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Monday, February 29, 2016

Consciousness Dancing/ It's All a Matter of Perspective

Hello All,
Please RSVP if you will be joining us in heart centered awareness Tuesday evening 7-9 pm or Thursday afternoon 1-3 pm. Pacific. Make the time to enjoy and value your inner world and the wisdom being held there. It is a rather painless way to love yourself.

Everything we notice about our selves and worlds is about perspective. It is our point of view or attitude. It is about focal points, closeup and wide angle and everything in between. Change your perspective and you can change how you experience yourself in your world. It can be eye opening in so many ways! New perspectives only happen when you change your point of view. 
How do we change our point of view? By doing so. It will require a physical, mental, emotional, psychological, psychical, spiritual shift or perhaps some combination of them to shift the view. It can be as simple as the above video shows. It can be a matter of realizing that we are not getting the whole picture when we focus intently.Details like emotion, logic, time, space can get in our way. It is easy to get distracted.
Consciousness is experiencing itself as you. You is based on your perspectives, your perceptual biases. You have them about everything.
No matter your beliefs, if you understood that right now is about realizing that you can change those biases, and your stories of being, you could change how you are in your world. Your issues can can be different, done, gone. Consciousness technologies take what we become conscious of and transforming it. There is nothing wrong in being you. It is your starting place. Want to experience some different tangent of life or something else? Take your judgments away. They are set by your senses and states of perspective. 
Perceiving is about how you take in information from your senses. Science tells us that our sensing is subject to influence, the biases. Being present is about being free to notice what is right now and not your story built from your past perceptions. You can only do that if you can allow for your story to drop free. Our personal stories are filled with with our own and everyone else’s perspectives and beliefs.they may be dictating our sense of self.  For whatever reasons we may hold them as ours. They may be true or not. They may be true and stupid and not worth keeping. They may need a big dose of “So?” Is it worth keeping and feeling less that wonderful? Only each of us can decide that.
What might be different in your sense of self if you could change perspective about something? What would it be like to become aware of the bias in that perspective? Does the perspective let you feel good?  Looking at something head on is usually different from profile or back. Is there a different way to notice what seems so solid in front of you? Hindsight is great for revealing the other forces at play if we only could have noticed them at the time or were aware of the bigger picture. Maybe by being with fresh eyes to what life is presenting, something would have different.  
 As children. everything has a sense of wonder about it as it is bigger than us. As our bodies mature and we reach new heights we might lose the perspective we used to enjoy. Or maybe we don’t. I like being around pets and children as they have a different sense of the world when you physically get down on their levels. their eyes are often full of wonder. Might it be their perspectives? Ever lie down on the floor and notice the room that way? You see different things if you look.

Our futures are being set up right now by our biases. They can be held to be in stone and not changeable, mutable, or transformational. OR we can access potential and the Field of the Heart with its playful wisdom and allow for something different to show up.  It can be as simple as a change in altitude!  



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