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Monday, May 29, 2017

Consciousness and The Feeling

Did you feel it? Would you notice what you are feeling if you did?

At the end of group as we gathered to close, we felt it. We had felt it individually as we were working. But when we ended in our circle together we felt it again.  We, as One, breathed in unison, and with it came the liberation, the release from the collective. Consciousness shifting collectively.Wow.

Group energy dynamics are so much fun. We each access so much about life and then we come together. Energies can be collective and singular and certainly filled with unrest. Our intention is to allow for what lies under the surface to rise and unfold into a useful state. We are building more awareness of how empowered we each are, to affect ourselves and each other, the world.

We had been noticing the forces at play this last year in our sensing of Consciousness evolving and we are getting through it. We are all dealing with our hidden and not so hidden viewpoints and agendas in being the human reference for Consciousness.


Our dirty laundry is being hung up to dry and for all to see. We are letting a sunlight dry wash ease out the dirt. Everywhere people are reporting in news stories how they are being moved to take actions that would have not be commented on before. We are not letting things slip unnoticed under the pile of clean laundry.

Some have been very shaken by what has shown up and it is so easy to get distracted by the labels and titles and tweets! They make me laugh and the laugh actually helps transform what is being felt. As I listen in and observe actions of others my own mechanisms shift and unfold. New awareness of how I have personally organized who I am are coming up front and center. Not too much anymore do I allow others to dictate how I feel about things. I may feel things empathically but I am clear that it is me choosing in some way to allow that. No victims here.


I also welcome feeling, shifting from the position of "I have to feel pain" to just feeling. Feeling all kinds of things so I don't mind feeling something different. I welcome it. Feeling physical sensations and emotions is the gift of the human interface. It is not though, when we are pain oriented as the anchoring mechanism in being in physical form.

What we focus on becomes our fixation. It becomes a centering point, an anchor in being. Neither good or bad it can sometimes create shortsightedness and a failure to see the big picture and truly how big or small something is in relation to other things. For instance, buy into the judgement of evil and you will see it all around you. Buy into evil as just as part of the whole and it loses its power to dominate and corrupt. Being able to stop, step back and regain context is invaluable. Now I can respond and not just react.

The reaction can be the distraction and intended. We have witnessed a whole lot of this lately. It is reflecting how we are distracted inside ourselves. We can make up stories and project feelings and make choices often from a point of distraction or confusion and not sincerity. Not from our authentic sense of center but from a bias of reaction.

Did you feel that? There is was again.

The next day in our men's group, once again we all felt the shift. We sat in the stillness and quiet and in our personal truths of awareness that all was well in the world. No matter the chaotic energies that many are reveling in or bouncing around in. Each of us sat united as Consciousness allowing for the bigger framework to be present. People can sense all kinds of things and take all kinds of positions about how the world is and people in it. Most are unaware of their own stuff in useful ways.


Let us acknowledge what systems could use some new input into the designs. Let us acknowledge and instigate change easily, not through terror or fear.

Let us leave alone what works already.

Janet Barrett
Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment