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Monday, February 6, 2017

Consciousness and Being Sad

There has been a lot of sadness up in out fields. Personally and collectively. Sometimes it is hard to notice which is which as it is felt instantaneously for we are all One. No emotion has a boundary. It is just how much we allow ourselves to notice it, to what degree.

Many of us have the developed ability to be very aware of the emotional soup we all live in. and it is one of those things that a little goes a long way. We can be tuned to certain resonances of emotions over others. Such as the one who feels everyones elses pain and their own. Some are set to feel love easily, or joy or be happy. Some do other things like the family member or neighbor who never has anything nice to say so they embody the feeling of discontent.

Sadness is the basic feeling of unhappiness.

Being able to deal with sadness may be an art as much as being happy is. Both represent the duality of feeling. If you expand into the polarity of it, the degrees from one another then both can exist.

Neither is more important that the other. Both have a place. Learning how to deal with each together and separately is wholeness and healthy. Life is a gradation of how the two work together in each of us. As we express either or both, the Collective responds. What might make each of us individually happy or sad is at one unique to each of us and also part of the whole. Our emotions ripples out, felt by others and an interaction happens and comes back the same or open to interpretation and new sensation.

I offer all this as at this time we need to be clear when we are sad and acknowledge it. We don't always make time to acknowledge sadness or know how to deal with it. It can become buried or devalued. But with the forces at play globally it is helpful to be clear in what we feel and the recumbent actions it will foster. Sadness and the grief, sorrow and depression that can follow affect us all. We have deep wounds in our country's history and population that are unfolding and revealing themselves. As in every country no matter the physical boundary. Society can be built around collectively held sadness, grief and sorrow.

We each need to value and create time to look inward and acknowledge what is there. How to be happy now is about being willing to look at what makes us sad and our attachments and choosing to understand that if we do this simple thing what shows up in our outer world will change.  If the collective is demonstrating our hurt, our anger, our frustration, our pain that is us it is reflecting.

 It can take courage to face ourselves and each other. It does not have to be violent in expression. It just has to come from the authentic voice and the understanding of knowing self as Consciousness.

Before you respond and take action take those beginning moments to access Heart Centered Awareness in however you do that and feel the connection between Consciousness, you and mind and what you hold as other. They are not other. We are One, individuals sharing in a collective state as Consciousness. It can feel like herding cats at times. It can feel like a herd of wild horses running free across the plains. It can feel like love and the excitement of being alive.

Janet Barrett

Life in the Beyond/Journeys Into Enlightenment