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Monday, December 19, 2016


Our journey from within a reality of Self Love can take some time to acclimate to. When one's habit has been to Doubt, it has settled into our bones. It has become part of our sense of stability in the real world. It might take a bit to bring us back to this new centering sense of being.

And, that is fine. It is okay. We come to realize how incorporated our judgments prevail and flourish.

Let us look at Self Love like a new growth maybe. A seed, then a seedling, a tiny sprout shooting up out of the soil and it will take the harmony of the earth and surrounding conditions of water, sun, rain, and storm to sustain our seedling in its development and growth into something living.


We can just shift it to the NOW reality of SELF LOVE FLOURISHES HERE. There is nothing to process, just accept that things are different and can be that because I SAY IT IS SO. Which is really about our sense of empowerment. Many of us have no comfort or helpful, useful training with standing up for ourselves, and  maybe more importantly, with ourselves. It is habituated to think of our own wishes, desires and Right to Be as Less Than. Someone has more power to choose who and how we now are and long after they may be gone they have left their mark.

Self Love. Who and how we define ourselves. IF there are no rights, no wrongs, no judgments from others that have become our rules, what else is possible? If we shift judgments to guidelines does that free us up more?

I say it this way as I am about respecting myself as Consciousness experiencing life as me. Since Consciousness was setting itself to experience life in my form it set my perceptual biases as basis to explore. This is the best framework for me to express in this current embodiment. If, I, for just a moment can get out of my own *^^##@# way and see the wonder I am in action, is letting go of the blame that I hold at core for showing up this way, possible?

We need to get over blaming Consciousness, ourselves and all those others out there over the years and generations and lifetimes for us showing up as we presently do. Life feels like a grand experiment of experience. Myself, I don't think Consciousness knows. It only is. It allows for all.

We seem to observe that there are some rules in life as we hold suns, planets and solar systems as systems. Rules come with systems awareness. Our challenge is that we don't know when rules apply or not as we are limited by our ways of noticing them. And that noticing that come over what we consider time, like centuries, may change along the way as Consciousness expands into forms. We go through evolutionary changes, awareness in a myriad of ways of embodiment on this earth. No Ice Age currently present though we may be on our way to creating one again sooner than later. That is how powerful we have become as Consciousness being.

So. SELF LOVE FLOURISHES HERE may come with training wheels. There is no need to be hard on ourselves unless you feel that is SELF LOVE. I own that I can be lazy, indifferent at times to my own setup and suffering. Change requires I do something. and I don't want to. Or need to. Etc. etc. etc..

And yet, from within Heart Centered Awareness,


Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment