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Friday, January 27, 2017

Consciousness and the Art of Reframing

One of the most marvelous actions we do is our ability to have a new thought and change how we think. It is probably something most of us take for granted or don't fully appreciate. Until we run up against a stuck bias. We will usually notice it in others, when we are having issues with getting what we want and the failure of that. And, when our perceived fears, foibles and phobias keep us stuck into unwanted patterns. They can be gripping and controlling and affect us for a lifetime and lifetimes.

The mind is geared towards making assumptions quickly to keep us safe. Our challenge is that the perhaps perceived threat is not always a threat. We often made an choice based on incomplete information about the present moment and have pulled from our storehouse of past experiences and allowed that to dictate our current actions. We are doing this all the time. Our past experiences become a label of observations, reactions, responses into some thing and it gets fixed after time.

How do we change the label? By reframing. Taking the label off and allowing ourselves to look again in new ways free of the limiting biases of the past, free of the power of language and calling some thing something.

We are all familiar with the thought that in order to have a new result it is challenging if you don't change the conditions, the labels. Only certain outcomes are going to be possible and since we tend to think in absolutes there won't be many. But if we can brainstorm with ourselves what might be possible? If we step into the state of potential, where no thing is set yet, what might be able to happen in a new and different outcome?

This is the reframe. Take away the emotional glue of attachment, the label, be open to something different and allow the energies to just be observable. If you think in terms of power, this is the true power found as Consciousness. When we can slip away from something having to be some thing or bound up in perceived informational patterns of morphic field influences or our own biases. trainings, learnings. The dynamic of the collective reality mindsets can hold us hostage when maybe they really don't serve, if they ever did.

It can feel like it requires a lot of something to be free to work or play this way. But there are successful companies who pride themselves on creating atmospheres of creative fermentation for positive outcomes. New ideas are celebrated and trail and error is actually encouraged. Research and Development.

There are also companies that keep to the tried and true. If it isn't broken etc, etc. etc. There are also companies that can be done under by the limiting controlling mindsets of owners not interested in growth or change or holding awareness of the influx of new information their clients and customers represent.

In the arena of our minds and Consciousness at play what kind of company do you represent? Each of us have already access to a Research and Development department. It is Heart Centered Awareness and it is not anchored to time or space so Research and Development can happen in an instant.

Heart Centered Awareness is free of personality. It is the Infinite Sea of Potential. It is your playground to new and exciting ideas and thoughts. It is easy and free and available to all.

Right now is the perfect time to explore within Heart Centered Awareness as we reset ourselves with new intentions and look at the past with regrets, hindsights and awareness to allow ourselves to reframe, to hold new interior discussions. To change our language that often becomes a trap and keeps us diverted from clarity.

If you reframe and relabel all as just "stuff" and all is just information what happens?  Does that make a difference when you cull through those memories and throw out, save, give away, recycle what no longer might serve? I put it that way as if you allow energies to become potential again it can then be new realized energy and you are now in the Flow of Unlimited.

How exciting! Happy Reframing!

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/ Journeys Into Enlightenment