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Monday, July 18, 2016

Consciousness at PEACE/ Can You FEEL PEACE RIGHT NOW?

Hello Out There,
(I wrote the following last Thursday afternoon Pacific. With the time difference events in Nice, France had happened. I did not hear about it until later that night. And then on Sunday, a man was shooting with intention to kill and harm. I am always struck by synchronistic actions in the world. Peace is what is needed. Love, j)

I am sitting here Thursday afternoon which is last week already. It will be Monday when you receive this. And Monday is going to have turbulence to it. Politics are at play in the United States as they are elsewhere in the world. Always, and the bigger the country you would think bigger the stakes. But, each of us live somewhere in the world and what is happening to you there is the Big Deal and can have repercussions that resonate to me here and back to you.

What is resonating here, right now, after group is PEACE. Strong enough that I am moved to comment on it NOW. My question to you is "Can you feel PEACE, RIGHT NOW, a few days later?  My sense is that this Peace is rippling out in waves of Grace. It is effecting all it comes up and over and against. Can you feel PEACE RIGHT NOW?

Five of us gathered and allowed ourselves to acknowledge what was and is happening politically in this country. We are looking forward to what and who have gathered and not gathered and will happen in committee, in convention this week and next. In this state of awareness anything is possible. It is a political national stage and Potential is alive and well. Can you feel it?

If you take out the emotions that are running high, what do you have left? What do you have left when we allow ourselves to just sit and acknowledge what we are experiencing in our sensory pathways? How do those, who we allow to play on the big stage represent our interior space? How do they articulate our fears, our compromises, our smallness and reflect the integrity of our nation? How have we allowed business and bankruptcy to equate to good will towards men? We are seeing those who are bankrupt of common sense, of compassion for one another and who are expressing from a very small unhappy place within. The genders don't matter except in how they play to our expectations and presumptions.  It has magnified in grotesqueness and bravado. Where is dignity present and valued?

If we take the faces and forms off the actors in front and look beyond power displays and the grand theatre, it all starts to shrink. They start to shrink. If we allow for something not currently present, which is a voice of moderation, and compassion for both the bully and victim energies present on both sides, maybe there is something that can come forth not currently on display. We have to allow for something new to show up. We can allow for what is missing. A female Dali Lama we decided.

There are grand forces at play and in play everywhere. Such is Consciousness which does not limit. It starts in each of us. As we allow for our Heart Centered Awareness to be present and this stage of Life and what we each are allowing others to give voice to, it gets quiet. Peace is resonating.

Please. Take time to stop today. Your thinking, your assumptions and presumptions. Note the clutter, hysteria, the wound. Sit on the toilet, focus, love what shows up and void.  Can you feel the Peace? If you focus and feel the Peace that is all there is. It will be enough. We are that powerful.