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Monday, May 25, 2015

Fuzzy Photons 5/25/15 Misunderstandings Abound

Hello All,
Please RSVP if you would like to join in heart centered awareness this week Tuesday 7-9pm. Or at our Matrix Energetics play group Thursday 1-3pm. Both are rich opportunities to play in the field of the heart and experience community with others who look to explore life.
Mercury is in retrograde. It does that four times a year. For those of you who pay attention to astrology that means communication can be in uproar. For those of you who don’t pay attention it doesn’t hurt to notice our communications with self and others. Consciousness is organized on many different levels of awareness and considerations. You don’t have to be conscious of what is going on planetary, global or environmental levels to be aware that your friend is not speaking to you and seems a bit miffed and you don’t know why. You seem to be having issue with a contract for unknown reasons. We are all being affected by mostly unconscious energies.
Someone says something. The listener hears what is said and yet can misunderstand, misinterpret, and react. It happens because each of us is oriented individually to what life is about. Language may be shared but the understanding of our intention is not experienced. The joke intended is not appreciated. The sincerity is missed. Stuff happens. No harm is intended but it can be experienced. Unless something intercedes and sometimes even then harm is felt.
Such is life. It happens all the times. History and fiction are filled with misunderstandings. It is bound to happen. Lifetimes can be changed. Wars can occur on all kinds of levels, families and clans hold grudges, and all because miscommunication happened or values collided.
Language is one of our greatest gifts. The meaning of a single word can cover a lot of ground. It also can lead to misunderstanding easily if we are not paying attention. Out of context comments can create issue. People don’t always speak their personal sense of truth, explain what they mean or are maybe not feeling free to do so. They are polite, or nice or don’t feel comfortable sharing.  A simple comment can set up waves of reaction not intended or meant. They can lead to actions that are not recognized until later years. What is flip to someone is catastrophic to another and we never know. Assumptions can run rampant. Reactions are automatic often. Responses are what we are looking for when dealing with others and ourselves. Responses allow for contemplation in between our thoughts. It gives us time to become aware of our triggers on both sides. We are always co creating. Viewpoints can cross over and cascade into each other and harm is felt.
All we can do is learn how to be honest with ourselves and one another. And that can be the most wanted but seemingly the hardest thing to express due to our feelings and desires. Desires to protect someone, something, ourselves. Our own emotions can cloud, confuse, misdirect, and create mayhem. It is important to know when we hurt each other intentionally or unintentionally. We need to also learn to apologize if we have created an unwanted set up. We don’t want to hurt. So why would we want to hurt others? But it can happen.  
Use your skill sets and drop into heart space. Check out how your heart is physically feeling. Check out the surrounding emotional terrain and then slip into the core, essence of Unified Consciousness and play. Any of the physical sense, or emotional terrain can be played with in your casual noticing. Let yourself relax into being okay. Feel the separation of stuff into the wisp of "out there" and just relax some more. 

Let someone come to mind and notice what is present with them and you. If you keep open your emotional heart sensor what do you notice? Something physical or emotional in reaction? If you continue to just view, allow for awareness to be present and what it has to offer you. Be appreciative to the other, grateful for what they are sharing and then decide how you want to respond. If it is your issue act accordingly. If it is theirs keep your heart open. Share from that space with them, what is true to you. Allow yourself to feel the shift and let it go.

We are each responsible for how we show up and not responsible for how others do. But we can make it easier for us to share life in ways that enrich our experiences and sense of joy.