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Monday, August 15, 2016

Consciousness and the Fairy, Tiger,Dragon,Elephant,Whizard,Whaledolph


Consciousness is full of flavor and variety and fun. Our ability to access the wonderful flavors we each embody makes for an enriching sense of awareness and wonder. Whole brain states rock!

In group we all sat together in the common ground of Well Being, Heart Centered Awareness and our sense of it is deepening. Our surface energies were full of politics, the Donald, actions and repercussions from within all of us, the news, the Olympics, the bee sting, the quality of bladder flow. the reeducation of the body.

We played with the words that came out of all these issues: fear, helplessness, unsettled, normal, sphincters, unfit. farting, shame. They hold power deep inside, ( LOL), and not something you find being talked about in most circles. But pay attention and you can notice how you react to what you have going on in and around you.

What also showed up were our assumptions and associations. There was the, no longer buried, anger we can hold in how our systems of government, religion, business, education,  etc. are often full of untruths and the biases we don't recognize. We assume that we have been told the truth when we go to school and take for dogma what is written. When in fact it may not be. It may only be what someone else, now or long ago decided was important and belief by others empowered it. A state of belief, a morphic field, starts forming and engaging and we, in our unknowing and wanting to fit in and not question, don't. And those who will follow us may be caught up in the same cycle of false belief. Which we interpret as fact, and value as learning. And it isn't.

Years ago it meant something to go away to school, to be free of provincial thinking. Liberal arts is about liberation from the old. We learned to question and not take for granted. I don't think we hold it the same anymore. Social media and mores are full of untruths that now dance and limit globally.

When we sat a silent invitation was unknowingly issued. Some of us enjoy shamanic awareness as common skills, Our openness signaled deep within for qualities not always explored or appreciated too much in the past. They came forward. Out of the mix of us: the tiger in her, the dragon in another, the elephant in him, the whizard in her, the fairy in her and the combo whaledolph in another invited themselves to play.

It was a different sense of our energies and how we, in this reality. experience it and judge what it is. After listening to the news, one's reaction may have felt like fear but maybe it was the wings of the fairy quickly moving to synthesize the fear the media was projecting, the helplessness inherent.

Our animal and creative natures showed us that we were magic in action, Well Being was staying present. There was no concern, just this very real deep sense that Potential is afoot and out in the world and that some thing wonderful and unexpected will happen. All it took was a shift in awareness. Fear become the flutter of fairy wings helping out. Nice.  Relabeling power.  Take back the assumption and labeling of what we were feeling to just energy and what do you get? Without agenda or emotional labeling, the quiet is excitingly alive. Potential is real.

Access Heart Centered Awareness. See yourself sitting in front of a mirror and invite your various natures to present themselves. Invite them to sit with you in harmony and offer you their wisdoms. Let it all enfold back into the whole of you.

Janet Barrett

Journeys Into Enlightenment