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Monday, November 30, 2015

Fuzzy Photons Update 11/30/2015 / Holiday Heart Alert

Please RSVP if you will be joining us in heart centered awareness Tuesday evening 7-9 pm or for ME play group fun Thursday afternoon 1-3pm. Both groups access the deep sense of Consciousness that we hold within. What better way to start the month of December? There is none.
Tis the season! That’s right. Holidays are here. The time of year where business and beliefs can seem to butt heads. The commercialization around Sacredness is not always a good match. I don’t know about elsewhere in the world but in the US it is not always pretty.
In group we played with the compromises we can feel during the holidays. I can’t speak for those of you living in other countries with maybe different sacred times of year and celebrations. But since we are human and have businesses wherever we are, we probably share some of the same concerns.  Family get togethers, and all the emotional entanglements that come to surface can pinch. It is what this season has come to represent to many of us. (Pinching and shoving! I’m kidding.)

It is often now also about big business and a lot of our business culture hangs on the buying done in a few months to carry a business for the other 10 months. With that comes pressures to be felt in a company, it’s employees and its consumers. Supply and demand and the second guessing going on is not always a good match for the intent of the occasion. I only mention this because it becomes part of the energy of the season and Morphic field.
There is the traditions of gifts. Gift buying is not always easy or enjoyed. Some of us have uncomfortable memories and associations with gifts. Our emotions about love, being recognized as an individual, etc. can get stirred up. Having to buy a gift is not fun. Obligation is not pretty.  What if gift giving was about wanting to give thanks to another through a gift? That feels better. Sharing the season with another, instead of from a viewpoint of charity feels better. There can be just the sheer joy and fun in sharing. But, some of us don’t know how to receive comfortably or at all. We can feel less than. When we receive something that is more about the person giving than the person receiving it can be a challenge to hold onto that it is the thought and not the thing that counts.
It is getting easier to shop with technology. How nice. We are being encouraged to shop and buy because it is easier. Buy cheaper now for later. Whether you need it or not. Just in case. Whatever. Having the latest and greatest is about having. Having more things is often about more things to fill in the emptiness. Are there other ways to feel good?  
As empathic creatures we can feel the pressure others are feeling and creating and call it our own when it is not. I enjoy the holidays and celebrating life. That can take place in many forms. We can try to do too much or feel we can’t count on others to help etc. It can all start to feel out of control. 

Sacredness is not in the things but in our state of mind, in our being, in our being together. We can use the season as more opportunities to demonstrate our sense of abundance through our compassion, our respect, our kindness and gratefulness and our joy in being alive. And yes, holidays can be fun and full of laughter and tears.
What if we let our heart centered awareness of Consciousness lead us through this season? Take time to access heart and look at the following:

What would it be like to step back and notice and be guided by what feels good to do and act from this inspired place this time?
What would it be like to give yourself permission to follow your authentic voice and not someone else’s wishes or expectations?
What would you do different?
What would you do the same but with new awareness?
What would it be like to look beyond the obligation to the gifts of the moment?
What would it be like to put yourself and family first? Are they the same?
It is never too late to begin anew. A new commitment, a new delight, a new choice.
Happy Holidays whatever they may be to you and yours! 

Love, janet