionally or mentally. We are only sharing a common bond of womb or sperm and subsequent experiences. 50's television was full of archetypal families. We all wanted the Donna Reed family of understanding, strong father, mother who was home to fill in with love and caring. Both who supported siblings exploring what it was like to be kids and family and within the bigger community.

Many people we might call friend are really acquaintances. People who shared a place, a time, a unifying moment that really was more about being there at the same time and not a deeper resonance and appreciation or enjoyment. We assumed roles in relation to each other. But maybe underneath there is nothing to like.

It is nice when you can like your companion.

Comrades are those who unify around a principal or cause. Could be your work environment or something bigger. You may not like or trust them personally but appreciate the support in cause.

We now may make family out of friends and companions. Strangers once, someone who you now share a certain vibe or like and trust. That is the definition of friend. Due to circumstances, those who you connected to in the deepest of ways, recognizing each others value and soul. Maybe meeting only once or if fortunate, able to meet again. They were there in that moment and they are friend.  Roles of student, teacher, mentor, partner, etc. release and have no meaning. We are witness in Consciousness.

We are friends who have become family. Each a bit different and adding to the whole. This is what we have found in group. You are part of that group in awareness if you are reading this commentary, due to the degree you hold awareness. Remember there is no time, no space, no distance in Consciousness. Only warmth, support, non judgment. There is only Grace.

Janet Barrett 

Journeys Into Enlightenment