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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Consciousness and the Gauze of Integrity

The last week has been filled with awareness about Integrity. Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles or the state of being whole and undivided. My moral principles are to offer compassion, kindness and respect to myself and others. You may have something else that rings you chimes. 

I also use integrity as being able to hold a matrix, form, which allows for stuff to pass through without loss to the matrix. This gets kind of tricky sometimes with being empathic or with states of rapport with others.

But for most of us it is probably meant in the sense of being out of congruency between heart and mind. How often have circumstances forced individuals and groups to take a stand that is at odds with personal beliefs? How often have we compromised over the generations inviting death, destruction and a myriad of feelings that didn't feel good then and still do not years later? A choice made out of ignorance or deliberately to harm another and rationalized it as okay. Like going to war of some sort. What does being in integrity mean as Consciousness in action? How does the Self respond?

It can be about being questioned or not recognized for our integrity. It can be between genders and roles people play to get along with each other. We lie often to protect ourselves and others. We do it all the time and across the boundaries of time and space. And, no matter the reasons, it carries forward to the next generations.

In group and in personal levels we are noticing that these wounds have have opened up. Whether the influences are coming from the distance past or out of our own lives integrity is often missing or out of alignment. We want to judge the outcomes, the decisions, the results of behavior and we can not. We can only appreciate that sometimes choices are made that leave one feeling less than or dead and they were the only choices given to respond to. It can happen generation after generation and become a collective dynamic that we each are in relationship to. Those with a sense of it are swimming in it right now.

In being present we can feel the misalignment as ambivalence, boredom, pain of some sort or confusion, denial and I am sure in other ways. It can be held on physical, mental, emotional, psychic, psychological or spiritual levels or a combo of more than one. It can be felt as bias in regards to others, self, business, culturally.

What can help heal these issues of splitting and separateness? What can strengthen and reinforce and help without armoring or solidness? My solution was a roll of gauze. When I was a child Wonder Woman was my heroine. She, with her bullet deflecting bracelets and her Lasso of Truth were powerful tools to have. In accessing  Heart Centered Awareness, a roll of gauze, the Gauze of Integrity showed up as my tool and I have been using it this week. On whatever was showing up in group and for myself.

The mesh of the gauze is fine enough to strengthen and reinforce but not add bulk or weight or solid as a cast or belt or armor would do. Dipped in Integrity it soaks in and permeates to the layer of wound and resolves and heals. You don't have to know the stories and details of the wound if they are not present.

Just holding awareness is often all you need. and you may need many layers of gauze, as many layers as the wound is present in to help the whole. I used it on my two narrowed arteries in my heart and then wrapped my whole heart and the pericardium and any other place of less than that I felt along the way. Notice I didn't use the word weakness, just places of less than.

This is the right time to resolve and restore and bring into new alignment issues of displacement that are not necessarily ours and our own that are affecting our fields of references. Take time to sit, access HCA for yourself and notice what comes to mind that could use an new alignment within. Wrap it up and see what happens. Enjoy your Gauze of Integrity and see what shows up new and fresh and vital inside as a result. Notice how it dissolves into the matrix.

Janet Barrett

Journeys Into Enlightenment