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Monday, June 19, 2017

Consciousness and a Good Death

I was in the middle of  receiving some bodywork and I found myself contemplating how death is not something that we deal well with. How interesting. Something that apparently was locked up inside of me and started to come undone. Thinking about death is not something I do a lot of so I paid attention.

For me personally, I have experienced both what is called a near death experience and also blinding physical pain that lasted for a moment. And searing pain that has lasted for much more than a moment. It is never my first choice of feeling but I don't fear pain as many might.

Anyway, what I came away with, over the years, was a deep respect for the ability for a body to feel life and for my own precious experience of it. Life is precious. As precious as what life is that is not embodied.

I never thought in those painful moments about ending my life. Many do. My husband is a mental health therapist and has worked for years with many who dance that fine line of here or there. I have clients who have dealt with this.

The history of mankind is filled with death. Happens to all of us at some time and for many it was not what we would classify as a good death. Can a death be good? Yes. Spending one's final hours surrounded by loved ones, with a clear heart. Or one's final months clear about dealing with loose ends and elements. Being able to make peace with those important to the individual. Those scenarios make for death done well. I am sure there are others. No pain, just passing over in one's sleep sounds good.

How many in the past died in a state of distress or trauma, or unawareness? On the fields of battle, plague or violence? How much of that is lingering in our current DNA's? How much of that genetic history is underlying our unease about current life?

How many knew their time was coming? Whether it was from wisdom, age, diminishing skills. If one is in fields of endeavor where it is a daily question about going home safe and sound each night you have to deal with this knowledge in some way. Alcohol, drugs, sex, rock and roll can be some ways. Others find peace of spirit in other ways.

It is pointless to think you won't die at some point in your future. All our attempts with medicine and science are really just about delaying this outcome or the condition of our bodies and minds at such time. What would it be like to die in a state of Grace? If you knew your passing was in alignment with your sense of Consciousness?

Many have done this. So it is possible. For whatever the belief systems in place our transition from here to there does not have to be full of strife. It takes being present and noticing what is important to you, clear of the clutter that thinking can bring. When the length of life is in question and immediate, life gets very simple.

What is important to you?

Access Heart Centered Awareness and listen. Notice your chatter that runs and let it stop. If there was no chatter, if there was only you willing to hear your song what would you experience? Listen and allow the chatter it to all settle like muck in the bottom of the pool of water. Do you need the muck?
Notice the emotional feelings and content.

A challenge for those around those in this transition stage of being is that our own issues and emotions get in the way. Our unfinished business with them. Maybe the individual was not a nice person and still isn't. The nearly dead provide us with the opportunities to appreciate, release and love clearly. Some will value this and some won't. Just because we are wanting peace with them does not mean they are in a place to offer peace back.

So go back to heart Centered Awareness and notice again. If someone you know who has transitioned to a different state of being and you feel you have unfinished business with, allow for both of you to be present and have that conversation. Without expectation. Allow them to show up as they really are, still are and let go. Allow them to transcend if that is what is wanted by them.

Allow yourself to know peace regardless of their sense of being.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment