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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Consciousness and the Fog

Fog has been in the air this last week or so around here. It does wonderful things to the light and perception. In the narrow confines of my mind it brings a different sense of where I am. I am on my journey and it keeps me focused close, not too far outward.

The details will loom large. Color will stand out against the grey tones. The colors of fall delight the eye amidst all the green. The light is absorbed as it touches on surfaces not usually seen without contrast. It can make the world small and immediately take away what is beyond. There is only a few feet of perspective.

It is good to see differently. Looking at our stuff in the same way is habit. Things might be created to shake us out of our expected outcomes and complacency. This allows us to realize different things.

Sometimes it is about self care and our lack of it. There has been a lot of this around me lately. Which offers me the chance to notice for myself: How am I doing with self care? Do I need to create the loss of a foot or a skin cancer where the sun doesn't shine in order to wake up in some way? Visiting others in the hospital makes me appreciate that I will walk right back out after my visit. Sometimes it take a big thing in our lives to make us stop and recalibrate. We have a remarkable ability to compensate, over compensate, cope and tolerate and we keep going and then finally, Bam! Down we go.

Being able to notice what is present for me while still in the experience or close to it is much more useful. Hindsight the same day or a day later is much better than a year from now for me personally. I tend to notice things happening in my outside world as related to me.  

Two approaches. Learning sooner than later and learning later than sooner. Both approaches have merit due to our state of awareness. 

Take some time out of your busy day to access Heart Centered Awareness. It is nice when you can sit a bit but that is not necessary. Don't allow that to become an excuse. Just bring your awareness to your physical heart and be thankful. That it beats and that you are alive. Then notice your emotional terrain. Be grateful that you feel connected to yourself and those around you. Then notice in a bigger sense our connection, where we are One. Free of form, just light photons, bio photons, resonances, frequencies and vibrations. Information abounds and all of it loose in the Infinite Sea of Potential. This is Consciousness at play. All of this can happen in the blink of an eye but usually we like to linger and pay attention. Which is fine. 

Metaphysical trainings, religious trainings, life school trainings, medical training, business trainings. There are lots of different trainings about being. We can set up routines and routes to explore and to know ourselves and to know ourselves as something bigger. To feel our connection to what is important about being One. Meditate, paint your toenails, eat dinner. All have value with the right focus. Be present and Celebrate. Embrace the fog.

Janet Barrett

Journeys Into Enlightenment