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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Consciousness and Getting our of our Holes into Wholeness

Over the years many have shared with me that they feel empty or unhappy or in-complete or disconnected from others, from life and from themselves. 

Then there are those who feel too entangled in other peoples stuff of thinking and emotions and aware of losing their own sense of center and self if they could only recognize it. 

How does one navigate around and through to a happier experience in being? 

Often the powerful states of confusion and lack of clarity are what one finds when looking for answers." I don't know" can be an automatic safety response to a question or it can be that knowing is not helpful for then choices have to be made. The "I don't know" answer then does not lead to curiosity explored where it might otherwise. It derails the solution, the agenda, the dynamics at play and holds one tightly in some sense of safe.  

We can be quite creative when it comes to feeling empty or unhappy and our maintaining the state of empty. Empty is an okay state when one has a sense of wholeness. Then there is room for something new. The challenge is when we feel emptiness and our sense of wholeness is really filled with holes. 

Knowing ourselves as Consciousness at our core of our humanity is helpful in all cases. Knowing that one is choosing to play fault/no fault, judgment/no judgment and to silence the active emotional terrain is helpful. Then one can check in and and notice how you feel about your circumstances and how you relate to your circumstances. And how those circumstances may be able to change in some way. 

So we go into our sense of connection as Consciousness. We call it here Heart Centered Awareness the field of Unified Consciousness. As we settle into the quiet, the sacred free of form we can gain perspective free of the attachments that hold the fog, confusion real. 

Here we can be free to notice patterns and elements of patterns in new ways of orientation free also from the emotions connected.

As Consciousness we are present in the present free of our tightly held senses of time and space, and story elements of identity in our human realities. We enter into this quantum realm of being where time, space and dimension are malleable qualities. We allow ourselves to once again be a playful child in orientation and create new realities out of the old in the moment. These will then show up in our shift back to our limited senses of human being. Issues, concerns, problems change. 

All is about navigating Consciousness as Wholeness, the All. All falls within the parameters of the core of Consciousness. It is within each of us and around us.  

Emptiness, unhappiness, confusion, fogged in mind begin to shift and change and release their grips upon us. 

All is as potential in this realm. In the realm of our human realities we use the word energy. Potential has become some thing, some form, some dynamic, some force, what we call energy and we forget it is totally malleable at its core free of form, time and space considerations. 

It is time to focus back to our wholeness. And, how Consciousness and our individual creative souls have crafted your life for you to play in. You do not have to let the holes created as confusion and fogged emotions distract you.

I don't judge emptiness and a sense of disconnect.They are powerful states to be in and all states are equal. Yet they don't seem to feel as good as other states and often lead to different choices one might when feeling happy and in connection with others. As we have all been witnessing all too often these days.

Maybe come play with me for a change. I will meet you there. 

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/ Journeys Into Enlightenment