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Monday, July 15, 2019

JIE Ep 14 Blog/ Our Pledge to Engage in Love and Kindness

Ep 14 Consciousness and Pledging Love and Kindness with Sheryl Hirsch-Kramer

Our Pledge to Engage in Love and Kindness

When we pledge or commit to engage in Love and Kindness we are really talking about the power in informed choice and Wholeness in Being. We are not talking pie in the sky or Pollyanna kind of thinking. We are not talking about denial of the stuff that Life encompasses. We are talking about choosing to engage and acknowledge love and kindness as our choice in response to events that challenge us.

Humans have zoom lenses about life. Our day to day realities can be dictated by our emotions and sensations of our experiences which are close and personal perspectives to the body and mind. When we go inward and access ourselves as Consciousness, we gain much needed context and perspective.

We feel experience, we absorb it and make decisions based on how we feel about our experience of feeling. It will direct our next experience. When we view the world from our bigger perspective, we can go from reacting and triggered behavior to responding to what is happening. It brings us present into the moment and not our past story of biases in our experiences.

We want to engage informed choice. People report how time seemed to slow down and senses heightened, and clarity was present in an event where one had a moment of choice.
Every experience includes choices. We can do what one always does or do something different. Too often we expect different outcomes when we push the same buttons in the same order as before. Challenges and emotions arise when we feel there is limited choice, no choice or too many choices, whether it be which apple or in life and death situations.

In the millisecond of time that is often all that is present we choose how we react or respond. It does not mean denying what we are experiencing. It means acknowledging and choosing how to respond to the horror we are facing. It is how we take the negative and irreconcilable dynamics and acknowledge them in the same space.

Sometimes we want to vindicate our sense of loss and this takes us in a certain direction in the spectrum of Being. When you feel less than it doesn’t enrich ones’ sense of being. It is not designed to. It is the contrast and we can get stuck in it.

When I choose to be kind and appreciate myself and another, I feel enhanced, enriched, relaxed, loved, all kinds of things come to mind. I like to feel this. It helps me to be able to deal with the times and experiences that don’t feel this way.

(Technical} TSGT Donald Malarkey was 22 when he became part of Easy Company described by Stephen Ambrose in his book” Band of Brothers” during WW2. Awarded numerous medals during those days he was to later state:
 “There is not a day that has passed since that I do not thank Adolf Hitler for allowing me to be associated with the most talented and inspiring group of men that I have ever known.” This is a remarkable statement.

TSGT Malarky was able to transcend his personal experience of horror into what it could be, a salute to those he served with and thought of every day the rest of his life. He lived to age 96.

Humanity demonstrates ugliness, cruelty and suffering easily. Humans demonstrate endurance and resiliency and tolerance in response, transcending all into Love and Kindness.  

Janet Barrett