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Monday, July 1, 2019

JIE Blog/ Consciousness and the Webbing of Life

Episode 13 Consciousness and the Webbing of Life

Our spirituality is the quality of the essence of the spirit lurking within each human animal. It is also the connection to something bigger than just us as one individual. We are always in relation to every other human animal, every other animal whether four-legged, or no legs at all or fins. We are in relation to the flora and nature around us.  We are surrounded by life shared. We each have place in the scheme of things.

The human animal is a powerful presence in connection to the Web of Life as Dr. Joanne Lefebvre Connelly DVM calls it. Many will use the term Oneness. Man is everywhere around this planet, not restricted by environment as other Life is.  

Western Man can be arrogant in behavior and thinking when we think we rule the world and it revolves around us, serving at our personal discretion.  Not only over one another but also over all living matter. We take for granted this planet when one is not appreciating the totality of life beyond one’s own immediate needs and concerns. We fail to recognize how the earth and life have created a web of Life. It is our support and safety net if we let it be such.

We see ourselves different from one another in our own human family let alone our neighbors of animal and flora and we base assumptions of Self to reflect.

Our indigenous culture neighbors view all life and elements as living spirit and soul as one. There are aware of the Oneness in being. The ground is sacred, as is the cloud and turtle and insect and rock.

We have empowered science and our ability to question and explore our past histories to inform us about the elements of life. It too comes with bias often. But what is clear is that we live in strands of genetic data that make up our DNA and activated by RNA. We have primal directives and drives and mind states. 

Animals, living creatures of all kinds have DNA. Just like us. Activated by RNA. Other mammals are just like us with drives and primal directives and mind states of some sort. They embody their stories of being different than us. But they demonstrate emotions, memory, communication and clan behavior just as we do.

Both the tree and your dog are living material here as much as you are, just in different form and states of awareness. They each exist in time and space unique to their species design. They have communication avenues that we can register if we are so inclined. And they have senses that are tuned at such different levels than ours that they can be out of our range. They are experiencing life by different and more expansive rules. They are free of the limits we impose.

Our shared genetic memories to our species connect us to others in their shared genetic memories in their species. Expanded morphic resonance is at play.   
I had not thought of this before but I can see where we demonstrate nature/ floral and fauna, bias all the time. Perhaps we have not held it in that awareness, but bias often contains arrogance.

Our interference is showing. Many of our present local concerns are global concerns we seem to have created or helped along. Politics and business have ruled our environments since the beginning of societies.  How many times have we built in flood plains, mined resources to extinction, cut down forests and endangered habitats and species of those living around us with our shortsightedness, whim and coin gained? Pollution is real, climate concerns are real, animals are being driven into extinction by us. 

Do we demonstrate care, compassion for other living creatures? Our planet is alive in a web of life where all life is connected and does just fine without our arrogance in play. We are so arrogant we even fight to defend our blindness to our web of life connection.

Ice ages come and go. But we like them best when they are in the past. In the timeline of this planet deserts have taken over many places that were once forest. Many exist now due to human intervention in another time. We create future disasters all the time. Species die out all the time. Civilizations of people and animals have come and gone. You either evolve in your environment or die.

Since we are powerful enough to define, and then defend, it behooves all of us and our future generations to pay attention now and support the web of life we are part of. Before we lose connection.

Stewardship and care of this planet and the life that is so precious and rare and unique no matter its form is what is needed as we reinforce the webbing holding life together.

Janet Barrett
Podcast Host Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet